5 stars adult - 18+ Alternate World Angst Level Beth Jumper Book class difference Gay Heat Index High but not hopeless Hurt/comfort Kinks m/m/m Military Misunderstanding Monthly Theme Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Politics Purchased Rating Scorching/high heat second chance at love

Kink Month: The Master (Free Men book 3) by Kate Aaron

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Otiz lies in ruins. As underlord of the region, Lysander knows where his responsibilities lie. He has an obligation to the survivors to rebuild their homes and their lives. But what about his home, his life?

Kai needs help. The damage inflicted on him goes beyond the marks left when he was tortured, but healing him might require more from Lysander than he’s capable of giving. Of one thing he’s certain: Tam and Kai will never be endangered again because of who he is, even if saving them means setting them free.

All Lysander wants is to be left in peace. To recover from the horrors of his experience at the hands of his enemies. But with pressure piling up from every angle, peace is the last thing he’s likely to find. Suffocated by guilt, Lysander begins to spiral. How can he hold everything together, when inside he’s falling apart?


This is the third and final book in this series. We have a cast of caracheters that has grown. With the Master/Lysander following his plan to have Tam and Kai learn to love and depend on each other as he slowly moves out of the picture.
5 of 5 stars


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The Glamour Thieves By Don Allmon Book Tour and Giveaway!

13106711_10156802171995414_1691349163_oOS: Welcome to Don Allmon author of The Glamour Thieves!


Howdy y’all. I’m Don Allmon and I got a debut book name of The Glamour Thieves. It’s the first of a three book series called The Blue Unicorn. It’s a grim kind of fantasy, a cybernetic near-dystopia, a rough-edged romance with few promises except for the ones that matter. Ain’t nothin’ worth earnin’ that wasn’t hard won. Join in on the comments and win yourself some loot.

About The Glamour Thieves

JT is an orc on the way up. He’s got his own boutique robotics shop, high-end clientele, and deep-pocketed investors. He’s even mentoring an orc teen who reminds him a bit too much of himself back in the day.

Then Austin shows up, and the elf’s got the same hard body and silver tongue as he did two years ago when they used to be friends and might have been more. He’s also got a stolen car to bribe JT to saying yes to one last scheme: stealing the virtual intelligence called Blue Unicorn.

Soon JT’s up to his tusks in trouble, and it ain’t just zombies and Chinese triads threatening to tear his new life apart. Austin wants a second chance with JT—this time as more than just a friend—and even the Blue Unicorn is trying to play matchmaker.

Available now from Riptide Publishing.


About Don Allmon


In his night job, Don Allmon writes science fiction, fantasy, and romance. In his day job, he’s an IT drone. He holds a master of arts in English literature from the University of Kansas and wrote his thesis on the influence of royal hunting culture on medieval werewolf stories. He’s a fan of role-playing games, both video and tabletop. He has lived all over from New York to San Francisco, but currently lives on the prairies of Kansas with many animals.


Connect with Don:


To celebrate the release of The Glamour Thieves, one lucky winner will receive a $20 Riptide gift card! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on September 2, 2017. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!

3.5 stars adult - 18+ Alternate World Angst Level Anna Audiobook Author Provided BDSM Book Cop/Crime dub con/non con Erotica (not romance) Gay Heat Index Kinks Little to no angst m/m Mid level steam/heat Monthly Theme Novella 20-160 pgs (20k-40k words) Part of a Series

Kink Month: The Prisoner: The Training Center, Day One: A Hard BDSM Series Audiobook by Eli Harder Narrated by Maxx Power

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Prisoner Neal Landon chose the Life Sentence Diversion and Rehabilitation Program over a life sentence; now he’s entering the training center to undergo painful initial obedience lessons. Will he be chosen by a fair and experienced handler, or a green sadist with powerful connections?

Stand in Neal’s shoes as he’s stripped naked and spread-eagled in steel restraints for a shower, collared with an electric dog training collar, and introduced to the training whip. He easily endures his basic obedience lessons with the whip and shock collar, but he could never prepare himself for what awaits him after lunch.

Uncaught killer turned student handler Logan has his sights on Neal, and is determined to become Neal’s permanent handler. In the meantime, he’s content with brutally “submission training” Neal.

On his hands and knees in a spreader bar and humbler, Neal’s bowels are forced to retain a mixture that causes extreme cramping, while a plug stretches his tender opening without mercy. His lips are closed with a surgical stapler, and Logan punishes his clamped nubs until Neal howls for mercy in abject submission.

Fortunately for Neal, one of the program’s star handlers is watching and steps in when Neal is punished to the point of passing out. Martin is there to choose his next prisoner, and while Neal isn’t his first choice, the handsome and sarcastic prisoner keeps catching his attention.

He soothes Neal and subjects him to a brutal test of his ability to trust and submit. Neal passes with flying colors, and begs the harsh but evenhanded Martin to choose him.

…. but will Martin choose to take on a difficult prisoner, or leave him to fall into the hands of a dangerous sadist?


