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Retro Review: Under the Dragon’s Spell (Fires of Fate #1) by Ann-Katrin Byrde

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Coming from a broken home, Adrian’s biggest dream in life has always been to find a loving partner and start a family of his own. But when his boyfriend kicks him out, it’s starting to look like that’s never going to happen. Worse yet, he has to move in with his brother to keep from living on the street, and the prevalent bias against men with the ability to carry children keeps him from finding a job of his own.

He’s about ready to give up hope when he finds a job offer in the newspaper searching for someone to produce an heir for a rich dragon shifter. Having a baby with a stranger, even if he’s enigmatic and hot as hell, is not his definition of happiness, but when he finds himself falling for the dragon, he starts to hope again.

If only it wasn’t for the competition…

Stand alone story with no cliffhangers.


This is similar to the author’s other shifter series in that it is a bit dark, at times a bit depressing, but in the end hopeful and happy.

I didn’t love these characters as much as I’ve loved the MCs in the Mercy Hills series, but that was probably more about them being Dragons and fitting the storyline.

If you enjoy mpreg and shifters and the author, and you haven’t read this series, I’d give this a look!

3.5 stars

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Recent Release: Mine to Save (Pine Ridge Pack #1) by Jayda Marx


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hoenix – Though our beginning was marred by tragedy and our number is small, I couldn’t be prouder to be the alpha of the Pine Ridge Pack of wolf shifters. We protect each other and our land, where we reside in homes built by our own hands. Our job gives us pride and purpose, and we get everything we need from the land and the nearby town. Everything except one. Every shifter has one true soulmate granted to them by Fate; one person they are to love, protect and cherish for all time. Once we find our destined match, we dedicate our lives to protecting them, providing for them and ensuring their happiness. When I find mine, I’m captivated by his intoxicating scent and struck by his incomparable beauty. But his circumstances are dire, and I pray I’m not too late.
Rory – After being kicked out of my house for being gay, I moved to the city with my best friend Dax in search of a fresh start and acceptance. He’s my family and supports me in everything I do. He’s all I have in life; well, besides my crappy, low-paying job and my love of photography. That love pushed me to save every penny possible for months to purchase a new camera. I decide to take it into the forest to capture the beauty of nature, even though I have a terrible sense of direction. And a body that’s not built for hiking. And zero endurance. What could go wrong?
*This M/M paranormal romance is for readers 18 and up! It has no cliffhangers or cheating and a very happy HEA. It contains a sexy wolf shifter, his devoted pack and his lovable fated mate. Look out for lurking dangers, heartwarming moments and steamy scenes! My books are low angst and insta-love. They’re full of sexy moments, sweetness and a healthy dose of humor.


If you are in the mood for sap on a stick with so much sweetness you’ll get a toothache -this is for you! I TOTALLY needed a book like this and was super happy to have found this author!

It’s predictable and a bit formulaic, but who cares! It’s fun and the characters are sweet as pie.

I loved finding this new world and new author to explore and a chance to indulge my sweet tooth!

(I did have to subtract .5 stars for the cover – the editing is great but I’d highly recommend re-visiting the value added in a nice cover :). )

3.5 stars

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Recent Release: The Prince and His Captivating Carpenter (Paranormal Princes #2) by Charlie Cochet

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As Prince of the Bear Shifters, I knew the time would come for me to prove myself worthy of my crown. I expected my quest to be perilous. What I didn’t expect was for it to take me up into Espen Mountain, a place that’s brought me nothing but grief and terrible nightmares. Not only must I find the five magical ingredients, but I have to do so alongside Saer, a mysterious and charming shifter coyote summoned by the king to be my guide. But who is Saer, and why do I feel as if we’ve met before?


Crushing on Prince Bernd from afar was one thing. Being given the responsibility of saving the prince and his kingdom was a whole other story. Banished from my kingdom by my own prince years ago, I never imagined I would be summoned to help Bernd. What could I possibly offer a prince? How was I supposed to save him? I was no one. A shifter with no place to call home. What I did know was that I would do everything in my power to help Bernd succeed on his quest. All I had to do was stop crushing on the guy, find the magical ingredients hidden up a dangerous mountain, and save his heart. What could go wrong?


