adult - 18+ Gay Little to no angst Mid level steam/heat Novella 20-160 pgs (20k-40k words) Paranormal Part of a Series Shifter

Recent Release: A Human, a Merman, and the Unexpected by Charlie Richards

Extasy Presents:


Beneath the Deep: After succumbing to a merman’s charms, a human must learn how to deal with the unexpected consequences.
Tran Poleman has been fighting his attraction to the merman Garan Vermidian for many months. He’s watched his best friends, Wayne and Easton, succumb to the mating pull and bond with mermen. They seem happy, and while Tran wants a little of that for himself, he doesn’t trust this bond the mermen call Adelfi Psychi—soul mates. He’d thought he’d found a guy that could make him happy once before. It had ended with Tran in the hospital, fearing for his life. How could he put his life, his heart, in the hands of another? Still, Garan is kind and charming and persistent. Tran’s resolve weakens, and when the merman offers to do what few men have ever done—to bottom for him—Tran gives in. After waking in the man’s arms, Tran runs. Wayne and Easton eventually track him down…and he learns his dalliance had unexpected consequences. Garan is pregnant. Can Tran put his past behind him? Or will he miss his chance to embrace a future full of love?


This is a fun series by a very prolific paranormal writer! I admire the world building and the happy ending. There’s not a heck of a lot of story here – our guy suspects he’s meant to be bonded to a merman but he’s worried about what that would mean so he avoids it. We miss out on all the excitement and fun of finding out about mermen and the paranormal ☹ We do get to see our guy in the water and that’s always fun.

This wasn’t my favorite in the series but always enjoyable.

3 of 5 stars

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4.5 stars adult - 18+ Audiobook Book Contemporary Cop/Crime DA Dreamspinner Fake relationship Friends to lovers Gay Gay Homophobia Humor Hurt/comfort m/m Medical Mid level angst Mid level steam/heat Military Monthly Theme Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Older MCs Part of a Series PTSD Purchased Time to Laugh

Time to Laugh: The Trouble With Tony (Sex in Seattle #1) Audiobook by Eli Easton Narrated by Tommy O’Brien

Dreamspinner Presents:


As part of the investigation into the murder of a young woman, Seattle P.I. Tony DeMarco poses as a patient of Dr. Jack Halloran, the therapist who treated the victim at a Seattle sex clinic. This isn’t the first time Tony has gone undercover, but it’s the first time he’s wanted to go under covers with one of his suspects. He can’t help it –Jack Halloran is just the kind of steely eyed hero Tony likes. But he’ll have to prove Halloran’s innocence and keep the doctor from finding out about his ruse before he can play Romeo.
Dr. Halloran has his own issues, including a damaged right arm sustained in the line of duty as a combat surgeon in Iraq and the PTSD that followed. He’s confused to find himself attracted to a new patient, the big, funny Italian with the puppy-dog eyes, and Tony’s humor slips right past Jack’s defenses, making him feel things he thought long buried. But can the doctor and the P.I. find a path to romance despite the secrets between them?


Jack is a Doctor and a war hero who had to re-train from surgeon to sex therapist due to debilitating injuries.

Tony is an ex-cop, PI on the case of a murder of one of Jack’s former patients. Tony “pretends” to have a sex addiction and comes to Jack for “help” so that he can assess Jack as a suspect. Jack sees through the ruse and calls Tony’s bluff. Tony admits, finally, to having “a picky dick”. Meaning, that he has trouble getting erections except with a very small pool of men who manage to stimulate his “picky dick”.

Jack agrees to take Tony on as a patient, though he is concerned because he is not sure Tony is still being honest and Jack is already too attracted to Tony for professional purposes.

Together Jack and Tony research possibilities for Tony’s “problem” and at the same time build a smoldering sexual tension.

Tony essentially rules Jack out fairly early as a suspect, but still must investigate the clinic and it’s employees as well as following other leads.

Finally, when Tony thinks he knows whodunit, he now faces the task of convincing Jack to give their relationship a try.


I love Eli Easton! I am a huge fan. This was one of the first books I read of hers after falling in love with Blame it on the Mistletoe. There are several things I loved about this book (especially listening to it again after having read it several times). I love the characters. They seem so real and down to earth. I love that I get to learn something about sex therapy and yet it was still a bit kinky at times too. Totally professional and not at all demeaning to the profession, but still acknowledging the sexual edge that is involved in such an intimate form of therapy.

