3 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Book class difference Contemporary Dreamspinner Gay Gay Heat Index Hurt/comfort m/m Mary D Mid level steam/heat Mild level angst Misunderstanding Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Opposites attract

Audiobook: Lost and Found by Rick R. Reed Narrated by Michael Neeb



On a bright autumn day, Flynn Marlowe lost his best friend, a beagle named Barley, while out on a hike in Seattle’s Discovery Park.

On a cold winter day, Mac Bowersox found his best friend, a lost, scared, and emaciated beagle, on the streets of Seattle.

Two men. One dog. When Flynn and Mac meet by chance in a park the next summer, there’s a problem—who does Barley really belong to? Flynn wants him back, but he can see that Mac rescued him and loves him just as much as he does. Mac wants to keep the dog, and he can imagine how heartbreaking losing him would be—but that’s just what Flynn experienced.

A “shared custody” compromise might be just the way to work things out. But will the arrangement be successful? Mac and Flynn are willing to try it—and along the way, they just might fall in love

My first thought on finishing Lost and Found was boy the narrator read fast. I ended up reducing the speed but that made the narrator sound sleepy so I put it back. This is an amusing story with a few twists and turns to keep the listener on their toes. I really didn’t expect the ending which surprised and pleased me.
he first part is how Barley the Beagle brings Flynn and Mac together. I love Mac. He loves Barley and the panicky way he tries to avoid the inevitable conclusion when Flynn finds him and Barley was amusing. Flynn is more earnest.
I liked the concept of two people bonding, getting to know each other and falling in love over a dog. I’m not sure with the twists and turns the story takes that I gelled with the book. Flynn’s best friend Clara seemed to be in love with him but then vanished from the story. When Mac’s grandma becomes ill Mac pushes Flynn away and the ending seems to be spur of the moment decision to go in a new direction.
For Rick R Reed always writes a gentle story that wraps you up in a bit of comfort. It was the same for this one. I did enjoy it, just don’t analyse the plot too much or you’ll be let with too many why questions.

Michael Neeb’s narration was good not necessarily great. As I said earlier it felt too fast for me. His characterisations were good, especially getting the panicky Mac across and reasonable Flynn. I liked the way he portrayed the female characters, especially Mac’s landlady. I got a good impression she had had a life well lived.

3 of stars out of 5


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