I was so happy when I saw this had been released! I loved book 1 and was psyched to see the series continue!

These two face a similar journey to those in book 1 – just as funny, and touching, and magical and sweet. Add in a dash of smexy and you’ve got it all!

Super fun, great addition to the series. This is absolutely a stand alone and I CANNOT wait for the next book where it looks like our King gets his own story!!!!

5 stars

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Recent Release: Nothing Special VII: EX Meridian (Nothing Special #7) by A.E. Via

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Police Lieutenants, God and Day are under intense pressure from the chief to take back control of Atlanta’s streets. The last thing their task force needs is a pair of trained killers in town with a personal score to settle.

Take a man and strip him of his ability to feel compassion, empathy, remorse, or any of the emotions that make him human, but leave the ones that ignite rage and aggression and you have the perfect killing machine—now imagine two of them.

Code names Ex and Meridian are synonymous for ‘guaranteed death’ to international terrorists. Two broken men from the same crooked streets, recruited into an unsanctioned government program that few know about. Trained to operate most efficiently—lethally—together.

When Ex returns from an op in Bolivia to learn his little brother has been accidentally killed in a feud between drug gangs, he’s stateside before he can consider the rules he’ll be breaking, and of course Meridian is right beside him. There’s mayhem on the streets of Atlanta and the police are losing control. If Godfrey and his elite team of detectives can’t get the job done then they’d be happy to lighten their caseloads for them. And Ex nor Meridian care about doing it quietly.

“I know who you are.” The man grunted when Ex turned to leave. “You’re the fucking devil.”
Meridian walked past, glaring one final time. “Say that loud enough… maybe God will save you.”

But after their first run-in with the big lieutenant and his protective husband, Day, Ex and Meridian start to reevaluate their own relationship. Wondering if they could be even deadlier if they let loose the feelings for each other that they’ve been forced to suppress for years.

Meridian’s dark eyes stayed locked on his, “A man who can fight beside the one he loves doesn’t make him weaker, Ex—it makes him more dangerous.”

No multiple pairings. No cliffhangers. Ends with a HEA.
Note: This is a partners-to-lovers, out-for-you, action romance.


I LOVED this! I had been eagerly awaiting this title since I’d first read the blurb and it did NOT disappoint!

AE Via has just a magical way of letting these Alpha males be vulnerable in a way that does not mess with their ability to be bad-asses in the least!

In this case, we not only get to see the tender moments between Ex and Meridian develop but also some really touching moments between God and Day and Ruxs and Green, too.

The action is fast and the bad guys get whooped good and the smexy times are the perfect amount of steam and frequency.

I think her editing is getting better and better with each book and her covers continue to be top notch!

This is absolutely fine as a stand alone but even better in the series.

6 of 5 stars

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Audiobook: Hither, Page by Cat Sebastian; narrated by Joel Leslie



A jaded spy and a shell shocked country doctor team up to solve a murder in postwar England.

James Sommers returned from the war with his nerves in tatters. All he wants is to retreat to the quiet village of his childhood and enjoy the boring, predictable life of a country doctor. The last thing in the world he needs is a handsome stranger who seems to be mixed up with the first violent death the village has seen in years. It certainly doesn’t help that this stranger is the first person James has wanted to touch since before the war.
The war may be over for the rest of the world, but Leo Page is still busy doing the dirty work for one of the more disreputable branches of the intelligence service. When his boss orders him to cover up a murder, Leo isn’t expecting to be sent to a sleepy village. After a week of helping old ladies wind balls of yarn and flirting with a handsome doctor, Leo is in danger of forgetting what he really is and why he’s there. He’s in danger of feeling things he has no business feeling. A person who burns his identity after every job can’t set down roots.

As he starts to untangle the mess of secrets and lies that lurk behind the lace curtains of even the most peaceful-seeming of villages, Leo realizes that the truths he’s about to uncover will affect his future and those of the man he’s growing to care about.