This was an interesting start to a series, which absolutely left me wanting more. This is not a romance, it is serious hardcore non-con, so not for all readers.
Neal is transferred to the Diversion and Rehabilitation program after another in a long line of arrests, where prisoners are broken down and rehabilitated through hard core sexual sadism. I would have liked a bit more world building, but if you accept the reality we are plunged into, the short story worked well. However, due to it’s lack of length it leaves a lot of questions unanswered and you finish it wanting to know what happens next.
The author does manage though, to leave on a note which could work, even if the work was left as it was, a short slice of life non con erotica. Except for the Logan side plot, which begs a sequel. The sequel is out and as a reader I will want to get it, to know what happens next.
The narrator did a very credible job with the story and I enjoyed his voice, although he was unknown to me before this book.

3.5 out of 5 stars


Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review


4 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Bi-Sexual Book coming of age Contemporary Dreamspinner Gay Gay Heat Index long distance love m/m Mary D Mid level steam/heat Mild level angst Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Opposites attract Reconcilliation second chance at love

Remember When by S.J.D. Peterson

release day review

Dreamspinner Presents


Life is simple and hopeful in youth. Luke and Nelson are best friends exploring their budding sexuality. They have big plans for the future, and nothing can stand in their way or tear them apart—except a family move that puts a continent between them.

Ten years later Luke and Nelson meet again, but nothing is simple anymore. As strong as the attraction remains, obligations and expectations come between them as Luke is forced to honor family responsibilities over the desires of his heart.

Impossibly fate sees fit to offer them a last opportunity to see what might have been. Will the third time be the charm, or is trust so badly broken it is impossible to repair? Can they recapture the innocent love they once knew and make up for all the wasted years? In a love story that spans half a lifetime, two friends destined for each other will have to fight hard for their happily ever after.


I was drawn to the idea of not just a second chance but a third chance at love with the special someone. I liked the way this story was told in three parts. Luke and Nelson are best friends. We meet first them when they are thirteen years old and world is just opening up to them. Family circumstances pull them apart and they loose touch.

Ten years later they meet again accidentally or fate who knows but it’s now that they admit and act on their attraction to each other. I loved reading about them as young boys it set the tone of their relationship up perfectly. Meeting them again as young virile men just starting out in life and how they connect after 10 years apart was superb.

I got the shape of their character how Luke used his charm and Nelson was more introspective. Once again a situation out of their control drove them apart and they did not see each other until seventeen years later. You can’t build a life setting for second best certainly came true for both of them. They are both single when they meet again.

This time they get their chance of a happy ever after. To be honest I thought part three was a bit short. I had just got into their life in the present day when the next chapter was the epilogue. Overall I did enjoy the story and the idea that if it’s meant to be love will find a way. But I have a feeling that this book might divide opinion between those who love it and those who don’t.

 4 of 5 stars


Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

3.5 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Book Bullying coming of age Contemporary Dreamspinner Friends to lovers Gay Heat Index Homophobia Hurt/Abuse m/m Mid level angst Mid level steam/heat Mild level angst Misunderstanding Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Re-Release second chance at love Standalone Unrequited Love

Audiobook: Chase the Ace by Clare London Narrated by Seb Yarrick


Dreamspinner Presents


2nd Edition
A London Lads Story

Newly single in his late twenties and bored with his quiet life in a London suburb, Daniel Cross soon discovers the lure of social media. Excited at the chance of tracking down his old mates from a schooldays sports club, he launches a personal quest to find out what kind of man each boy has become.
Dan’s first mistake is chatting online to a complete stranger—friending the wrong Carson brother on Facebook. But Nick Carson isn’t offended and offers to accompany Dan on the trip to find the others. It’s the first step to friendship and something more for both of them.
For Dan, the reunions with the “Gang of Four” range from startling and heartening to disturbing. Nick’s company is a constant support, though neither of them are prepared for the exposure of personal secrets they’d thought long hidden. Dan begins to suspect he’s really looking for a direction in his own life—and the excitement and purpose he craves may be closer to home than a quest with its roots in a boyhood dream.
First Edition published by Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure, 2012.


Strangely, I’ve read three of the five books in the series, and only just now read this one – the first! I’ve been really enjoying the others in the series, and they don’t seem to rely upon any prior knowledge from other books – though some of the MCs do meander through now and again.

I was really, really surprised by this story, for more than one reason.

First, the other books focused primarily on one set of MCs and – though there are others involved – the stories don’t tend to really include them beyond their immediate interactions with the MCs. In this story we have the main story of Nick and Dan and their slow burn love story – but we also get three other stories – all very different – of the guys Dan had known as a boy. (More on this later.)

Second, the other stories are really funny and light hearted and though this started out as a “meet/cute” wrong guy/right place kind of story – it ended up feeling quite somber and heavy than it began or how the others in the series felt.

Third, I’d thought that this book would hold maybe a beginning account of some of the other MCs in the future books of the series, but it doesn’t. Dan’s boyhood friends aren’t the other MCs despite their very interesting stories to tell.

