5 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Bodyguard Book Contemporary Cop/Crime Dreamspinner Finding Family Gay Gay Homophobia Hurt/Abuse Hurt/comfort Insta Love m/m Mary D Mid level angst Mid level steam/heat Military Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Psychic PTSD Scorching/high heat

Release Day Review: Hiding the Moon (Fish Out of Water #4) by Amy Lane

release day review

Dreamspinner Presents


A Fish Out of Water/Racing for the Sun Crossover

Can a hitman and a psychic negotiate a relationship while all hell breaks loose?

The world might not know who Lee Burton is, but it needs his black ops division and the work they do to keep it safe. Lee’s spent his life following orders—until he sees a kill jacket on Ernie Caulfield. Ernie isn’t a typical target, and something is very wrong with Burton’s chain of command.

Ernie’s life may seem adrift, but his every action helps to shelter his mind from the psychic storm raging within. When Lee Burton shows up to save him from assassins and club bunnies, Ernie seizes his hand and doesn’t look back. Burton is Ernie’s best bet in a tumultuous world, and after one day together, he’s pretty sure Lee knows Ernie is his destiny as well.

But when Burton refused Ernie’s contract, he kicked an entire piranha tank of bad guys, and Burton can’t rest until he takes down the rogue military unit that would try to kill a spacey psychic. Ernie’s in love with Burton and Burton’s confused as hell by Ernie—but Ernie’s not changing his mind and Burton can’t stay away. Psychics, assassins, and bad guys—throw them into the desert with a forbidden love affair and what could possibly go wrong?

Review by Mary
As this is a crossover story I would recommend reading (or listening to) the A Fish out of Water series and Racing for Sun before starting this book. Having said that I feel I should confess that my preference is listening to them. I was waiting for A Few Good Fish (book 3) to be released before starting it and did not realise this book overlapped it. Now that I’ve finished it I can see how they tie together. A Few Good Fish is as usual from Jackson Rivers and Ellery Cramer’s view point with Ernie, Lee, Ace, Sonny etc as secondary characters. This book is Ernie and Lee’s story (including Ace and Sonny playing a big part) and their side of the events of chasing down the mercenaries out to get them. Psychic Ernie finds his soulmate, his home and sanctuary when Lee Burton realised the kill order he received on Ernie was wrong. I liked the good v evil premise. And that the book reads like an action film, where realism is sacrificed for great action and adventure. This is a beautiful story of damaged souls finding a place and people where they can heal. Problem is they have to literally fight cruel, hateful and vindictive men to reach it.

5 of stars out of 5

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adult - 18+

Time to Get Scared: The Power of the Bite by Lisa Oliver

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Dax Portrain has it all – he’s the next Alpha of the only pack in town, he owns a successful night club and he has men falling all over him every night of the week. So when he catches sight of a new vampire in town, he tries to shrug off the instant attraction he feels. After all, everyone knows that wolf shifters and vampires do not get along.

Zane Macintosh has lived a long and full life, and while he might have issues trying to pass himself off as human at the Portrain police department, he knows it’s only temporary and shrugs off the problems. A night out with friends turns his whole life upside down when he catches sight of Dax with his pack. The gorgeous hunk is his mate, but that doesn’t mean that anything has to come of it. In fact, he’s determined nothing will.

One explosive meeting sends both men’s lives into a spiral. Zane knows the only way things can end well for his mate is to allow himself to die. But Dax has a stubborn streak a mile wide and isn’t going to let Zane go that easily.

Review: Wolf shifter and vampire pairing? What’s not to love? I was curious to see how this was going to work – happily, I was not disappointed.
Dax, Alpha in waiting of a wolf pack meets Zane (vampire) at the club Dax owns. Zane knows that the alpha wolf is his mate, but also knows that Dax will not accept that fact. Even knowing that vampires cannot feed off anyone other than their mate, Zane is still willing to pine away and die rather than claim Dax.
When both men get their heads out of their arses and realise that they are mates, things really heat up! However, there is a lot of shifter politics/backstabbing that come to light once they become a couple.
Dax starts out to be an arrogant jerk, but once he finds out what’s happening with Zane, he becomes easier to like. It was fun to see how 2 alpha males deal with being dominant with each other.
I really enjoyed it.

