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Audiobook: Collide (Out for Justice #2) by Reese Knightley narrated by Tristan James




Ex hacker Seth O’Leary enjoys the hell out of being part of an elite team of operatives known only as Phoenix. In fact, he’s pretty much made it his whole life. When things go horribly wrong with his deadbeat boyfriend, Seth is surprised to find help coming from an unexpected source. The man he’s secretly fantasized about for years finally takes notice. Asher Grayson, code name Frost, is everything that Seth wants in a man but the player is gun shy about relationships. What will it take to capture the man’s icy heart?

Phoenix operative, Frost, thought he had it all figured out. Scratch an itch with the newly single and hot Seth O’Leary and the craving would be over. Best laid plans and all that, Seth gets under his skin like nobody ever has and without warning Frost finds he can’t seem to walk away so easily. Which is completely out of character for him. He doesn’t ‘do’ relationships because of his past. So, the question remains, will he let long-ago events drive him away from the best thing that has ever happened to him?

Mix in tragic turn of events and ruthless acts of violence, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. With evil forces hell bent on destruction, the pair are on a collision course that leaves them reeling. Will Frost get a chance to step up and be the kind of man Seth can respect or will a madman end any chance for a happily ever after?

*Collide is book two in Reese Knightley’s Out for Justice series. To get the most out of the variety of characters and storyline you may want to first read Ricochet, book one.

Author trigger warning: Violence.


I didn’t enjoy this as much as book 1. The relationship between Seth and Frost is more tenuous and there was a lot of time when I didn’t really like Frost all that much and thought Seth put up with way too much crap.

The crime/mystery stuff occupies a LOT of this and maybe, since I wasn’t as into the couple, it bothered me more.

I enjoyed it, but less.



Tristan James is just so easy to listen to!  I love his tone and quality of his voice.  He does a great job voicing the many characters in this series including women and children.  Highly recommended!

4 of 5 stars

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