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Release Day: Where Nerves End by L.A. Witt

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A Tucker Springs Novel

Welcome to Tucker Springs, Colorado, where you’ll enjoy beautiful mountain views and the opportunity to study at one of two prestigious universities—if you can afford to live there.

Jason Davis is in pain. Still smarting from a bad breakup, he struggles to pay both halves of an overwhelming mortgage and balance the books at his floundering business. As if the emotional and financial pain weren’t enough, the agony of a years-old shoulder injury keeps him up at night. When he faces a choice between medication and insomnia, he takes a friend’s advice and gives acupuncture a try.
Acupuncturist Michael Whitman is a single dad striving to make ends meet, and his landlord just hiked the rent. When new patient Jason, a referral from a mutual friend, suggests a roommate arrangement could benefit them both, Michael seizes the opportunity.

Getting a roommate might be the best idea Jason’s ever had—if it weren’t for his attraction to Michael, who seems to be allergic to wearing shirts in the house. Still, a little unresolved sexual tension is a small price to pay for pain and financial relief. He’ll keep his hands and feelings to himself since Michael is straight… isn’t he?


This book has been a favorite of mine for years. It was one of the first novels I read in the MM genre. I have reread this book many times. I found myself relating a lot to Jason. He suffers from chronic shoulder pain due to an old injury, he is struggling to keep his bar afloat and stave off bankruptcy. To try and get some pain relief he finally ends up trying acupuncture based on a friend’s recommendation. There he meets Michael the acupuncturist. Jason finds himself attracted to the straight man. After striking up a tentative friendship, Jason mentions an idea about the two becoming roommates. Jason finds himself attracted to Michael but believes he is straight since he has an ex-wife and a son. Jason realizes Michael is also interested in men. Michael then struggles with the idea of coming out to his son and ex-wife. The characters are extremely well written. Jason’s internal dialogue does tend to be repetitive at times however his pain and debt are big issues so I have no doubt that if I were in the same position, that would be all I could think about as well. I wish this story was told from both characters point of view. I was hoping that with this re-release LA. Witt would have added an epilogue or changed the ending a bit because that has always been my least favorite part of the story but sadly it is the same as I remember.

4 stars

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Jason’s shoulder is wrecked and will visits acupuncturist Michael, an advice from their mutual friend Seth.
Jason’s finance is wrecked and a solution to their mutual problem is when Michael will be his roommate. Problem solved… you think… only there are some things playing like…
Michael is a single dad… Jason is heavily attracted to Michael, Michael is in denial… work and private can’t combine… right?

“God. I’m going to live with this guy? He’ll be treating me for tennis elbow in a week.”

Their conversations are awesome, their connection strong. The tension is heavy and anticipation killing.

The story was educational, like most of this authors books. Well developed and the building up really good done. The story is told from Jason’s pov and that’s why I missed a bit of Michael internal struggles.
Both guys were engaging and the total story was entertaining.
Overall a good and smoothly written story

Number of stars out 4 of 5

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adult - 18+

Recent Releases: Halloween Short Freebies!

Inn Love by Lucy Lennox

No blurb but a competition for a bed and breakfast pits two guys against one another in a haunted house.  But… they find love instead!

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This was an adorable little story about some meddling ghosts and a little boy who finally grows up to achieve his dream.

There were a lot of times that I was annoyed with Ryan and I got tired of the other “contestants” but it was a quick story that had some cute and sweet moments.

3 of 5 stars

Monster Till Midnight by E.J. Russell

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Brady dearly loves Halloween. But the haunted house extravaganza he staged in his new town–in a house that’s actually supposed to be haunted–is a total bust. But then, an unexpected visitor barges out of his corn maze…


I wish this had been full length! I loved this so much! It was clever, with some fabulous twists in it and loads of laughs!

It was a minute to read, but I wish that we had more time with these characters and their discovery of love that is more hinted at than explored.

In any case – highly recommended for a quick, fun, Halloween read!

5 of 5 stars

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adult - 18+ Book Little to no angst Mid level steam/heat Standalone

Release Day: Trex or Treat by Tara Lain

release day review

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Josh Harris is all dad all the time. A busy college professor and devoted single father, Josh tries to be happy with only his son for company. But then Bradley “Trex” Trexler moves in across the street with his stepbrother, Bogo, and takes advantage of their empty home, making it into a haunted house for Halloween.