3.5 stars out of 5

Copy purchased for review


4.5 stars adult - 18+ Alternate World Book class difference Contemporary Gay Gay Humor Hurt/Abuse Hurt/comfort m/m Mid level steam/heat Mild level angst Mild/low level heat Morgan NetGalley Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Opposites attract Paranormal Part of a Series Riptide Publishing Shifter Standalone

Recent Review: Single White Incubus (Supernatural Selection) by E.J. Russell

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Single White Incubus (Supernatural Selection, #1)


Does a bear shift in the woods?

Well, partially. That was what got grizzly shifter Ted Farnsworth into trouble. He wasn’t trying to break the Secrecy Pact. He just wants people to see the real him. So he signs up with the mate-matching service Supernatural Selection — which guarantees marriage to a perfect partner. Not only will Ted never be lonely again, but once his new beaver shifter husband arrives, they’ll build Ted’s dream wilderness retreat together. Win-win.

Quentin Bertrand-Harrington, scion of an incubus dynasty, has abstained from sex since nearly killing his last lover. When his family declares it’s time for him to marry, Quentin decides the only way not to murder his partner is to pick someone who’s already dead. Supernatural Selection finds him the ideal vampire, and Quentin signs the marriage agreement sight unseen.

But a mix-up at Supernatural Selection contracts Quentin with Ted. What’s Ted supposed to do with an art historian who knows more about salad forks than screwdrivers? And how can Quentin resist Ted’s mouthwatering life force? Yet as they work together to untangle their inconvenient union, they begin to wonder if their unexpected match might be perfect after all.


(Ignore the cover…)
Sooo much fun! The “misunderstanding” mostly works in this story. Our incubus Q-bert – LOL – thinks he’s going to kill any living lover so he agrees to marry a dead one – a vampire.

Our Teddy Bear thinks he needs to settle for the first guy who’ll have him because he keeps getting into trouble.

We get to see some of the MCs from earlier books, have some pretty sweet smexy times, lots and lots of giggles and some pretty sweet feelz, too.

All in all another great one from this author and this series!

Highly recommended!

4.5 of 5 stars

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A Tour/Guest Post/Blitz

Cover Reveal Night Kiss by ET Malinowski

Title: Night Kiss
Series: BL Entertainment: Book One
Author: E.T. Malinowski
Release Date: January 8, 2019
Category: Paranormal
Pages: 433 (ebook), 440 (paperback)
Cover Artist: Kanaxa


What could be frightening enough to freeze the blood of a centuries-old Vampire turned K-pop idol?

Being bound to someone.

University student Cheong Jin-woo dreams of working in the arts, especially for BL Entertainment and his favorite band, Bam Kiseu. After seeing the band perform, Jin-woo separates from his friends to explore. What he discovers backstage will change his life.

Does he embrace it or run?

Jung Ki-tae has kept his secret for centuries—until a young fan interrupts his feeding. Even more disturbing is the instant bond Ki-tae feels with Jin-woo—a complication he refuses to allow. Yet resisting becomes increasingly difficult as Jin-woo and a group of students win the chance to make a video for the band, working closely with them for weeks. The obsession Ki-tae felt toward Jin-woo—even before tasting his blood—deepens into genuine feelings, feelings that terrify Ki-tae. But when he finds a way to break the bond, he’s torn between severing the connection and protecting Jin-woo….

Especially with a mysterious killer getting closer.