A cozy mystery that kept me guessing to the end!
Cat Sebastian is a fantastic historical romance writer in her own right, so I mean no disrespect when I say that she channeled Agatha Christie with this story – in a good way 
I loved the different characters and the setting of a quiet little village with an undercurrent of secrets, crime and murder.
The MCs – James, a doctor who served during WWII and Leo, a spy who has so many secrets – are perfectly suited. Each man a little broken, needing someone to belong to and to trust in. Really looking forward to the next book.
Definitely recommend!

Joel Leslie brings the atmosphere of this cozy mystery. I felt like I was watching a Ms. Marple mystery alà Masterpiece Theatre. This is a narration that showcases Joel Leslie’s skill with English accents as well as his skill in creating distinct character voices. He’s an excellent choice for English historical romances 
This is an excellent way to enjoy this book!

Great story (4 stars) with excellent narration (5 stars)!


Overall 4.5 stars

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Recent Release: Wildwood Mates Series by Skye R. Richmond

Good Reads

Safe In His Arms
(Wildwood Mates #1)


An omega on the run, just trying to survive..
A reluctant alpha…
Roman is fine with his life.
While his brothers and cousins are hoping and searching for their fated mates, Ro isn’t in any hurry. But fate has other plans, an intoxicating scent, an omega in distress leads him to a mate he wasn’t sure he even wanted.
Devon is on the run from an abusive Alpha. He’s just trying to survive, keep his head down and go unnoticed. The plan is to make as much as he can and then be on his way… but this time his wolf refuses to cooperate.
When he gets attacked, Devon is ready to suffer through, just as he’s done many times in the past, but an alpha steps in, and now he says their fated… but what if he’s just another man in a long line trying to take from Devon, what he’s not willing to give?
Or maybe he’s a future Devon never imagined.
***Re-edited & Updated***
As of October 1st 2019

Book 2 – Home in his Arms


Ollie has always known he’s adopted, but he had no idea he was a freak.
Imagine the shock he got when he found out he’s not quite human… The only thing he can think to do is run before the only family he’s ever known discovers his secret, and toss him aside like the woman that birthed him.
As if finding out you’re a four-legged creature that howls isn’t bad enough, someone’s snatched him and is holding him captive.
Ollie is terrified and losing hope, and has no idea if he’s ever going to see his family again. Until he hears a voice in his head that promises him he’s safe.
Ronin is a man on a mission. As a former soldier, he’s used to saving people and dangerous situations. He’s off to track down the person that hurt his twins mate, and the last thing he’s looking for is someone for himself. However, fate has a funny way of intervening.
Ollie is everything he never knew he was looking for. Ronin is the intense alpha Ollie finds himself drawn to. Both discover they need each other before they even meet.
Can Ronin keep his mate safe, or will he lose Ollie before they even have a chance to enjoy forever?

I did not enjoy this series as much as the Whitfell series or Betrayed. I think this is two books that maybe should be one and there isn’t enough story for two complete books.

This is a typical alpha/omega, mpreg, shifter, hurt/comfort story and book 1 is a bit more coherent than book 2.

Book 2 is an extension of book 1 and should be read in order doesn’t make as much sense. Devon (from book 1) has some reasonable motivations for his actions while Ollie does not. The family reunion simply didn’t explain things away and I was definitely frustrated by this book.

Book 1 – 3.5 stars

Book 2 2.5 stars

Overall 3 stars

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adult - 18+

Recent Release: Betrayed (The Lost Wolves #1) by Skye R. Richmond and Skyler Snow

Good Reads


Dominik is a man without a home.
After everything he holds dear is stolen from him by the one person he thought would never betray him, Dominik leaves the only home he’s ever known and the pack that he was raised to lead.
The choice is easy… or maybe there isn’t one.
After wandering, Dom finally finds a place that makes him want to put down roots. Along with his best friend, the only one to stand by him, they create a pack like no other. One where everyone is welcome.
He has a home, now all Dom wants is a quiet life… that is, until he meets Elias.
Dom never thought he would find another home, but maybe fate has a plan and he’s right where he’s supposed to be.
This series has little to no angst, and lots and lots of fluff! Absolutely no cheating. If you want angst this is not the series for you. These are 25k short and sweet reads.


