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Along Comes a Man by GA Hauser


Forty year old Freddie Oli and his longtime buddy, thirty-five year old, Barron Isaac, worked in the IT business together for years. When their company was bought out, Freddie and Barron decided to alter their career direction, and open their own landscaping business. In Southern California, the climate was changing quickly, and the need for drought-resistant plants had made their small company expand rapidly.
The two older men hired an ex-marine, Dirk Jameson, to help out. At twenty-eight, Dirk was eager to work, strong, and not to mention, gorgeous.
Although Freddie and Barron were gay, they never felt any chemistry between them, but their bond of friendship was powerful.
As Dirk begins to flirt with both men, Freddie worries that Dirk will be the demise of a good friendship and a budding business. The two longtime companions begin to unravel the complex young man they hired, each having an opinion as to what Dirk was searching for.
With the Christmas holiday approaching, the two older men are usually alone-together, they extend the invitation to Dirk, since, he too, is on his own.
A strong partnership is tested as the men are faced with a handsome stud who seems to want it all.
Will this trio have a happy ending? Or will jealousy and doubt creep into their lives?
For Barron and Freddie, things were smooth sailing, until, along comes a man…


Freddie and Barron are two BFFs who happen to both be gay, but have never had any sexual attraction to the other. They worked in IT together until they lost their job and decided to open their own landscaping business together. Business is booming and they decide to hire another set of hands to help. Along comes Dirk.

Dirk is an ex-marine, he’s also gay and he’s always been attracted to older men. When he starts working for Freddie and Barron he immediately wants both men in his bed – at the same time.

Though they are flattered at the interest shown by the hunky ex-marine neither can really trust his interest and they also don’t know what it would mean to be involved with him together. They are afraid of breaking their hearts and losing their friendship and losing a great new employee.


This story was all over the place. There were misdirects and the starting and stopping of story lines and it just plain confused then disappointed me.

First, Freddie and Barron argue like an old married couple but refuse to even try to kiss or see if there’s anything between them sexually. They just “know there isn’t”. But they are deathly afraid that watching the other have sex will ruin their friendship and create a bunch of jealousy.

Second, this is a longish book filled with… landscaping. The boys do a lot of it and we see it on page.

Third, Dirk has the hots for the two older guys and PTSD and an evil ex. There’s so much going on there that it feels rushed and confusing.

Finally, Freddie has an evil ex too and at the last minute the boys all pay him a visit – seemingly from out of the blue.

When it ends it ends with Freddie and Barron still not involved, but “sharing” Dirk and it felt really uncomfortable and though it’s a HFN I have no hopes for these guys remaining in a happy relationship for any length of time.

I just can’t recommend this book. The writing was fine but the story line did not appeal to me at all.

1.5 stars of 5


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