4.5 stars Angst Level Audiobook Baseball Book coming of age Contemporary Dreamspinner Exploration Fade to black/No Steam Geek/Jock GFY/OFY Heat Index High School Homophobia m/m Mild level angst Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Virgin young adult

Another Dumb Jock (Book 2) Audiobook by Jeff Erno narr Ezekiel Robison


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Jeff Irwin and Brett Willson raised a fine son, Adam, in their unconventional, judgment-free family. But being the son of two dads has its challenges. Although Adam loves them, he’s determined to prove he’s not gay, like they are. To this end, he’s become the star pitcher of his high school baseball team, a true jock.
Then Adam is suspended after he gets into a fight at school, and his dads find out his grades are slipping. Determined to put him back on track, they hire him a tutor: a short, nerdy kid named Trevor. Despite his resistance, soon enough Adam’s worst nightmare comes true when he finds himself attracted to Trevor. This gives him a choice: follow his heart or become just another dumb jock.

(Book 1 reviewed here:
I liked this a bit more than I liked book one. First, I thought it was great that Jeff and Brett spent time and really thought out the implications of raising kids. I think all couples should do that – not just gay people! I loved that they had a plan and a way to handle sexuality as an issue – no matter which way it fell. (Wouldn’t that be great for all parents to do?!)
I thought Adam and Trevor were ridiculously sweet with one another and the fact that Adam is like Brett and Jeff is like Trevor – but NOT – was a nice take on the jock/nerd story. This wasn’t a repeat of book one – 20 years later. Adam and Trevor are different people and their struggles are different in a much, much different time.
The sensuality felt appropriate for the YA title – most of it was off page and only discussed a bit.
I liked this as a YA story but I’ll be honest – I’m not a YA fan (in general) so I would have probably skipped this if not for the narrator. I absolutely love Ezekiel Robison and I had enjoyed the first book and I KNEW with Ezekiel as narrator it would be great and … it was!
Ezekiel has a way of just drawing you into the story. He’s easy to listen to and he does a great job of differentiating every character without going over the top. He absolutely added to my overall enjoyment of this story and I was happy to have chosen it based on his narration alone.

For the story I’d give this a 4 of 5 stars, for the narration 5 of 5, overall 4.5 of 5 stars


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