4 stars adult - 18+ Audiobook Author Provided BDSM Book Contemporary Gay Gay Little to no angst m/m Mary D Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) pining Scorching/high heat Secret Identity

Audiobook: Garrett by Shaw Montgomery Narrated by Kenneth Obi


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Garrett was at his breaking point.

There were only so many times in a week you should have to see someone you were…attracted to…infatuated with…but certainly didn’t have a crush on. Doms didn’t have those. Especially on a customer who probably wasn’t even gay, much less a sub. Business 101—do not flirt with a client.

Wyatt was losing his mind.

Hiding his obsession was getting harder and harder. All he wanted to do was kneel in front of Garrett and call him Master. But the sexy insurance agent never seemed to see him. He only noticed the nervous, awkward insured who came in way too often.
When the two men are missing what’s right in front of their faces, it might take family stepping in to point out the obvious. That they were meant for each other.

Oh I just love a growly Dom and Kenneth Obi gives us the perfect growly gentleman Dom. Garrett’s instinct is to help calm and sooth his fidgety client Wyatt. The problem is Wyatt is a client and mixing business and pleasure is a no no. Little does he know that Wyatt has a crush on him and the two of them have been set up. I loved the dance they do around each other until realising they have what each other wants. From there on it just gets hotter. Garrett and Wyatt’s story is the perfect start to the series, introducing the other brothers and the club. This is a lovely sweet BDSM story.
Kenneth Obi is a new narrator to me and I think he portrayed both Garrett and Wyatt perfectly. His characterisation of them and Shaw Montgomery’s narrative helped me create a wonderful picture of Garrett and Wyatt. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

4 of stars out of 5


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