Guardian of Magic by Dominique Frost

GoodReads Link Blurb When a god falls in love with a mortal, the entire world begins to change. “Guardian of Magic” is a passionate paranormal romance with a dash of magic. Brady is a witch without a familiar, which means that he can’t get a witchery license to practice magic professionally. Just when he’s […]

On Davis Row by N.R. Walker

GoodReads Link Blurb Nearing the end of a suspended jail sentence should unlock a brighter future for CJ Davis, only the chip on his shoulder is as hard to shift as his bad reputation. Born into a family of career criminals who live down Davis Road, an address the cops have dubbed Davis Row, […]

Romance Redefined by SJD Peterson

Dreamspinner Presents Blurb Opposites attract, but are some differences too drastic for a romance to survive? On the surface, Benson Howard Winthrop III and Hugh Bayard have a lot in common: they’re young, handsome, and blessed to be one of the wealthiest couples in the country. Surely they have everything anyone could want. But […]

Audiobook: The Shape of You by Felice Stevens Narrated by Nick J Russo

Audible Link Blurb Too big. Too fat. All his life Eric Sontag has judged himself on his size, believing love and friendship aren’t in the cards for someone like him. Tired of being alone and scared of his doctor’s warnings, he enrolls in a nutrition support group, determined to change his life. When a […]

Holidays: Kid Christmas Rides Again by Eric Arvin

GoodReads Link Blurb These are the epic adventures of Kid Christmas! The unthinkable has happened: the Jolly Old Elf himself keeled over, and the Committee to Oversee the Christening of Kringle (COCK) had to find a replacement. Enter the Kid: a lot more fit, a little less clumsy, and quite a sight in that […]

Snowcroft Restoration (Snowcroft Men #4) by Christi Snow

Amazon Link Blurb Two years ago, Law Wyman went undercover for an FBI investigation that went sideways. It cost him both the love of his life and his sanity. The nightmare still haunts him, and so does some unfinished business…Ian Mayne, the son of the man who ruined his life. Two years ago, Ian […]

Holiday: Needing A Little Christmas by Silvia Violet

Amazon Link Blurb Discovering his boyfriend’s affair with a co-worker wrecks Eli’s holiday plans. With his parents on a cruise and his brother and sister out of town, he’s on his own. His mother insists he escape to her friend’s mountain cabin. Eli reluctantly agrees, but he takes off unprepared and ends up driving […]

Holidays: Merry Gentlemen by Josephine Myles

GoodReads Link Blurb ’Tis the season of goodwill to all men… even the one who dumped you. Riley MacDermott is going places. Managing the annual Bath Christmas Market—which involves long hours in the cold and a whole lot of hassle—will secure the promotion he needs to afford to move out of his noisy, top-floor […]

Tried and True By Charlie Cochet

Dreamspinner Presents Blurb When THIRDS agent Dexter J. Daley met Team Leader Sloane Brodie, he couldn’t have imagined how slamming into his new partner—literally—would shake both their worlds. Now four years later, they’ve faced dangers, fought battles both personal and professional… and fallen deeply in love. Now their big moment is finally in sight, […]

First Season (Harrisburg Railers #2) by R.J. Scott and V.L. Locey

Amazon Link Blurb Layton Foxx works hard for what he’s achieved. The condo, the career, the chance to make his mark…it’s all down to the sacrifices he’s made. With tragedy in his past, he doesn’t want or need love. Then he meets Adler Lockhart, the extroverted, sexy winger for the Harrisburg Railers, and abruptly […]