And the Winner for Best Book and Audiobook of 2017 is….

Tried and True by Charlie Cochet


Audiobook: Weight of it All by NR Walker narr Joel Leslie


For Ebooks we have a a three way tie – such a close vote! – for 2nd and 3rd place!


Dim Sum Asylum by Rhys Ford

Imago by NR Walker

Gummy Bears and Grenades by Charlie Cochet

In Audiobooks our second place winner is:

Dyeing to be Loved by Aimee Nicole Walker narr Joel Leslie

And our 3rd place winner in Audiobooks is:

Destiny of Dragons by TJ Klune narr Michael Lesley


Our comment winners are:

H.B. and Megan!


Congratulations to all our winners!  This was an amazing year with so much talent and the number of votes and people voting shows just how strongly people feel about their favorite authors.  We are so grateful to everyone who comments and participates in our polls and we want to thank everyone who contributes to making this a great blog!   Thank you and may 2018 be a wonderful year!

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