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Audiobook: Duke’s Baby Deal By: Ann-Katrin Byrde; Narrated by: Nick J. Russo


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All his life, Bram’s been told what he would be and what he would do. No one ever gave a thought to what Bram might think he wanted. There was only one career option for an omega – a mating, pups, and looking after the household.
But Bram wants more. He wants adventure, excitement, romance, and something different than looking after pups for the rest of his life. He flirts and teases with all the alphas, but the one he wants, he can’t figure out how to get. Until one of his more dangerous suitors goes too far and Bram finds himself in a situation that could ruin him for life.
Duke steps in with an offer of a respectable mating, and everything Bram wanted is somehow now within reach. But all gifts come with trials, and both Duke and Bram have difficult paths to tread on the way to happiness.
This audiobook can be listened to on its own, but it contains numerous references to characters and events in the first two audiobooks. It would be best listened to in order.


This is a great installment in this series. It is LONG and very involved and you must read all the books in order to really appreciate the story but I bet if you skipped one or two you’d still get the basic gist – but you’d be remiss! This is a fantastic “dystopian” shifter series wherein the shifters are forced into enclaves. Usually I despise these scenarios but it works here. There is just enough joy and magic to make up for the awful way the humans act.

I love Nick J Russo and his narration is wonderful as usual. There are literally a metric ton of characters and he does a terrific job keeping them all straight.

Highly recommended!

4 of 5 for the story
5 of 5 for the narration
4.5 of 5 stars overall

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