Buy Links:

Author Bio:

E.T. Malinowski is the youngest of seven girls. It was her love of reading that eventually led her to attempt writing. From there, a passion was born. She began writing romance in her early teens and, at that time, never dreamed of sharing her work with anyone. With the help of several dear friends, not to mention her ex-husband, she found the courage to take that last step toward publication.
As the single mother of three rambunctious boys, finding time to write is a bit difficult. Yet E.T. manages to do it, even if it’s on break or lunch at a regular day job. She has found her place in homoerotic romance. To her, love doesn’t recognize gender boundaries and is always special.
An avid reader, E.T. finds inspiration in all her favorite genres, from mainstream romance by her favorite authors to Japanese manga and anime. To her, even the classic fairy tales hold that spark of motivation, and if there is one thing she has learned from her many years of writing solely for herself, it’s this: never deny the Muse, she gets cranky and pulls out the bullwhip.

adult - 18+ Audiobook Part of a Series

Audiobook: The Shipwreck (Lavender Shores book 4) by Rosalind Abel Narrated by Kirt Graves


Audible Link


Lamont Price’s romance novels have been a hit for the past few years. With his gorgeous looks, kind heart, and tender disposition, Lamont is the darling of Lavender Shores. He’s the guy everyone wants to be his or her best friend, the guy everyone wants to protect. But even with his success and the love of his family, Lamont feels hidden from those around him. Maybe the first step is attending a writing conference and revealing the man behind his pen name….

Tyler Dixon survives off his beauty and charm. From cover model to runway fashion to weekend arm candy, Tyler’s prices aren’t cheap. While his appearance is taking him places, his life as an artist has little more than flatlined. When an author hires him to appear as the face of her brand, Tyler thinks it’s just one more job. Little does he know another writer is going to steal all of his attention.

Escaping the conference to find some breathing room, Lamont runs into Tyler at a bar. Casual conversation leads to Lamont revealing his family’s obsession with helping him find love. It’s not a big deal to Tyler, who has played the role of boyfriend for other people in the past. Before either of them can rethink the situation, Tyler is in Lavender Shores meeting Lamont’s family. Though they’re only pretending to be in a relationship, the chemistry that ignites between them is anything but imaginary…

Every story in the Lavender Shores series is a jewel in its own right and draws me further into that wonderful fictional world. With every book in this amazing series my expectations become higher and yet every new book keeps surpassing them.

I love love love the vulnerability in each of the MC’s, however outwardly strong or self-assured they might seem at first glance.

Lamont Price, aka Ginger Peach, stole my heart with his gentle nature and open-mindedness. He worries so much for others and is so careful not to offend or hurt anyone. I felt sad for him, because he’s so insecure, painfully so, but it’s also what makes him human and very easy to empathize with. Body positivity is a great thing to aspire to, but easier said than done, and having your own mother leave you when you’re just a little kid would do a number on anyone.

Lamont and Tyler have both been disappointed in love, but they dealt with it very differently. Lamont closed himself off and spent years alone, whereas Tyler jumped into the physical side of things with abandon and refused to open himself up to anything that even resembled an actual relationship.
When they meet, both men start to bend their rules and tentatively take a chance on each other.

Tyler is very playful and direct, though not as open as perhaps he should be. Which will come back to bite him in the ass… poor guy. It’s a trainwreck that you can see coming a mile away, and it was as painful and emotional as I feared.
I do wish they could have been spared this dramatic reveal and the ensuing heartbreak. It serves its purpose in the road these two must travel, of course, and makes the HEA so much sweeter when it does come. Masterfully written!!Though I might have hated the author for a very little while. Poor Tyler and Lamont.

The shipwreck, and all it symbolizes, makes for an important theme in the book. I especially loved the scene where Lamont first shows the shipwreck to Tyler. It’s such a sweet and tender moment and it really brings them closer together.

Robert and Debbra are awesome in this story. Both protective and supportive of their eldest in the sweetest way. The ice cream scene made me tear up. Go Debbra!

I also loved all the little romantic moments in this story, the candles, the love letter, and the way Tyler’s and Lamont’s love for each other shines through in their art. Swoon…

This was an amazing read. Can’t wait to get started on the next book in this series!

Kirt Graves is now one of my all-time favorite narrators. He’s so great at bringing emotion to a story. I love that he doesn’t just focus on the MC’s voices, but also makes sure that each secondary character comes across very clearly and recognizably.

