Acsquidentally In Love (Sucker For Love Mysteries Book 1)by K.L. Hiers

Blurb: Nothing brings two men—or one man and an ancient god—together like revenge.
Private investigator Sloane sacrificed his career in law enforcement in pursuit of his parents’ murderer. Like them, he is a follower of long-forgotten gods, practicing their magic and offering them his prayers… not that he’s ever gotten a response.

Until now.

Azaethoth the Lesser might be the patron of thieves and tricksters, but he takes care of his followers. He’s come to earth to avenge the killing of one of his favorites, and maybe charm the pants off the cute detective Fate has placed in his path. If he has his way, they’ll do much more than bring a killer to justice. In fact, he’s sure he’s found the man he’ll spend his immortal life with.
Sloane’s resolve is crumbling under Azaethoth’s surprising sweetness, and the tentacles he sometimes glimpses escaping the god’s mortal form set his imagination alight. But their investigation gets stranger and deadlier with every turn. To survive, they’ll need a little faith… and a lot of mystical firepower.

Wow! I really enjoyed this story  There’s a bit of a mystery, paranormal, loads of humour with hot and steamy tentacle love 
Sloane and Loch 2.0, (you’ll understand the 2.0 when you read the story), are a fun couple. Sloane is trying to solve the mystery of his parent’s deaths. He has no social life, and the one time he tries to have one, it sets in motion events that make this a fun story. Loch is a god. A mischievous, tad arrogant (in a fun way), bit of a thieving god. It’s best to just say he is special 
The 2 MCs have great chemistry together, their interactions were funny, hot and sometimes really sweet. The mystery was well done – didn’t overwhelm the story. I really enjoyed the world-building of gods that had been forgotten by humans except for small pockets of devotees; seemed quite believable.
The other characters – Milo, Lynette, Fred – to name a few, were all memorable.
This is book 1 of a series I am looking forward to following. This is definitely a book I will reread 
I highly recommend this story.

4.5 stars out of 5

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review


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