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Tour: Pieces of You by NR Walker


Title: Pieces of You
Author: NR Walker
Genre: MM Romance
Series: Missing Pieces, Book 1

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Missing Pieces Series, Book One.
Dallas Muller has everything he never expected he’d have. He owns a successful motorbike mechanic shop in Newcastle, and he’s madly in love with his boyfriend of four years, Justin Keith.
Justin has always struggled to find where he fit in, never realising his true worth or what it means to be loved—until he met Dallas. Living and working together might be too much for some, but Dallas and Justin wouldn’t have it any other way.
When a terrible accident tears their world apart, Justin’s left with no memory of Dallas or their relationship. Trying to put the pieces back together is almost impossible when some pieces are blank and some are missing altogether. Dallas has to let Justin find his own way back to him and just hope that their love will light the way.

N.R. Walker Bio

N.R. Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance. She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn’t have it any other way.
She is many things: a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer. She has pretty, pretty boys who live in her head, who don’t let her sleep at night unless she gives them life with words.
She likes it when they do dirty, dirty things… but likes it even more when they fall in love.
She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal.

She’s been writing ever since…

For more about N.R. Walker you can find her at:
Facebook Author Page

adult - 18+

Audiobook: Witchblood (Kitsune Chronicles #1) by Lissa Kasey narrated by Tyler Kent


Good Reads


Sebastian Volkov, a fox shifter raised among werewolves, ran from everything he ever loved after a brutal attack that left him fearing his own shadow. That night a single kiss saved his life and left him with fantasies of a man whose face he couldn’t remember. When Sebastian’s car breaks down in a small Washington town, he meets an Alpha werewolf who reminds him vaguely of a stranger’s kiss.

A year ago Liam Ulrich, Alpha of the Northern Cascade’s Pack, shared a magic filled kiss with a virtual stranger, the infamous Witchblood child of the most powerful werewolf in the world. Since that night, Liam has been waiting for Sebastian to find his way home. Liam knows that Sebastian doesn’t trust easily, or at all, so he’s going to have to give his prickly mate time and space.

The past Sebastian tried to escape still stalks him and slowing down gives it time to catch up.
When the werewolves’ ultimate enemy rises up to cast its shadow over them all, Sebastian realizes he will have to stop running or risk losing everything…. including his hope of a future with Liam.

Edit: An updated file has been uploaded to correct minor character discrepancies, grammar, and remove 500 words. The storyline did not change. (3/13/2019)


This was really good!

This is a fated mates story with a “cinderfella” feel in that Sebastian doesn’t know all his potential and Liam’s mating with Sebastian is an untapped source of power as well. There are plenty of bad guys and some guys you don’t know on which side they fall. There is some hot smexy times, but lots of gory violence.

There are some parts I didn’t love: The reference to past lovers in ways that didn’t seem to be completely “settled”. The violence. Sometimes I wasn’t always clear on the world building.

But in general I loved the magic, the romance, the fated mates, the unconscious drive towards his mate and the HEA was amazing!

I can’t wait for more from the series!


Tyler Kent is a new to me narrator and he did a nice job with this. There were some flubs and he is not as smooth as some narrators, but he did a good job with the different characters.

4 star

adult - 18+

Recent Release: Dawn’s Beginning For Brise (Kazar’s Dragons Book 1) by Ciena Foxx

Good reads


The war has escalated and disaster is coming. The only hope for their species is to send the babies to a planet called Earth. They have twenty-five years to rebuild and heal before the babies, now adults, take their magnificent forms. Earthlings would not understand this phenomenon and the destruction to follow could be catastrophic.

As the team leader of a group of elite soldiers guarding the prince, Kallum Draak shouldered the burden of taking children away from their parents and transporting them to a faraway land before the poisons could invade their systems. He fought to survive those long, agonizing years when many gave up. Now the time has come to claim his mate.

Brise Lowney can’t complain. Life consists of work and spending time with his best friend. Sure, he has a funky design of a dragon on his arm and he receives a cryptic note on his birthday every year. Things are fine, right? Except the latest note says that he will meet the mysterious writer tomorrow. Life isn’t what it seems and is about to change.