Number of stars out of 5: 5


Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

adult - 18+ Book

Recent Release: Greyson Fox by TL Travis

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Greyson Fox, the man, the myth, the legend. The highly sought after, self-proclaimed permanent bachelor. Or so the rumor mill goes. Sure, I’ve heard it all – but the one that stung the most was being called a heartless bastard. Love ‘em and leave ‘em, that one in particular I found to be the most humorous since only one man had ever shared my bed more than once, and he’d long since passed away.

I wasn’t the heartless bastard they all proclaimed me to be, but life had a way of kicking me in the teeth…Repeatedly, so I shut my heart off.

For years I thrived, building my empire and living by my own rules. Until one day, the walls came crashing down around me.

This book can be split into two halves. In part one we meet Greyson when he is a teenager and trying to survive after the loss of his mother. We follow him into his first relationship, his first love and first loss.
In part two we journey with Greyson as he is twenty years older, a man about to hit forty years old, and we see how his life is shaping out.

I found the first half of this book the more enjoyable of the two. If the story had stuck with the blossoming relationship between Greyson and Daniel I think it could have been a good book. Instead it jumped whole blocks of years, skimming over what could have had a lot more depth.

The second half of the book just didn’t gel. The character of Samuel came across as very one dimensional and cliched, and the relationship just didn’t feel realistic. The suspense element was glossed over and again, the opportunity to go into more detail missed.
There wasn’t enough focus on either the romance element or the drama and both felt very rushed. I also found it odd that I read a more detailed description of a trip around the Guinness Factory than I did of a court case that was more relevant to the tale.

2 stars out of 5

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adult - 18+ Audiobook

Audiobook: Acceptance (Forbes Mates Book 3) by Grace R Duncan Narrated by Christopher Boucher


Dreamspinner Presents


Dr. Miles Grant acknowledges that his destined mate could be either gender even though his bisexuality cost him his family and his pack. Luckily he found the Forbes Pack, who happily accepts him just as he is. What he never counted on was finding his mate in Pittsburgh or for his mate to be another species entirely—a cat!

Quincy Archer isn’t just any jaguar shifter. He is the heir to the leadership of his pride. Destined mates are nothing but legend to the nearly extinct and generally solitary jaguars, and Quincy certainly never expected to find one for himself, much less a male… or a wolf.

However, finding each other and coming to terms with their species is the least of their worries. Quincy is expected to select a proper female mate, father a cub, and take his place as heir to the pride. Except Quincy refuses, having no interest in women or leadership and knowing he isn’t right for it. But his father will stop at nothing—not even attempting to kill Miles—to get his way. Quincy and Miles must overcome many obstacles to stay together as the destined mates they’re meant to be.


This is book three in a series and it must be read in order for it to be truly appreciated. I think you – might- be able to understand it if you read this as a standalone but you’d lose SO MUCH!

We met Quincy as Miles’ mate in book two. Shockingly, the wolves never knew there were other shifters out there – and Quincy is a jaguar shifter. Jaguars don’t have mates and Miles feared that he’d never be able to claim and live with his reclusive jaguar mate.

Quincy is not only a reclusive jaguar shifter, but the heir to the leadership of his group. He’s estranged from his father, though, and has no desire to take over leadership. He just wants to do his own thing – art and information brokering – and be left alone. In addition, he doesn’t want a mate (first because he’s not sure he believes in fate or destined mates – and second because his father is doing everything he can to bring him into the fold and he fears any “mate” of his would be in danger.)

We meet up with Miles – an ER doctor – and Quincy after Quincy has been badly beaten by some jaguar goons Quincy believes were hired by his father. At last, Quincy can’t deny the pull and he agrees to try to be with Miles, but only after he settles things with his father.

What proceeds is a very dramatic and involved game of cat and mouse (or wolf and cat!) wherein the goons chase after Quincy, then Miles, then Chad and Jamie after they’re roped in to helping.


I adore this series! The characters are multi-faceted and real, but still have their “animal” qualities close at hand. Just EXACTLY what a shifter story should have.

It was so great seeing so much of Chad and Jamie after Chad had been converted to his wolf. He was so adorable! I loved seeing how he evolved his control of his senses.

The mystery in this story connects the previous book through the Alpha Prime but has it’s own evolution by including Quincy’s father. The jaguar culture is just as fascinating as learning about the wolf culture we did in book two.