This is a short, cute Halloween story and it’s really entertaining.
Tara Lain is great giving us interesting characters that you can get involved with really quickly, which is obviously a bonus in a short story.
Josh reads as a great parent in need of some companionship and Ernie is the most adorable and energised boy. The attraction between Josh and Trex shines through and it’s an enjoyable read. I love how involved both men are with their boys but also take the time to be with each other. I found this to be an enjoyable little story that was quick to consume but also touched the heart.
I definitely recommend this quick, Halloween romance. Always a winner with a Tara Lain story!

Number of stars out of 5

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A Tour/Guest Post/Blitz

Guest Post: Renae Kaye for Knowing Me, Knowing You!

OS: Welcome to Renae Kaye!

Thank you for having me on your blog. I wanted to talk to you about my new book, Knowing Me, Knowing You.
Some of you will be humming ABBA already. Yes, this is the title of an ABBA song, but unlike that song, my guys get together in the end. ABBA’s song is about breaking up and saying it’s for the best. Shane thinks he knows the best by breaking things off with Ambrose… but Ambrose has other ideas!
When I write a story, sometimes the title of the book comes to me before the first word is written – this is the case for me with The Shearing Gun and Shawn’s Law. Sometimes the title comes to me during the writing of the book because of a line used or a theme that comes out. For Knowing Me, Knowing You it was the latter. The title came to me about two-thirds of the way through the first draft and seemed to fit so well.
Shane and Ambrose have known each other forever. They grew up next door to each other, almost like brothers, spending their afternoons and evenings together as their single mothers swapped babysitting duties. They lived in each other’s pockets. They know each other. They are very different – Shane describes himself as a Hufflepuff and bookworm, and Ambrose is an elite athlete playing top level football – and yet they accept and work around these differences. They fit.
I’ve picked an excerpt for you based on this theme. Ambrose lives in another city so he can play for the Hawthorn AFL football club, and only comes home to Perth when he can time off between seasons, yet the two of them fall back into old routines immediately.
In this scene, it’s been seven months since they saw each other, and they’d had a disagreement then. Ambrose’s mother, Tracy, has begged Shane to pick up an injured Ambrose at the airport as she was working, and Shane spent the night to look after him.


Can friends turned occasional lovers move beyond past mistakes and wrong assumptions to build something that can last?
Quiet bookworm Shane has a big secret—one he’s kept for fifteen years. AFL superstar Ambrose Jakoby grew up next door to Shane. They were close friends, and Shane supported Ambrose through school.
One night, everything changed.
Before Ambrose left Perth as a scared eighteen-year-old to head to Melbourne and take up his new footy career, Ambrose and Shane slept together.
For the next nine years, they continued a secret friends-with-benefits situation whenever Ambrose was in town. Shane never knew exactly where he stood or how to define Ambrose’s sexuality—and Ambrose didn’t know either. Then last Christmas, everything changed again, and a disagreement strained their friendship. Shane vowed to get over his unrequited love.
But Ambrose is back, recovering from an injury and hoping to make amends. He claims he’s ready for a real relationship. But Shane has to decide whether Ambrose means it and whether his Hufflepuff soul can take the chance.