I also loved the gradual exploration of the feelings between Tony and Jack. It felt real and natural. My only complaint was that after Jack and Tony got together we didn’t get to see much of them as a couple. There was definitely enough to believe in a HEA (and we see them in future novels as an established couple) but I wanted to see more of them here.


I had listened to Tommy O’Brien narrate before and thought he did a fine job. I was so disappointed with this. There was little emotion and the very slight difference between Tony and Jack’s voices was not satisfactory. Tony is this great East Coast Italian guy and it would have been so fun to hear that come out in Tommy’s narration. There is some inflection and in fact Tony’s voice is the only emotion I felt in the story.

4.5 of 5 stars


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Copy Purchased for Review

A Tour/Guest Post/Blitz

Cover Reveal for Angels Rising by CC Bridges!

Hello! I’d like to thank Open Skye Book Reviews for hosting my cover reveal!

I’m so glad I can finally share the last cover in the Heaven Corp series. LC Chase did an amazing job, and I’m thrilled you can see all three covers now! Honestly, I can’t wait to get this one in paperback as well. It will look amazing on my bookshelf.

I love how otherworldly Uriel looks. He’s definitely something not quite human. The glow behind him only adds to that effect, and the crumbling city behind him reminds you there is far more to this world than Heaven above.

The book also completes the Heaven Corp trilogy, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Cover artist information:


Better to reign in hell….

Uriel 3019 has been a cybernetically altered angel since he volunteered for the program fifteen years ago. His devotion to the floating city of Heaven is fierce, and he’ll follow any command he’s given. But Uriel’s orderly world is crumbling. Angels are going mad, even hurting people. Some are rebelling, and the noble families are vying for control—by any means necessary.
Uriel’s latest assignment brings him into a secret society, where his partner, Raphael, is working for freedom and equality for all angels. Could their group be responsible for the angels’ recent erratic behavior? Uriel is determined to find out—and report on his findings. But he doesn’t count on Raphael’s confession—that he has feelings for Uriel—or the memories slowly starting to return from the time before he became an angel.

Is he on the right side? Does he dare to stand against Heaven, even if doing so will save his fellow angels from becoming soulless automatons? Uriel has to decide if his loyalty belongs to his superiors… or to the angel who’s stolen his heart.

Buy Links:


CC Bridges is a mild-mannered librarian by day, but by night she writes about worlds of adventure and romance. When she’s not busy solving puzzles in an escape room, she can be found diving into comics or binge-watching superhero movies. She writes surrounded by books, spare computing equipment, a fluffy dog, and a long-suffering husband in the state of New Jersey.


