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And Call Me in the Evening (Book 2) by Willa Okati

call me eveningBlurb

Eli’s still not great at wearing his heart on his sleeve and Zane’s still got trust issues, but they manage just fine. It’s all good. Right?

Yes and no. When the doctors find themselves grounded between trips for Medicins Sans Frontieres, things begin to change. Zane’s making plans for where they’ll go next, but homesick Eli discovers the opportunity to open a clinic of his own in his old neighborhood. He’d have thought Zane would be all over that, but Zane’s not listening. Meanwhile, there’s trouble in paradise between protégés Taye and Richie, and Eli’s ex-wife Marybeth has come back to town, bringing a heaping helping of hassle with her. Eli figures it’s no wonder he’s been having a heck of a time with chest pain—which he hasn’t told anyone about.

There’s something to be said for setting the story straight, it’s true. Eli knows he and Zane have a good thing going even if keeping it that way is the hardest—and best—part.


Oh man. I was so looking forward to this book. I just loved “And Call Me in the Morning”– book one in this two book series by Willa Okati. It was one of the first m/m books I had ever read, and it touched me. It is a “gay for you” “friends to lovers” book between two men who find love and their sexuality late in life and it is incredibly sweet and yet very sexy. Willa has away with words that just gently tugs at your heart-strings and leaves you with a sappy smile, while still getting you a bit hot.

In this book she continues approximately where the first book leaves off and you definitely could not appreciate this book without having read the first. We find our newly minted lovers living their new lives together and we see what in their lives has been working well, and what has been struggling. I can definitely appreciate this look behind the HEA, kind of like seeing what happens to Cinderella after the wedding.

We also get to revisit old cast members like Taye and Richie and Diana and Holly and it’s very nice seeing them again and catching up on their stories. But, as it should be most of the book is about Eli and Zane.

I just love Zane’s character, he’s so sexy and sweet, but we see even less of him in this book than we did the first. I would have loved to “hear” more from his POV, especially since the first was mostly from Eli’s POV, it could have been an interesting twist.

Both of these books are really about Eli and his personal journey. Eli is a man’s man and struggles with being “gay” even though he has no problem admitting he’s in love with another man. That’s the main struggle in this sequel. Eli admits his love for Zane in book one and then deals with that fact in book two.

While this is probably fair and even a bit realistic, it can get a little dogged, and at times, trying.

Here is where I got a little disappointed. Well, a couple of places.

First, I didn’t realize just how much Eli had to still work through. I had thought we managed to get through most of that in book one. I have to say, though I love the characters and really enjoy Willa’s cool, smooth writing style, this got a little tedious. I was like… are you kidding me? I thought we had already worked this out! I seriously felt for Zane, he seemed to have a lot of patience for putting up with Eli’s hang ups and lies by omission, and at times caved in where I wouldn’t have.

Second, I love a good book about older characters, but in this book, my hot-for-each-other doctors were seriously showing their age. I appreciated the leaning towards realism, but it wasn’t what I necessarily wanted to read. I liked picturing them gettin’ busy and hot for each other, not getting sick with… well I’ll leave that to you to find out. But it sucked! It all works out in the end, have no fear, but – WOW – reality check!

I really did like seeing Taye and Richie and seeing them “grow up”. Holly and Diana were the same, which was nice. Mary Beth, the ex-wife, kinda confused me… a lot. But I guess she added her part to the story as well.

Overall, as sequels go, it did what it promised: it helped set the story straight and showed us more of these two beloved characters, and I did really love seeing more of them. I definitely felt that their HEA was a rock solid HEA by the end of this book. That’s always nice. But, I can’t say I loved the book. If “And Call Me in the Morning” earned a happy 5 stars, then “And Call Me in the Evening” earned a less happy 3.5 stars, mostly for good writing, solid editing, and a lot of sentimentality.

I recommend it to those who loved the first book, I think you’ll enjoy catching up on these old friends.


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