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He must’ve sensed my awakening, because he turned his head and flashed me a cheery little smirk.
“What?” I asked self-consciously. Had I been snoring? Farting? Talking in my sleep?
“Nothing,” he said, the smirk not fading. “I’m just glad to be home—no training to get up and push through, no doctor appointments to go to. And you’re going to make me breakfast.”
“I am?” I asked in surprise.
“Yeah,” he said as though it were obvious. “I’m on crutches. I’m not allowed to put any weight on my knee. How am I meant to cook or even carry a bowl?”
“I’m sure Tracy will—”
Ambrose looked horrified. “I can’t wait that long.”
Okay. So Tracy wasn’t known for her morning personality.
I sighed and sat up. The slight movement of the bed made Ambrose wince. “Is it that sore?” I asked tentatively.
“I’m supposed to take the tablets with food,” he replied mournfully.
I didn’t fall for the act. “Oh, sure. So now you follow doctor’s orders. But the ‘don’t fly home for another week’ order was simply advice to be taken or left, right?”
He stuck out his bottom lip. “You stopped messaging. I had to come and make sure you remembered me.”
I dropped my gaze. Yes, I had stopped messaging him. But I couldn’t tell him why. So instead I flung the covers back and got out of bed. My pants were where I left them, and I snatched them up and slipped into them. When I turned back, Ambrose was still watching me, showing no sign he’d averted his eyes to give me a bit of privacy. I decided to ignore him.
“Okay. Do you need help getting up?”
“No. I think I’ll be okay. Just slower. You go and start breakfast, and I’ll be there by the time you finish.”
I wandered out to Tracy’s kitchen and began to rummage through her fridge. It wasn’t the first time. Tracy would be more horrified if I didn’t rummage through her fridge, thinking I was putting on airs and starving myself to death. I found eggs and some leftover roast chicken. A quick sniff told me it should be okay. I remembered the couple of times the meat wasn’t okay and I nearly poisoned myself and Ambrose at the same time.
Most of my memories were infused with him.
By the time Ambrose got up and used the facilities—I heard the toilet flush and then a bang and a curse as Ambrose navigated the small bathroom—then crutched his way to the kitchen, I nearly had the omelet cooked. I’d added the chicken and a few of the veggies I’d found. The plates were ready, so I whizzed over and pushed the button on the coffee machine and then rushed back to flip my creation. Ambrose perched himself on the barstool drawn up to the kitchen counter as I pushed the milk and sugar in his direction, plonked the first cup of coffee in front of him, changed the coffee pod in the machine, and pressed the button again. He put in two sugars and lots of milk and pushed the cup back in my direction.
“Thanks,” I said and took a grateful sip.
I found the tomato sauce in the cupboard. He liked to put that on everything. The second coffee was ready, so I passed it over. Ambrose only liked milk in his coffee, no sugar. I checked the omelet, grabbed a plate, and flipped my creation onto it, making sure I decoratively folded it in half. I passed it to Ambrose, put the milk back in the fridge, put the sugar jar away, and placed the pan in the sink. Then he cut the omelet in half, slid my portion onto the second plate, and looked around.
“Where’s your extra cheese?”
I felt my cheeks blush. “I’m not having any.”
Ambrose looked surprised. “You always sprinkle extra cheese on your portion.”
I sucked in one cheek, then admitted, “I’m trying to watch my weight.”
“Since when?”
I rolled my eyes. “Since this year, when I realized I’d be turning twenty-nine, and that’s only one year off thirty.”
His gaze slid down my body, and I tried not pull in my small gut.
“Maybe you just need a little bit of exercise,” he suggested. “Aren’t audiobooks all the rage now? Listen while you jog.”
I picked up my knife and fork, leaned my hip against the counter, sliced a bit off my omelet, and said, “Ha. Me? Jog? I can’t. So I’ll do without the cheese.”
Ambrose sliced his omelet as he said, “I think it’s much healthier to jog than starve yourself.”
“Perhaps. But I’m still not going to jog.”
“What about riding?”
“A horse?” I was horrified. He wanted me to what?
“No, idiot. A bike. You could ride to work.”
I popped some more food into my mouth and chewed. Then I said, “I could also die of exhaustion.”
“Tad dramatic there,” he said mildly.
“I just don’t want to risk death,” I replied.
“So I guess you’re giving up sugar in your coffee too?”
I stared gravely at him. “That would be risking your death.”

As you can see, they’re so used to being together. I love their interactions. They have the long history of their friendship that often makes them squabble like siblings. It makes for fun writing.
Knowing Me, Knowing You is now available at various outlets and I hope you all enjoy.


Renae Kaye is a lover and hoarder of books who thinks libraries are devilish places because they make you give the books back. She consumed her first adult romance book at the tender age of thirteen and hasn’t stopped since. After years – and thousands of stories! – of not having book characters do what she wants, she decided she would write her own novel and found the characters still didn’t do what she wanted. It hasn’t stopped her though. She believes that maybe one day the world will create a perfect couple – and it will be the most boring story ever. So until then she is stuck with quirky, snarky and imperfect characters who just want their story told.
Renae lives in Perth, Western Australia and writes in five minute snatches between the demands of two kids, a forbearing husband, too many pets, too much housework and her beloved veggie garden. She is a survivor of being the youngest in a large family and believes that laughter (and a good book) can cure anything.
How to contact Renae:
Twitter: @renaekkaye
Instagram: @renaekayeauthor