Time to put this angel out of his misery.
Uriel closed his metal wings as he ducked under a glistening support beam, moments before his head would have collided with the metal. Wind buffeted his body as he captured the air again, snapping his wings open. He darted around pillars and beneath passenger walkways, moving faster than any civilian transport. His target flew ahead with wings that beat off-rhythm, like the glitching angel didn’t know how to use them.
“Uriel, transmit your position.”
The words sounded in his ears instead of appearing directly in his mind. Uriel still had not grown accustomed to this way of communicating. But since the Angel Network had been shut down, it was all that was left to them. He missed the clarity of before, when he didn’t have to think about transmitting messages to his partner. No, before all thoughts had been shared. Truth be told, the connection between every angel had run soul deep. Despite being separate beings, they were also one.
Now their halos plugged into Heaven’s network, acting like the net connections every civilian wore plugged into the ports behind their ears.
The glitching angel staggered, his wings drooping as if unable to hold him up. He dropped onto a platform with a graceless move so unlike what an angel should be, tumbling onto his hands and knees like a child.
“A level below you.” Uriel lost precious time to send his coordinates. Raphael could no longer simply find him by feel—sensing Uriel’s place within the network. “I’ve got him cornered behind a support pylon.”
Silence for a moment, then: “Wait for me. It’s too dangerous to take him alone.”
How dangerous could this poor lost angel be? The glitch made Saphiel 1634 confused. He shivered on the platform, holding on to one of the support beams that connected to the pylon. Little remained of the powerful angel Saphiel had been. Better to die in battle than go out like this.
Uriel held his position, hovering out of Saphiel’s sight, his powerful wings keeping him in the air. Raphael swooped in from above, making no attempt to hide his entrance, and alighted a few feet in front of Saphiel.
Apparently Raphael didn’t care about his own safety.
“It’s okay.” Raphael held out a hand. “Where do you think you are?”
Saphiel blinked at Raphael. “Whoa, look at you.”
What was Raphael doing? Talking to those affected did nothing. The glitch ripped apart their rational senses, making them see things that weren’t there. Even now, Saphiel didn’t appear to know Raphael, and he should.
Then it clicked. Of course—Raphael was keeping the glitching angel distracted. They’d played this game before, one of them cornering a suspect while the other flew in from behind. Only, of course, without the smoothness of the Angel Network, Raphael couldn’t waste the time to tell Uriel that. He must assume Uriel knew to play his part.
Uriel moved into position, unclipping his weapon. Orders were to destroy any glitching angel. Something held his hand. To kill Saphiel like this, like an animal being put down, felt wrong. Uriel was accustomed to battle, not this farce of mercy killing.
Still. He had his orders.
Uriel flicked the button on the handle of his staff weapon, extending it to full length before firing off a blast at Saphiel. It hit him square in the chest, sending him flying backward and over the edge of the platform. Raphael shouted something and took off after the falling angel.
Uriel followed a few moments behind, in time to see Raphael gently set Saphiel down in a much narrower space. He hovered, unable to get too close underneath this intersection of brackets and bracing.
“I didn’t expect him to fall off the ledge.”
“He was too close.” Raphael worked briskly, removing the halo from Saphiel’s forehead. He pulled a slim disk out of the pouch strapped to his belt and placed it over Saphiel’s chest. “Your shot did the trick. He’s dead.”
Those words, spoken in such a flat tone, hit Uriel like a blast to his own chest. He gripped his weapon tighter before disengaging it and clipping it back onto his belt. Perhaps if he didn’t hold the thing that killed one of his own, he wouldn’t feel out of sorts. A hitch rose in his lungs, and Uriel couldn’t understand it. What had made him nearly pull his shot at the last moment?
“It shouldn’t be easy to kill another angel.”
That had to be what disturbed him so much. These creatures had become helpless after the glitch. They needed to be put down. But that didn’t mean Uriel could forget they were once his brothers.
Raphael engaged the forcefield generator and blanketed Saphiel in an opaque gray cover. No one would be gawking at the fallen. He stood and handed Uriel the slightly bent halo, no longer a gleaming gold, but tarnished and dull.
“No, it shouldn’t. I’ll take the body to the recycler.”
Uriel stared at him. They often split up during missions, and yes, it would be far more efficient to do it this way. But why did he have the sense that Raphael wanted to hurry away? Uriel met Raphael’s amber eyes, the boldness of the color bright against his fair skin.
Raphael broke the gaze. He bit his lip and looked away. “I’ll see you at the barracks.”
Uriel stretched out his golden wings and took to the air. He had a broken halo to deliver.


adult - 18+ Book Fade to black/No Steam Gay Mild level angst Short Story 1-20 pages (1-5k words)

Recent Release: Mason and the Dog Wrangler by CL Etta

Publisher Pride Publishing

Sorrow’s grip is relentless until a rambunctious ball of fur and a handsome dog wrangler break its hold.

Four years after his partner died, leaving him to raise their daughter alone, Mason Ford still grieves his loss. Resigned to devoting his life to their little Nik, Mason goes through his days exhausted by the nightmares that keep him from sleeping. When he and Nik meet Jeremy Coulter, dog wrangler extraordinaire, their cozy world is upended. Mason’s attraction to the exuberant man with the teasing smile is unfamiliar and frightening, while Nik’s easy camaraderie with Jeremy is instantaneous.