This was a very interesting premise. I am not a big “space” fan, so I probably didn’t enjoy this as much as others might. However, this is the first in a series and I’d be willing to read more based on the world building here.

I didn’t care for the dynamics much between the two MCs – the young guy, Brise, was a bit too whiny for my taste. The older guy, Kallum, was a bit too patronizing and the “big misunderstanding” was too obvious and not really that compelling.

But… I am intrigued and that deserves 3 stars.

3 stars

adult - 18+

Recent Release: Broken Warrior (The Weavers Circle #1) by Jocelynn Drake , Rinda Elliott

Good reads


Clay Green
A brotherhood? Monsters? Goddesses? Magic?

The world has become a strange place.

After a life on the run, Clay Green is rescued by a crazy old lady with a shotgun and an even crazier story about monsters, goddesses, and a secret brotherhood.

Gifted with the power of the earth, Clay must locate his missing “brothers” before invading monsters can destroy everything.

As if that’s not enough to contend with, Clay can’t keep his hands off the man trying to rebuild the plantation house he’s temporarily living in.

Dane Briggs

Something strange is going on…

Dane knew restoring the old plantation house wasn’t going to be an easy job, but at least none of the clients were going to be underfoot. Since losing his wife and child, the only way Dane can keep going is to focus on the work.

But that focus crumbles the second Clay appears covered in blood and barely hanging on to life.

Mystery and danger cling to Clay and the other men who suddenly show up. A smart man would walk away.

Dane chucks smart out the window in favor of hungry kisses and the silken slide of skin against skin. He doesn’t understand what’s happening, but there’s no question that Clay needs him.

He’s just not sure his heart can survive being broken again if something happens to Clay.

Broken Warrior is the first book in The Weavers Circle series. It includes fast-paced action, explosions, hurt/comfort, sexy times, animal shenanigans, wounded hearts, three crazy old ladies, and magic!


This was AMAZING! I cannot wait to read more from this series!

This book was chock full of world building and to that end I am eager for the payoff as the series develops, but the actual romance itself did not leave anything wanting.

I loved the magic, the characters, the reincarnation aspect and the goddesses!

This was excellent and highly recommended!

6 of 5

adult - 18+

Recent Release: Denying His Alpha (Wilde Wolves, #2) by Aja Foxx, Ciena Foxx

Good Reads


For fox shifter, Iren, life has taken a stupendous, incredible turn. After years of abuse, he escaped and is now part of a wonderful pack. Alpha Macon is so fair and good to Iren. Best of all he’s the assistant chef to the magnificent Aetius. He can’t begin to describe how breathtaking Aetius is, with his long flowing hair, tight pants, and awesome boots.

Some think Aetius is kind of stuck up and rigid. Iren knows better. After all, they are kind of, almost, in a relationship and have almost kissed. It was just a matter of time before they’re mates. If only that irritating Kane would quit insisting that Iren sit next to him and quit being so, so irritating.

Gabriel Kane knew he had an uphill battle, convincing Iren they were mates and destined to be together for all eternity. The little fox couldn’t seem to wrap his busy mind around the fact that the arrogant Aetius was never going to mate with him. But Gabriel was fighting for his future and he always got what he wanted, even if he had to fight Iren to get it.

When trouble comes to the Wilde Wolf Pack and Kane is injured, Iren nurses him back to good health. Does Kane take advantage of Iren’s softening attitude toward him? Yes, yes, he does. Now the pack only has to deal with nasty ferrets, the arrival of a lion, fox, ferret, a baby, and the birth of another baby, oh my.


I was waiting for this book! I so enjoyed book 1 and was really compelled by the characters that I couldn’t wait for this!

On the one hand, it was pretty good and I was glad I’d read it.

On the other hand, I have to admit I was frustrated as all hell by the back and forth between Kane and Iren that by the time they got together I was just like “Finally!” and was ready for the story to move on.

I think this story included WAY too many elements and lacked that clean focus that book 1 had.

I’m still looking forward to everyone else’s stories:)

4 of 5 stars

adult - 18+

Audiobook: Fated Hearts by Garrett Leigh, narrated by Dan Calley



“He’s not a wolf.”