If I have any complaints, it’s the romance between Quincy and Miles. It goes from zero to sixty then stalls out for chapters then ramps up to a climactic finish and it was not nearly as satisfying as the romance from the previous two books. (Which is unfair to compare, but I loved the romance in books one and two, so this was just a bit of a let down.)

In any case, I couldn’t put this story down and I loved, loved LOVED the epilogue! GAH I hope it doesn’t mean the end of the series!!!!!! ☹

I can’t recommend this series or this book any higher – it’s truly wonderful. Any fans of shifter romances should consider this a MUST READ.

5 of 5 stars


I am really loving this new(ish) narrator! He does such a lovely job with the growly and the accents and the pacing. I felt like the accent for Quincy was sometimes a bit OTT – I have no idea what an Egyptian accent would be – but this did sometimes feel a bit too cartoonish – but… I still loved it for the most part. I appreciate the effort to make everyone distinct and to really feel the story.

I super recommend this!

5 of 5 stars

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adult - 18+ Book

Recent Review:Magic or Die (Inner Demons Book 1) By: J.P. Jackson

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James Martin is a teacher, a powerful Psychic, and an alcoholic. He used to work for the Center for Magical Research and Development, a facility that houses people who can’t control their supernatural abilities, but left after one of his students was killed, turning to vodka to soothe his emotional pain. The problem is he still has one year left on his contract.

When James is forced to return to the CMRD, he finds himself confronting the demons of his past and attempting to protect his new class from a possible death sentence, because if they don’t pass their final exams, they’ll be euthanized.

James also discovers that his class isn’t bringing in enough sponsors, the agencies and world governments who supply grants and ultimately purchase graduates of the CMRD, and that means no profit for the facility. James and his students face impossible odds—measure up to the facility’s unreachable standards or escape.


This is a very exciting book filled with amazing supernatural interactions. James is an empath that has been just shy of forcibly roped into assisting his former job at the CMRD. He has 5 students now with powers greater than ever recorded. Several students that actually scare James. There is also his mutual interest in one student, Isaiah. Isaiah is also the more powerful one of all, all while being in a medically induced coma. The story isn’t just about the pairing, but there is steam between the two. The book gives excellent descriptions of the powers portrayed by these “kids”. I was happy to read the developing relationships between all the characters. I found myself celebrating with them. This book has paranormal, magic, action, angst, and some teacher/student romance between hot guys. Fantastic read.

Number of stars out of 5

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3 stars adult - 18+ Audiobook Book Dreamspinner Gay Karen Mild level angst Mild/low level heat Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series

Audiobook: Redeeming the Stepbrother by Andrew Grey, narrated by Jack Wesley


Dreamspinner Presents



A Tale from St. Giles

Family can be a blessing and a curse, but for artist Florian, it’s a nightmare he longs to escape.

As chief designer for Bartholomew Artist Porcelain, Florian specializes in painting birds. He also watches them in the wild to distract himself from his short-tempered mother, at least temporarily. Florian’s heart is too soft to leave his stepsister, Ella, to suffer alone. Still, he can’t help dreaming about one day finding happiness and love.

When Count Dieter von Hollenbach arrives in town to visit a friend and present an award, he isn’t looking for romance. Then again, he doesn’t expect someone as perfect as Florian to come into his life. To make sure Florian is all he seems and that their connection is genuine, Dieter keeps his title to himself.

But he isn’t the only one with a secret.

At a masquerade ball to celebrate the award, some of the masks fall away, but those that remain in place could destroy the love beginning to grow between them.


This was a sweet and mellow modern take on Cinderella, refreshingly focusing on one of the stepsiblings rather than the Cinderella character.

Florian, the stepbrother in need of redeeming, is not such a blackguard as the title or knowledge of the original fairytale might lead you to suppose. He is quite a pleasant young man, no bully or anything like that, but he keeps to himself and basically looks the other way for years any time his mom goes all evil stepmother on his younger stepsister, Isabella, and therein lies the rub.