When Jeremy saves Nik’s life, Mason wonders if he has fallen for the much younger man or are his feelings nothing more than obligation? Is it possible that love at first sight is real

I’m not really sure how I feel about this story. It all seemed so convenient. There is only 39 pages for the author to convey the depth of Mason’s grief and how meeting Jeremy impacts on his and his daughter’s life. It’s been four years since his partner’s death but it reads as though Mason has depression rather than grief. Jeremy is quite a character. He seems to be able to relate well with children and animals, especially dogs. He is immediately attracted to Mason and pursues him. Everything from this point moves at quite a pace and I think the story would have benefited from being a little longer. I’m not convinced by how quick the relationship between them develops and changes. Nice short story though.

3 of stars out of 5

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review


Time to Laugh: Stay with Me (The PI Guys, #1) by S.E. Harmon

Dreamspinner Presents


The PI Guys: Book One
Private investigator Mackenzie Williams’s newest client is everything he’s looking for in a guy—charming, beautiful, intelligent, and successful. There’s only one itty bitty problem—the guy’s not exactly gay. In fact, Jordan Channing is looking for a PI to follow his fiancée. The smart thing would be to thank Jordan for his time, turn Mr. Perfect away (don’t let the door hit you on the rump, thank you very much), and forget he exists.
Of course, Mackenzie has never been accused of doing the smart thing. Being a smart aleck is more his MO. Relationships aren’t up his alley, never have been. So why’s he so inexplicably drawn to his new client?

Jordan has always been the high achiever, a man who lives in a focused, controlled, and carefully constructed manner. But for the first time in his life, he has to admit the impossible—another man is getting his engine running on all cylinders. Despite Jordan’s denial, it’s not long before he can no longer resist the strong undercurrents pulling them together. Now Jordan must decide if he can go against everything he’s ever known to have the only love he’s ever wanted.


I loved the overall story – GFY done right, but I didn’t like Mac much until half way in. He just seemed a bit childish … but I did like his snark. Mac eventually grew on me, (I ended up really liking him when he popped up in ‘So into You’).
Mac is a PI who is still hurting from being dumped from a long-term relationship. To make matters worse, his ex decided to be with a woman AND the he took the dog. (This creates a funny secondary storyline as Mac schemes to get the dog back.)
Jordan hires Mac to watch his girlfriend for signs of cheating. Mac is immediately attracted to the straight man but knows nothing can come of it. Yet, as they spend time together, Jordan becomes attracted to Mac (and conflicted about his feelings for another man). Mac doesn’t make it easy either and is not without faults – he tends to push people away, he doesn’t believe love is for him and he hides behind his sarcasm. However, they manage to start a relationship but it’s not plain sailing. They have a big fight (both men are to blame), but in the end, they get it together and work it out.
It’s a really good story, once it gets going and by the end, I had a good sized smile on my face ☺

4 stars out of 5

Copy purchased for Review


2.5 stars adult - 18+ Book Contemporary Dreamspinner Firefighters Friends to lovers Gay Gay Homophobia m/m Mid level angst Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words)

Release Day Review: Set Ablaze By KC Burn

release day review

Dreamspinner Presents


California firefighter Hayden Hurst is starting to realize there’s more to life than fighting fires and drinking with his buddies. He has room in his home and his life for someone special, but no one has stood out among his hookups. And while he’s out at work, admitting he’s gay is very different from showing up at social functions with a man. He’s afraid that’ll be too much for his less-than-accepting “friends.”
Broadway dancer Jez Bouchet hasn’t been mistaken for straight since he was gay-bashed at seventeen. After getting a lucrative job offer in Hollywood, he uproots his life in New York and drives to Los Angeles. His brother, who is Hayden’s best friend, arranges for him to crash at Hayden’s place.
The attraction between Hayden and Jez is unexpected but fiery, and they succumb before they’re even sure they like each other. But Jez hates Hayden’s homophobic friends, and Hayden knows Jez is too flamboyant for him to fly under the radar. Then there’s the complication of Jez’s brother.
Despite those hurdles, they fling themselves into a relationship. But Jez has secrets: a tiny spoiled dog and a determined stalker. If he doesn’t come clean, he might torch their burgeoning relationship before it has a chance to bloom.

I’ve read several KC Burns stories that I’ve really loved.

This wasn’t one of them.

To me it felt disconnected and uncertain and I didn’t feel the chemistry between the MCs like I’d wanted to.