Devastated by the death of his best friend, Zio is a soldier with one thing on his mind: revenge. Consumed by a conflict that’s raged as long as he’s been alive, he’s had little time or inclination to learn the legends of the shifter world he was raised in. And he certainly doesn’t have time to deal with a shifter of a different kind, even if it’s for the good of the war effort. For the good of his pack. The fact that he’s already crossed paths with the new face in his unit is almost irrelevant.


Do no harm. Give life not death: it’s the oath Devan was reborn to live by, so when he’s sent abroad to embed with a wolf pack as their resident healer, he doesn’t hesitate. In the supernatural world, some bonds are instant—soldiers become brothers, pack become family. But others run deeper and before long, Devan’s at the mercy of instincts he can’t control.

Zio’s inner wolf is desperate to be with Devan, while Devan struggles to keep the pack safe. But as the war escalates, and new love is tainted by anguish and pain, the battles within might prove the toughest of them all.

“I won’t let him die.”


There are a lot of shifter stories out there, and standing out isn’t always easy, but Garrett Leigh managed it effortlessly with Fated Hearts. I loved the detailed world-building, the action and danger in this dystopian society and the combination of magic and science.

All the characters were intriguing and complex, making this the perfect basis for a very promising series. I so hope there’ll be more to come.

I loved the angst in this story, and the incredible pull between the MC’s. Zio and Devan are wonderful together, when they get there, because obstacles abound.

Narration: Dan Calley did an amazing job with his performance of this story, the pacing and emotional intensity were great and he brought a wonderful array of voices for all the different characters. Is it just me or are British accents just absolutely yummie? I also really loved the accent he did for Devan.


Number of stars out of 5: 4.5

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

adult - 18+

Retro Review: Gunpoint (Sky Hunters #1) by Erin M Leaf

Good Reads


Soul-bruised and bitter, Charlie left the military for peaceful solitude. When he’s mugged at gunpoint, his isolation is shattered, because the guy with the weapon is his mate, and Charlie’s falcon insists on truth: the other half of his soul is a desperate man who doesn’t know he’s a shifter.

Warren has no money for rent, his sister’s ex beat her bloody, and he’s working double shifts to survive. He thought his life couldn’t get any worse, but then he mugs an ex-soldier who somehow turns the tables and offers him something impossible: hope.

Of course, nothing is that simple, and Charlie’s resistance to their bond sabotages their relationship before it really begins. Warren can handle hardship, but now his enemies are bigger than the bully next door, and he’s broken the darkest taboo of the Sky Hunter falcons. Only Charlie can save him, but can a damaged ex-soldier save himself, too?


If you’re looking for a unique shifter story this is it!

Charlie is one of a dying breed of shifters – a falcon. He has some extraordinary skills that make him a valuable asset in the military – but also darkens his soul. This is the main conflict – now that he’s done what he’s done, he feels unworthy of his mate – even though leaving him may be impossible.

On the other hand, Warren is simply trying to do the best he can with what he’s got. He’s big hearted and sweet and overwhelmed when he meets Charlie.

The chemistry is intense and hot between these two and they move quickly through the “I can’t be with you stage” to the “how can we make this work” stage – which is good because I hate it when our MCs are separated!

There is a little drama outside of the relationship and that helps to move their story forward without stealing the show.

I love Erin’s writing style and find her stories easy to fall into. She always delivers on the smexy times and the feels and the heas. I look forward to following this series and seeing where it goes. It’s a little bit “darker” than the Bad Oak Boys series (reviewed here : ) but not more angsty.

Highly recommended for fans of the author, unique shifter series, darker MCs and satisfying heas.
4.5 of 5 stars


Again, I am finding this author to really hit all my buttons right now 🙂

I thought this was even better than the first time I read it and I really appreciated the unique path/world building these shifters take.
I do hope we see more from this series one day – hint, hint 🙂

5 of 5 stars

Copy Purchased for Review

adult - 18+

How to Vex a Vampire by Alice Winters narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo




