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Audiobook: How Not to Sin Lovestrong, Book 3 By: Susan Hawke Narrated by: Michael Pauley




One regular guy who happens to be a preacher….

Reverend Dr. Gabe Samson doesn’t think he’s better than any of the people in his church, so please don’t put him on a pedestal. While he’s never hidden the fact that he identifies as bisexual, he’s never acted on it either. Gabe isn’t happy to learn that the sole reason he was hired to pastor the LGBT-friendly church was that the ruling elders wanted a safe poster child for inclusivity – in other words, they wanted the rainbow flag without letting it fly.

Plus one easygoing, new-age kinda guy….

Seth Thomas owns Holistic Healing, a metaphysical shop and yoga studio. He’s never really been a relationship kinda guy, but only because he hasn’t met the right man yet. Seth is laid back and goes with the flow. When fate drops a hot preacher in his lap, why wouldn’t he accept the gift?

Equals a pair of men who click from the start.

The two men find it almost too easy to get together, especially Gabe, who is fully embracing his bi side for the first time. Nothing in life is simple though. While Gabe and Seth are busy falling in love, they face an anti-gay hate group, a divided church, and a ruling elder who is hell-bent on sowing discord. Between Gabe’s patient wisdom and Seth’s snark, the pair fight the growing drama with the strongest weapons in their arsenal: love and humor.
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I loved the book just from reading the synopsis. A pastor and a metaphysical healer?!?! Not a typical pairing but it works for Gabe and Seth. The book is hot and sweet without being too over the top. I really enjoyed seeing Gabe portrayed as more than just a pastor. While this book is fairly easy going there is a lot of religion (one of the main characters is a preacher after all) it didn’t feel preachy. The main drama of the story surrounds the fact that Gabe is a bisexual preacher.

Michael Pauley is doing a great job with this series!! While he doesn’t have the vocal library of a lot of narrators (a few characters sound a bit too similar) I love his energy when he’s narrating! He makes the story flow easily even when the subject matter isn’t the easiest to hear.
4.5stars for story 5 for narration

4.5 stars

Copy Purchased for Honest Review


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