I also strongly dislike (you might say hate) “Big Misunderstanding” as a trope and that’s a big theme here.

I’m not sure I understand why these “friends” are friends and why – since we aren’t really told why – they aren’t just dropped. I always support reading of many reviews before judging and this just might be me, but this wasn’t a great fit for me.

3 of 5 stars

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3 stars adult - 18+ BDSM Dreamspinner Gay Gay Humiliation Little to no angst m/m Mary D Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Pain Part of a Series Scorching/high heat sounding speciality kinks

Release Day Review: The Eager Boy by Sean Michael

release day review

Dreamspinner Presents


Eight months ago Robin Secoya left his lover and master, Stack Lobond, because he didn’t believe Stack really cared about him. He was sure that for Stack, any warm body would do, and Robin wasn’t willing to be just a warm body anymore.

A chance meeting at the Iron Eagle Gym brings them back together, and old feelings aren’t far from the surface. They decide they can’t pass up a second chance at romance. But this time, it isn’t just Stack’s demanding career as a big-cat vet putting strain on their relationship. Robin also has a new job that takes up a lot of his time.

Will their kinky love affair crash and burn a second time, or can they find the balance that will allow the passion between them to flourish

Robin feeling lonely and unable to get his Master, Stack, to listen to him left. He never stopped loving Stack and after a chance meeting (or maybe not such a chance considering his Master still went to this Gym!) they get together. There is a lot of kinky loving happening in the first 50 pages but rather than enjoy it I kept asking myself where is the communication in this, nothing has changed for Robin. They’ve given into lust and longing for each other. Rather good BDSM scenes as always. By the end I realised the reconciliation was all in the actions by Stack making an effort to change his way and by Robin sticking with his job. They come to an understanding and become able to see the other persons view. I was a little surprised by the end, it seemed abrupt, not quite a natural ending but fitting.
Sean Michael’s stories are never very deep, everything is kept light and very kinky. There could have been so much more angst and drama in this story but it’s not this writers style. Even knowing that I still wanted more substance from this story. I’m always drawn to his work but I think need to be more realistic in my expectations in future and enjoy the simplicity of it.

3 of stars out of 5

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review



4 stars adult - 18+ Hurt/Abuse m/m Mary D Mid level angst Mid level steam/heat Monthly Theme Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Purchased Stalker/Abusive Ex Time to Laugh

Time to Laugh: Rhino Ash by Lindsey Black

Good Reads Link

Ashley Jameson always tries to do the right thing, but that’s hard when your nephew keeps eating crayons, your niece is dressed as a pudding and your obnoxious older brothers crash the church’s Sunday brunch with the guy you’ve been crushing on for five years. Going to work to fight fires is a welcome relief from family obligations, until the Riot Squad arrives to investigate and Ashley once again finds himself dealing with his siblings. Oh … and Finn Hale.

But Finn’s dark past continues to haunt him. As work gets increasingly busy with a string of arson attacks on illegal immigrants, Finn steps in to be the shoulder Ashley needs to lean on, but Ashley struggles to do the same for the man he loves. Juggling family and work can be difficult, but Ashley soon discovers that the real challenge is when it’s not a struggle at all … because you’ll do anything for the ones you love.

This is the second book in a series but can be read as a stand-alone. Although once you read about this crazy family you might want more.
If you have read Fishy Riot and loved it you’ll like this book. Ashley is one of the younger siblings and initially get portrayed as simple, but he’s rather complex and hides his vulnerability. His family all mother him which can be very amusing. He has had a long standing crush on Finn Hale. His close friends call him Halesessed. He thinks no one else really knows this but of course that’s not true! Finn doesn’t show it but he is living his life in contrition for past mistakes and actions. He was made to feel this way by his parents and it takes Ashley’s love to make him see there is nothing to feel guilty about. This is a sweet love story about two people coming out of their shell, or self imposed isolation, to find happiness. Along the way there is an investigation into arson and people smuggling, harassment, and a few near death experiences certainly kept me hooked. The antics of the family, especially his niece and nephew had me laughing. I don’t know if I could cope with children like that!

