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Audiobook: Hearts Untouched Author: Andrew Grey Narrator: Greg Tremblay




An accident crushed Duncan’s Olympic dreams and landed him in a chair, but he knows it’s time to get his life back on track – and he has a plan in mind. Working with his friend Todd, an Olympic skeleton racer, on a promotional campaign will not only help Duncan regain some direction, but it’ll give Todd the financial boost he desperately needs. The sport Todd loves is draining his resources – so much so that he’s thinking of giving up racing just to make ends meet.

As the two men work together, their friendship blossoms into much more, and suddenly the future is looking brighter than it has in a long time. But just when love, happiness, and success seem within their grasp, the USOC steps in with plans to stop their campaign. That’ll mean an end not just to Duncan’s business, but to Todd’s dreams…and Duncan isn’t about to let that happen to the man who means everything to him.

I’m not sure how to review this book. It was easy to listen to. The story flows with no great surprises. A good friends to lovers story that I get the feeling only possible because of Duncan’s injury. It meant Duncan looked at life and at Todd differently. It was nice briefly catching up with characters from the previous books. I did wonder why Duncan wasn’t more angry that he couldn’t compete any more but Todd still was. This is a story where everyone is nice, apart from the one ‘villain’ in the story. But even then they weren’t terrible. There is also a battle against the unjust actions of the USOC, again not so terrible. Overall a pleasant story without much bite.
Greg Tremblay’s narration is as wonderful as usual. He gives us the personality of each character. He fleshes out the story with his performance and it is so well done that I am happy to listen to him.

3 stars out of 5 for book
5 stars out of 5 for narration

Overall 4 of 5 stars


Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review



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