4.5 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Alternate World Angst Level Arranged Marriage Audiobook Book Bullying class difference Dystopian Fated Mates Gay Heat Index High but not hopeless Hurt/Abuse Hurt/comfort m/m Mid level steam/heat Morgan mpreg New Adult Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Purchased Race/Species Difference Shifter Virgin

Audiobook: Mating the Omega: Mercy Hills Pack, Volume 1 by Ann-Katrin Byrde Narrated by Nick J. Russo


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Omega wolf Jason and his family have been on the run for six years, to keep Jason from being forcefully mated to his pack’s cruel Alpha. When a brutal attack leaves his father desperately injured, Jason comes to the conclusion that it’s time to call it quits. Terrified as he is to deliver himself into an Alpha’s power, he makes a deal to mate with the Alpha of the richest pack in the country, and discovers that he’d rather mate the Alpha’s handsome Head of Security. When Mac captures the feral shifter that climbed the walls surrounding the Mercy Hills Pack enclave, he feels for the young shifter’s fear, though he knows his Alpha isn’t the sort of shifter Jason believes he is. He’d be happy to see the two mated, except that, as time goes by, it becomes more and more difficult to deny his own feelings for the young, damaged Omega. A sudden turn of events sees Mac and Jason mated and expecting, but Jason’s old pack isn’t done with them yet.


 What an interesting series! Get ready for a whole lot of angst! In this world shifters are known but made to live in enclaves – very much second-class citizens. Jason and his family are on the run, because Omegas are considered second-class citizens among shifters themselves.

What I liked about this was the world-building and the subtle social messages that we get in this and in future books in the series. I will admit that by book 3’s end I needed a break because it gets a bit overwhelming – but each book is really well written and not all about the sex like some shifter/omega/mpreg books can be. In fact, there isn’t nearly as much sex as you’d expect.

The angst is pretty high – but manageable- and the feels are also correspondingly high.

In audio format, Nick J Russo does a great job of brining the myriad voices to life – which is tough, because everyone will eventually star in their own book – so keeping everyone voiced in a unique way is important.

I really enjoyed this as a series and in audio format and recommend it to fans of mpreg and shifter romances.

4.5 of 5 stars


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