4 of stars out of 5

Purchased by reviewer



3 stars Bi-Sexual Book Closeted co-workers to lovers College/University Contemporary Friends to lovers Gay High but not hopeless Homophobia m/m Mild/low level heat New Adult Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Riptide Publishing Swimming/Diving young adult

Release Day Review: Medley (Changing Lanes #2) by Layla Reyne

release day review

Good Reads Link



Sebastian Stewart was never Mr. Dependable; he was more the good-time guy who only wanted to swim, party, and ink tattoos. Until he cost his team the Olympic gold four years ago. Bas is determined to do right this time around—by his medley relay team and his rookie mentee.

Jacob Burrows is in over his head. The Olympic experience—from the hazing, to the endless practices, to the unrelenting media—makes the shy nineteen-year-old’s head spin. He’s trying to be everything to everyone while trying not to fall for his gorgeous tattooed teammate who just gets him—gets his need to fix things, his dorky pirate quips, and his bisexuality.

When Jacob falters under the stress, threatening his individual races and the medley relay gold, he needs Bas’s help to escape from drowning. Bas, however, fearing a repeat of his mistakes four years ago, pushes Jacob away, sure he’ll only let Jacob down. But the only path to salvaging gold is for Jacob to finally ask for what he needs—the heart of the man he loves—and for Bas to become the dependable one.


 There was a lot to like about this:
Jacob – super adorkable esp. with the pirate stuff
The Olympics
Alex and Dane

There was a lot that was …. Less great:
Continual teenagey angst – even though most of the characters are older than that
A lack of communication
Lack of steam

This is more of a YA than a NA story. I think if you go into it like that – with those expectations – it’s feels better. As an NA story it felt lacking.

I really enjoyed book 1 a bit more, but I’d keep with the series.

3 of 5 stars

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Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

5 stars adult - 18+ Audiobook Author Provided Book Gay Gay Hurt/Abuse m/m Mid level angst Mid level steam/heat Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words)

Audiobook: Switched by NR Walker Narrated by Joel Leslie


Audible Link


Israel Ingham’s life has never been easy. He grew up in a house devoid of love and warmth. Nothing he ever did was good enough. The fact Israel is gay just added to the long list of his father’s disappointments.

Then a letter from Eastport Children’s Hospital changes everything.

A discovery is made, one of gross human error. Twenty-six years ago two baby boys were switched at birth and sent home with the wrong families.

Sam, Israel’s best friend, has been his only source of love and support. With Sam beside him every step of the way, Israel decides to meet his birth mother and her son, the man who lived the life Israel should have.

Israel and Sam become closer than ever, amidst the tumultuous emotions of meeting his birth family, and Sam finds himself questioning his feelings toward his best friend. As Israel embraces new possibilities, he needs to dissect his painful relationship with his parents in order to salvage what’s left.

Because sometimes it takes proof you’re not actually family to become one.

(Book reviewed here previously)

WOW. NR Walker has done it AGAIN!

When I read the blurb I was a little leery, not that it wouldn’t be good, not that I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I was worried that this was going to be a story about Israel and his family MORE than about Israel and his new romance with Sam.

But, I should never doubt the master!

NR manages to move the story forward about BOTH Sam and Israel’s family – effortlessly! And I mean that she does it in a way that neither side felt less than the other and instead both seemed to work BECAUSE the other was moving forward.

This is an absolute fairy-tale of a story. Who hasn’t – at least once! – thought about if they were adopted/switched/belonged to another family at one time or another? Well, in this case I think the author gives a very plausible (if vague) reason for it and a way that opened up the story to the crux of the issue, which is how Israel feels and how his parents react.

The sexual tension in the story is WONDERFUL, and the release, even better! I loved these two together and thought they were not only adorable and sweet as a couple but HOT, too.

For fans of the author, fans of friends-to-lovers romances, anyone curious about how it would be to find out you were switched at birth, or anyone looking for a seriously-heart-warming story about finding your family, this is for you!

5 of 5 stars


What can I say about Joel that I haven’t already… he’s just so talented. He immerses you in the story and you know he’s as moved by what he’s reading as the listener. His relationship with NR Walker is a fortunate one that we all benefit from because she’s an amazing writer and he’s an amazing narrator and their chemistry together is off the charts! He’s the perfect choice for this story.

Highly Recommended!

5 of 5 stars

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Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review