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Audiobook: Equipoise By: Kim Fielding Narrated by: Joel Leslie


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Ennek Trilogy, Book 3
Ennek, the son of the Chief, and Miner, a former slave, have escaped the totalitarian city-state of Praesidium and remain fugitives. Having defeated two mighty wizards, they begin to realize complete freedom can be as dangerous as absolute power. Now Ennek and Miner must face battles, corruption, and further journeys through lands both new and familiar.
As they grow more secure in their relationship, they learn the greatest challenges sometimes come from very close to the heart and everything of value has a price. With the help of a few allies, they seek equipoise – a balance for themselves and for their world.


First, let me say that the Ennek Trilogy exemplifies the magnitude of Kim Fielding’s immense world-building abilities as well as her gift with writing. She’s created compelling characters in a complex world and given them arduous and evocative hurdles to overcome. I really enjoyed books one and two and this is a lovely third installment that wraps up their journey beautifully.

I love that Miner and Ennek’s relationship is solid and in fact strengthens throughout this book. I love all the magic and usage of powers that we get as well. There were times when things did drag out a bit and there might have been some repetitive moments here and there, but all in all the story moved along at a lovely pace and came to nice ending for our MCs.

Joel Leslie, as he did in book 2, did a fantastic job with giving all these wide and varied characters in the story and I think he brings her world to life in a way that helps to support any of the lagging areas in the story with his own dramatic influence. I think listening to this is the absolute best way to enjoy this series and my only sadness is that he didn’t narrate book one as well.

Highly recommended!

3.5 of 5 stars for the story

5 of 5 stars for the audio

overall 4.5 of 5 stars


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