This was the first book I read by this author (authors) and it led me to read more! I was absolutely in the mood for something super light and fluffy and this totally delivered!!!

The story line is pretty predictable – shifter, alpha/omega, mpreg, fated mates… you get the idea. But the characters are really great and the story flows really nicely. I think the writing duo has a bit of an edge over the authors on their own.


4 stars

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Recent Release: The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

Good Reads

A magical island. A dangerous task. A burning secret.

Linus Baker leads a quiet, solitary life. At forty, he lives in a tiny house with a devious cat and his old records. As a Case Worker at the Department in Charge Of Magical Youth, he spends his days overseeing the well-being of children in government-sanctioned orphanages.

When Linus is unexpectedly summoned by Extremely Upper Management he’s given a curious and highly classified assignment: travel to Marsyas Island Orphanage, where six dangerous children reside: a gnome, a sprite, a wyvern, an unidentifiable green blob, a were-Pomeranian, and the Antichrist. Linus must set aside his fears and determine whether or not they’re likely to bring about the end of days.

But the children aren’t the only secret the island keeps. Their caretaker is the charming and enigmatic Arthur Parnassus, who will do anything to keep his wards safe. As Arthur and Linus grow closer, long-held secrets are exposed, and Linus must make a choice: destroy a home or watch the world burn.

An enchanting story, masterfully told, The House in the Cerulean Sea is about the profound experience of discovering an unlikely family in an unexpected place—and realizing that family is yours


What an amazing story.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started this…was this going to be crazy and out there or angsty and drama filled……well it’s a delightful mixture of both.

This story takes place in a time when there are magic beings around us. For “their” safety they are segregated as children and raised in “orphanages”. Linus, the main character, is a somber, joyless character. He seems to only take enjoyment in knowing he does his job (making sure the orphanages are run properly and that the children aren’t being mistreated) to the best of his ability.

When he is tasked with checking on a super-secret orphanage, Linus doesn’t know what he’s in for.

The characters are so unique. I loved getting to know all the children and their caretakers. Linus absolutely steals the show though. He learns so much about himself and what he is capable thanks to a group of misfits.

This was a beautiful and heartfelt story that I cannot recommend enough!!!

6 stars

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Retro Review: Whitfell Brothers Series by Skye Richmond

(Whitfell Brothers #1)

Running from his problems might just lead Axel to his future.
Axel has done the stupidest thing ever. He kissed his straight best friend at the guy’s stag do and now he’s run away to the Lake District to lick his wounds.
All he wants, in fact, all he’s ever wanted is a Prince of his own.
Who knew running would lead Axel straight to his very own fairytale? No really. His new mate, yeah, that’s a thing, lives in a magical valley and there’s a castle and he’s telling Axel it’s going to be the two of them forever.
Did Axel mention in this fairytale he can have babies and his mate turns into a wolf? Only it’s not a fairytale, it’s really happening.
Malek has travelled the world searching for his mate, and now he’s actually here, in Malek’s family’s forest. It’s turning out to be the best day of his life.
No angst, and lots of fluff.

An MM Shifter Mpreg Romance.


Again I am surprised by an author/series I’d not met before and psyched because I enjoyed it so much!

The author promises little to no fluff and they deliver! The focus of both books (in fact all that I’ve read by this author) is an omega finding and binding with their super sweet Alpha then getting pregnant and freaking out about it.

These are lovely light stories that are (mostly) well written and fun for fans of mpreg.

Don’t expect anything deep and the story line is predictable. But very enjoyable characters make it worthwhile.