Getting into the vampire-only detective unit was the easy part. What’s going to be more difficult is dealing with my new partner – an ancient vampire who keeps threatening to eat me. The unit has never had a human in it. Marcus – or, as I like to call him: Fangy McFangface – would really prefer to keep it that way.
He’s grumpy, short-tempered, and broody, but I have a way with words, and I know he’s starting to like me, even if he swears he’s not. But what he doesn’t know is that I didn’t join the unit because I was tired of being a homicide detective. I joined because there is someone after me.
They’ve already taken enough from me, and I’m afraid they’re going to take all of me if I don’t find someone to help. That’s all Marcus was supposed to be, but now, he’s so much more, and I can’t imagine my life without him.
The moment the pesky human walked through that door, I knew I had to get rid of him. He’s charming, and almost everyone else instantly loves him, but he doesn’t understand how risky it is being part of this unit as a human.
But as I get to know the stubborn man, I learn that, perhaps, he’s not as naive as I once thought. And, maybe, he’s what I needed to realize there is more to life than just work and my dog.
A group arises that is threatening to disrupt the alliance between the humans and the vampires, but Finn is the one who shows me how strong that alliance can be and reminds me why it’s worth protecting.
When threats hit closer to home, I realize I would do anything for Finn because he’s brought so much joy to my life…and because he’s mine.
Note: This book features a creative use for undergarments, unintentional splits, a wolfhound who just wants to be a part of things, a vertically challenged human who still manages to wrap every vampire he meets around his little finger, the best date ever, possessiveness, really awkward dancing, some workplace revenge, and just a bite or two. Or three.

This was super funny! I think, if you’re familiar with Alice Winters’ writing, she is all about the quirky characters and witty dialog.

This is that and some fun paranormal world building and crime fighting.

My personal taste runs to a little bit more romance in my romance, but I do always enjoy her stories and there is definitely HEAs for her characters.


Michael Ferraiuolo was the perfect choice for this. He is Finn personified and does a great job with the myriad other characters.

All in all very highly recommended for fans of comedy with their romance.

4 of 5 stars

adult - 18+

Audiobook: Enemies of the State (Book 1) by Tal Bauer Narrated by John Solo







Newly elected President Jack Spiers’s presidency is rocked from the very beginning, and he’s working furiously to keep the world from falling apart. Between terrorism attacks ripping apart Europe, Russia’s constant posturing and aggression, and the quagmire of the Middle East, Jack is struggling to keep his campaign promise – to work toward a better, safer world. 

For Special Agent Ethan Reichenbach, Jack is just another president, the third in 12 years. With Jack’s election, he’s been promoted, and now he’s running the presidential detail, which puts him side by side with Jack daily. He’s expecting another stuffed suit and an arrogant DC politician, but Jack shocks him with his humor and humanity. 

There are rules against a Secret Service agent and one of their protectees developing a friendship – big rules. Besides, Jack is straight as a ruler, and a widower, and Ethan has always avoided falling for straight men. Ethan keeps his distance, but Jack draws him in, like gas to a naked flame, and it’s a lure he isn’t strong enough to turn away from. 

Contains mature themes.


Ethan retired from the military, tired of the death and destruction, to go into security. After several years in the Secret Service, he’s now promoted to the lead on the President’s detail. He’s seen 3 other past Presidents and has never wanted to cross any boundaries and in fact didn’t really care for them beyond his duties of his job.

Jack is a widower, he lost his military wife to an air strike and made his political career in saving the lives of military families and promoting peace while supporting the armed forces. He’s now made it to the President of the United States (POTUS) and he’s a bit overwhelmed and lonely. He’s not used to the isolation and though he has cabinet members he trusts, he’s got nobody to just “be” with.

Ethan and Jack strike up a friendship – despite the rules – that frequently waffles between appropriate and inappropriate. The main problem is that Jack IS straight. No question. Ethan is gay. Ethan falls for Jack and this causes all sorts of complications.

Besides the issues surrounding their friendship, the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and Jack is caught between his desire to do the right thing and basic preservation of human life. On the brink of World War Three, Jack relies heavily on Ethan to be a sounding board and a release valve.


WOW. This is an absolutely amazing book! I was intrigued by all the positive reviews I saw and requested this to review. I was so captivated that I read it that night, all in one sitting!