Ella is a wonderful young girl, very loving and forgiving, and she really blossoms once Florian decides to help her and starts sticking up for her at home. I love that this particular Cinderella gets a magic night at the ball, but then goes off on an adventure and gets herself an education rather than focusing on getting a boyfriend. She’s only eighteen, after all.

We only have Florian’s point of view throughout the story, which I thought a bit of a pity. Dieter’s perspective from time to time would have been helpful. As it is, he remains very much the enigmatic Count. He appears to be the more interesting of the two men, but we know next to nothing of what he feels or thinks. We also get very little German endearments or quotes, though that could have really livened things up. Verdammt! Das ist wirklich schade.

Florian and Dieter gravitate towards each other very easily, but it all happens so mildly, almost tepidly, that I can’t say that I was very engrossed by their story.
It takes them a long time to realize and speak of their feelings for each other and when they finally do so, Florian seems resigned to an unhappy outcome, thinking that it’ll be over almost instantly, because Dieter is set to return to Germany soon. Florian, with all his insecurities, can be rather passive, and a bit of a damsel in distress at times. It doesn’t even seem to occur to him that he can fight to keep Dieter in his life, one way or another.

Of course, this is a romance and a fairytale, so Florian and Dieter are assured of their HEA. However, there is still a spot of bother to overcome, remember the evil stepmother and the other, even more evil, stepbrother?
This part of the plot ups the stakes for all involved and brings with it an element of danger and emotional distress that pushes the characters to evolve and grow. Nice twist!

This is the second book in the Tales from St. Giles series, but it can be read perfectly as a standalone.

Narration: The narrator had a warm and pleasant voice, but I felt a bit too much like he was just reading the story out loud instead of really bringing the characters to life. He made Florian’s mom sound really shrill, which was a bit unpleasant to listen to, but perfectly in keeping with her personality.

Number of stars out of 5: 3

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A Tour/Guest Post/Blitz

Blog Tour: SJD Peterson for Calculated Magic!


OS: Welcome to SJD Peterson!


On Second Thought

Originally, I planned to write this post on all the good things I would do for myself (and some bad things to a few) if I had magical powers. However after watching the aftermath of destruction hurricane Michael left in its wake, I’ve had to reconsider.
I’ve been grumbling about how Daisy Dump takes up so much of my time and energy, yet she provides me with walls and a roof. It’s been raining here off and on for two weeks and I haven’t been able to get out and do my yard work, but at least after each rain, the water seeps quietly back into the ground, not fill my house. Agnes has been a very naughty dog. She chewed up my sock and piddled on the kitchen floor. Yet, I know where she is. She is safe, has a yard to run and play in, food in her belly and a warm bed to snuggle in at night. After Michael, so many pets were left homeless, hungry, wandering and lost or in sweltering cages.
I planned on writing this post on how I would benefit if I had magical powers. On second thought, I would use them to heal those affected by Michael. For the next 6 weeks a percentage of my new novel Calculated Magic, will be donated to the relief fund.

~Hugs and stay strong Florida~

Never too late for love.
Three-hundred-and-fifty-year-old warlock Tikron must find his true love or forfeit his immortality. But if he hasn’t found his ideal mate in all these centuries, the prospects don’t look too bright.
That is, until he sees mathematician Richard Beaumont. It’s love at first sight and Tikron’s future just go a whole lot brighter.
Except Richard doesn’t believe in love at first sight. He doesn’t believe in love at all. He certainly doesn’t believe in magic. His life is ruled by statistics and logic, and they tell him a relationship with Tikron has only a 10 percent chance of success. That’s unacceptable—even if the attraction between them is off the charts.
With his powers waning and the clock ticking down, Tikron’s last hope is showing Richard the true meaning of magic.

Buy Link:

SJD Peterson, better known as Jo, hails from Michigan. Not the best place to live for someone who hates the cold and snow. When not reading or writing, Jo can be found close to the heater checking out NHL stats and watching the Red Wings kick a little butt. Can’t cook, misses the clothes hamper nine out of ten tries, but is handy with power tools.

Visit Jo on
Twitter: @SJDPeterson