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A Taste of Honey by Ari McKay

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2nd Edition
Boone Phillips needs a girlfriend—now! If he shows up to the family reunion alone, his mother will throw every woman in sight at him. But the only “woman” Boone trusts enough to ask is Honey, the drag queen alter ego of his best friend, Rob. It’s a crazy idea, but Boone is desperate.
Boone wins Rob over to the idea after first going on a “date” with him as Honey, but everything feels different once the plan is set in motion. Between nosy relatives, illegal moonshine, and the sight of Rob in white lace panties, Boone starts to wonder if he’s as straight as he thought. When an earth-shattering kiss sends Rob running, however, Boone learns some surprising things about both his family and himself. Now he needs to convince Rob to give him another chance, or his first taste of Honey might also be his last.
First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2016.



Review by Beth

This is a cute story filled with southern charm. I mean what can go wrong with bringing your best friend who is a drag queen disguised as your girlfriend to a family reunion? See with just that line you want to read this story. You won’t be disappointed.

The story moves along at a good pace. The characters, and there are definitely characters, are funny, warm and loving. I loved the acceptance the family offered. Kind of felt the ending was a tad rushed, but it’s a novella so really not too bad.

4 of 5 stars


Review by Anna

I love stories about men in drag, I love stories about exploring your sexuality and I love a good fake partner story. So this story sounded like it was written for me, but I feel it drowned slightly in too much Southern charm, if such a thing exists.

Boone has been always been attracted to women, but has never found any relationship in which he feels as comfortable and close as he does with best friend, Rob. And as he starts to get a sneaking suspicion that he may be feeling a bit more than friendship for Rob, he isn’t sure what to do about it. The bisexual part of the story was nicely done, Boone did not angst too much about it. But I would have liked some more build up, some more sexual tension between the two would have been delicious, and there were great opportunities for it, with the classic ‘you are sharing a bed with your girlfriend’-scenario. But I guess the author may have been a bit limited with the lack of length of the story. 

Despite the huge drama potential here: Boone and Rob deceives the whole family for several days and the fact that Boone has not only brought home a boyfriend, but a cross-dressing one at that, this story is actually almost drama-free.

It’s really a story about accepting families and falling in love with your best friend, doused in unspoken quantities of sweet tea. Sweet and lovely, but nothing that will fill you up. It lacked a bit of oomph! But it was easily read and well written and I did enjoy it and would try this author again.


 3 of 5 stars




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