A to Z (Coda Books #2) Audiobook by Marie Sexton Narrated by Mark L Jones

A TO ZBlurb

Zach Mitchell is stuck in a rut. His college boyfriend left him 10 years ago, but Zach still lives in the same apartment, drives the same car, and feeds his ex-boyfriend’s ungrateful cat. His Denver business, A to Z Video Rental, is struggling. He has annoying customers, eccentric neighbors, and an unfulfilling romance with his landlord, Tom.

A combat boot-wearing punk with an attitude, Angelo Green was raised in foster homes and has been on his own since he was sixteen; he has never learned to trust or to love. He doesn’t do relationships, so when Angelo takes a job at A to Z Video, he decides Zach is strictly off-limits. Despite their differences, Zach and Angelo quickly become friends, and when Zach’s break-up with Tom puts his business on the line, it’s Angelo who comes up with a solution. Together with Jared and Matt, their friends from Coda, Colorado, Zach and Angelo will find a way to save A to Z, but will they be able to save each other too? (Listen to Jared and Matt’s story in Promises.)


You can get the gist of the story from the blurb. Zach is clueless. He owns a movie store but knows nothing about movies. Angelo is a wonder. He’s sweet, but gun-shy, knows everything about movies and is in love with the clueless Zach.

It takes a trip to the mountains of Colorado where they meet Jared and Matt (from Promises) and the opportunity to start over, and do it their way, that Zach finally comes to his senses.

The battle isn’t over, though. Angelo is like a bird in a cage. Sometimes he’s content and feels secure in Zach’s love, other times he feels confined and restless.


This is a slow-burn, but extremely hot love story. There are parts that can be hard to read for some – Zach’s affair with Tom and later there’s some sharing as a couple – but that isn’t the main thrust of the story.

Mostly this about two guys finding someone to love, someone who compliments them, someone who will be there in the long run and someone who means everything.

I absolutely love Angelo. He’s nervous, flighty, snarky, sweet, insecure and wonderful. He needs someone as plain and solid as Zach to keep him grounded. Angelo brings life and vibrancy to Zach’s world and Zach brings order.

Both the sexy times and the emotions are top notch in this book and though I loved Matt and Jared, this book and this couple are my absolute favorite in the series.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series.


I did not love this narrator. This is the only series I’ve listened to with him as a narrator, but I didn’t care for his pacing. His voice is nice enough to listen to, but he doesn’t do anything to modulate the difference between speakers and oftentimes the inflection he uses doesn’t match the words he’s speaking.

I was a bit disappointed by his performance, but not enough to stop listening. The quality of the book surpasses the annoyance with the narration and still makes it a good experience.

For the book, 5 of 5 stars; for the combination with the narration 4.5 of 5 stars


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(Copy purchased for review)

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