Jack and Ethan’s relationship is slow, slow, slow burning. Jack really is straight and is absolutely shocked by the changes in his feelings for Ethan. This is written remarkably well and in a way that feels authentic and believable.

There is a lot of political intrigue and for people who love Tom Clancy type espionage you will love this stuff. I mostly skimmed it because it’s not my thing, but it is well-written and done in a way that I could understand what was going on without having to follow all the politics closely.

I am praying the next book comes out quickly because the ending – while a solid HFN – definitely leaves us in a spot where the future is not certain – not by a long shot. The couple is together, but the world is still in disrepair and their relationship is not exactly making things easy.

I highly recommend this book to fans of GFY romance, political intrigue, slow burn romances, bodyguard tropes and well-written, deep feeling romance.

6 of 5 stars


I have to admit I was hoping Tristan James or Nick Russo or Joel Leslie would have narrated this – John Solo just is not as dynamic in his narrations as the above.

He does a solid job, but I was definitely annoyed at times – and disappointed.

3 of 5 stars

Overall 4 of 5 stars

adult - 18+

Audiobook: Kick at the Darkness by Keira Andrews narrated by Tristan James




To live through the zombie apocalypse, they have to survive each other first.
College freshman Parker Osborne is having the worst day ever. He humiliated himself trying to pick up a cute guy, he hasn’t made any friends at school, and his stupidly hot jerk of a TA gave him a crappy grade on his paper. He’s going to drop Adam Hawkins’ film class and start fresh tomorrow after he’s had a good sulk.
But Parker’s about to find out what a bad day really looks like – if he can survive the night.
A virus is unleashed, transforming infected people into zombielike killers. After these quick and deadly creepers swarm campus, Parker only escapes thanks to Adam swooping him onto the back of his trusty motorcycle. Now they’re on the run – and stuck with each other.
When they’re not bickering, they’re fighting off the infected in a bloody battle for survival. Their only hope is to head east to Parker’s family, but orphaned Adam has a secret he’s not sure Parker will accept: He’s a werewolf. Can they trust each other enough to find some light in these dark days?
Contains mature themes.


When I read the blurb I said – what? Keira Andrews? Yes! Zombies? Heck Yes! Werewolves? Eff Yes!

(I used a different word than heck and eff but…)

I was NOT disappointed.

This story captures your attention right from the beginning.

Parker is an uptight, insecure freshman at Stanford. He’s used to being the big fish in a small pond and now he’s … not.

He meets his TA Adam over a bad grade in what is supposed to be a super easy class. Adam, of course, thinks the course is important and not just “filler” so he’s offended by Parker’s disdain.

It isn’t too long before the two accidentally meet in the quad on the day the “creepers” (zombies) take over the university. In a move that changes both their lives, Adam rescues Parker on the back of his bike and rides off with him to safety.

In the beginning there is a lot of sexual tension – Parker thinks Adam has a girlfriend. Adam has a secret he’s trying to keep from Parker. But both are really attracted to one another.

Of course at every turn they are also battling this unknown element – the virally infected hordes who mindlessly try to eat you if you get in their way.

Over the course of days and weeks they head cross country, trying to reach Parker’s family on the East Coast, and stay alive through both creeper invasions and vigilante challenges.

When Adam gets bitten it looks like their time together may be over or at least changed, since nobody knows how the disease is transferred. Luckily they meet someone who can help with that information.

The ending is… well… appropriate. I’m not sure if she’s setting us up for a sequel (Please, please, please!) or if a Zombie Apocalypse only has so many endings… but … it’s a definite HFN for their survival and HEA for their love.


What I loved about this book was the many different layers. Both Parker and Adam have felt marginalized in their lives – for different reasons. The fear of the unknown pushes them together faster than normal, but it still feels very organic and real. The human nature shown by the mobs of scared people felt real and the reaction to a possible cure brought up some real moral questions that struck a cord.

I loved Keira’s Rumspringa series and was so happy to see that her writing chops are well prepared to cover this entirely different genre.

In fact – maybe even better?

I highly recommend this book and give it 6 of 5 stars!

*More more more!!!


Of course, you all know my love for Tristan James so it’s no surprise that I loved this as well.

6 of 5 stars!