4 of 5 stars for book 1

Malachi (Book 2)


When he decided to surprise his boyfriend for a weekend, Alfie got the shock of his life. Apparently, the clock struck twelve and his prince—or in this case an earl—became a frog.
But as the saying goes, you have to kiss a couple of frogs…
Only now, Alfie’s trust had been shattered and he just wanted to lick his wounds. He called one of his older brothers, Axel, for help, not realising that doing so would change his life in ways he never imagined.
Malachi Whitfell had watched his older brother find his mate and settle down. And as much as he wished it wasn’t the case, he’s completely jealous.
When he got the call to help his brother’s mate, he didn’t expect to meet his… Axel’s baby brother. Now all he had to do was get Alfie to see that not all guys are like his ex and he’d found the one person who will never hurt him.

Life is as close to perfect as it could until Alfie’s frog showed up again… but Alfie’s already found his knight in shining armour—or wolf skin…

I didn’t like this nearly as much as book 1. While I enjoyed the hurt/comfort of Alfie’s story, I wanted to know more about him and his relationship and less about the freaking out over becoming pregnant.

He and Malachi don’t get to know each other very well and that was less enjoyable.

3 of 5 stars for book 2

Mikhail (book 3)


Mikhail knew he found his mate the first moment he set eyes on Rowan. There was only one problem—Rowan doesn’t believe in fated mates.
Will Mikhail be able to change his mind? Or will Rowan run as far away as he can before he gets a chance?
Rowan doesn’t realise Mikhail will do whatever it takes to prove to him that they’re destined to be together. All he needs is a chance to show him.
But Rowan isn’t ready to dive in headfirst and risk his heart because everyone keeps using the word fated. All he knows for sure is that he is to drawn to Mikhail and is willing to give them a shot.
When one night together ends up with an accident neither saw coming, will the threat of pregnancy tear them apart?
Sometimes when you least expect it, you get the biggest rewards. But can Rowan let his walls down enough to actually accept Mikhail so he can show him that his heart will always be safe?
Or will this Whitfell lose both his mate and his chance at a family?


This was a bit better than book 2, but not as good as book 1. Rowan and Mikhail have a bit more of a relationship fleshed out and we get a bit more feel for Rowan’s back story.

All in all, this just felt more complete than book 2.

3.5 stars for book 3
I am looking forward to book 4!

Overall 3.5 stars

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adult - 18+

Recent Release: The Professor’s Green Card Marriage by Heidi Cullinan



I’ll marry you.

Professor Valentyn Shevchenko isn’t sure how to react when, after months of ineffective flirting, the cute barista’s first words to him are a proposal. In many ways, Peter Grunberg is the solution to all his problems. With his work visa inexplicably denied, Valentyn is running out of options to keep from being deported. But is a green card marriage really the answer? Is it still a marriage of convenience when he’s this attracted to his potential spouse?

Peter came to his uncle’s coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado, to reset his life after his struggles with selective mutism returned with a vengeance. He never meant his first words to the handsome ecology professor to be an offer of marriage, but he’s not backing out now. It doesn’t matter that Peter struggles to find words. He can say everything he needs to with his body.

Though this relationship may have started out back-to-front, Valentyn and Peter are determined to make their fake marriage real. But one misstep in their immigration interview could bring everything crashing down. They’ll have to hope that their love is enough to overcome all their obstacles and give them the prize they’ve both been dreaming of: a certified happy ever after.


I wasn’t sure if I would like this book since the fake relationship/marriage trope is probably one of my least favorites. However, since this was written by one of my all-time favorite authors, I gave it a go.

This book was AMAZING!!!! The characters were great. Each one is dealing with very different problems. Val (no way am I trying to spell his full name) is scared of having to return to his home country. He comes off as almost paranoid a few times, thinking the government is reading his emails and listening to his conversations. Peter seems to be this quiet, shy guy but you find out that he is this passionate rabble rouser but due to his selective mutism he is stuck only being able to voice his opinions online or to those very close to him. This was a very fast pace story. Peter and Val were spouting “I love you’s” very early on in the story, which isn’t typical for a Heidi book. The two have crazy chemistry and it’s fascinating to see how they work out their relationship.
Highly recommend!!!!
5 stars

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