I have to admit that if I’d been reading this, I might have been tempted to either skim or not finish it. I’d also have been reluctant to look at others in the series because this one didn’t really keep my attention very well. (I’m really glad I read these out of order!)

The romance between Nick and Dan was slow building then quickly took a left into dark and domineering and then swerved again into weirdly secret and kind of bizarre. I won’t give any spoilers but I was constantly surprised by how their relationship developed and not always pleasantly so.

The original “quest” – Dan’s desire to meet with a group of boys he knew one summer – felt odd to me right from the start. I wasn’t sure that having known these guys for one summer would leave such a lasting impression. We get a bit more explanation as the story winds up but I’m still not sure why Dan felt so strongly about taking this trip.

The nature of the quest – stopping to meet these men – helped to give the story a rather disjointed and bumpy feel – we meet – briefly – three other men – hear their unique stories – and then move on. It was disconcerting. If they’d continued in their own stories it might have made sense, but since they don’t it felt kind of strange. I get that the “growth” Dan experiences as he sees three very different ways of being 30 and being gay is the point – but I’m not sure I really felt like it all came together into one cohesive story by the end.

The narrator, Seb Yarrick, did an amazing job of giving all these unique characters a voice and he absolutely helped keep my attention throughout. I really enjoyed his performance and most of the stars I give this are due to his contribution.

I’m not sure why this story felt so different to me than the others, but it did and though I really enjoyed the other books in the series – this one didn’t have the same appeal.

I’d give 2.5 of 5 stars for the story and 5 of 5 for the narration, so overall 3.5 stars out of 5 (rounded up).


Morgan - Signature-small
Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

2.5 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Book Contemporary Extasy Books Fairies Fated Mates Gay GFY/OFY Heat Index Homophobia Little to no angst m/m Magic Mild/low level heat Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Part of a Series Shifter Single Parent

Shawn (Gillham Pack #24) by Catherine Lievens

Extasy Presents


Life’s curve balls aren’t always a bad thing.

Shawn has been alone since his wife passed away. He has his three kids, and he loves them more than anything, but he misses having a partner to share his life with. He’s not looking for one, though, not while the kids still live with him. That’s one of the reasons he’s so surprised when he ends up being a Nix’s mate.

Jarah hadn’t expected to meet his mate when he went to talk to Neriah. He has more than enough problems to deal with—Titus still acting crazy, the fight between the rogue shifters and the humans in town getting worse. And now he has to learn how to be a stepfather, even though Terry, Shawn’s oldest child, hates his guts.

Shawn and Jarah learn to mesh their lives together, but when Shawn and his children are threatened for associating with shifters, Jarah decides to take matters into his own hands. Will he manage to keep his mate safe, or will he lose him before he can even get used to having a family?


I’ve read most of the books in this series, but have been reluctant to lately because it feels as if we’ve sort of run out of steam.  However…

I picked this up because I thought we’d get some great “I was married to a woman and now I’m mated to a man” angst. But we don’t.

Shawn already knew about paranormals and had been attracted to men in the past so there was nothing new here at all.

There’s a struggle because Shawn’s kids don’t necessarily want to accept Jarah and some waffling about where to live, but most of this was not very exciting and I was disappointed.

Another problem I had was the ending. It’s very abrupt – so abrupt I thought maybe I was missing some pages! Our MCs are in a big kerfuffle about a kidnapped shifter and then suddenly that gets “solved” and our MCs decide that’s that, everyone’s safe and they love each other. I was like “What just happened???”

I hate to say it, but I think maybe this series has run it’s course…

2.5 of 5 stars

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Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review


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The Shore Thing by AR Barley Blog Post and Excerpt!


OS: Welcome to AR Barley author of The Shore Thing!


Hey! Thanks so much for having me, and I just want to thank Dreamspinner for letting me write a book for their States of Love competition. I’ve lived all over the country, but one of my favorite states has always been and will always be Delaware (I was there earlier this month). Whether you’re interested in outlet shopping or cracking open blue crabs Delaware has a little bit of something for everyone!

Find out more in this exclusive excerpt from my new book The Shore Thing.


Saturday traffic in Delaware was a special kind of hell. It was probably okay up near Wilmington, but the rest of the state was gridlocked with the week’s tourists heading into town and the previous crop heading back out. Between checkout and check-in, realtors collected keys in bins in front of their offices, dispatched an army of cleaners, and sorted out new rental packets.
Eighty minutes later, they finally crawled into the beach parking lot. It was completely full, so Dale parked on the cement walk.
“You’re not afraid to get a ticket?” Nico asked.
“Nope.” Dale reached past Nico to yank open the glove box and grabbed a bottle of sunscreen.
The motion brought them closer together.
His arm tingled.
He ignored it.
Nico was leaving. His brain knew that even if his libido didn’t.
He slapped on sunscreen while he walked. Every action was smooth and mechanical. It had better be. He’d been doing it almost every day for his entire life. He tugged his T-shirt off over his head as his feet connected with the little boardwalk between the dunes. White liquid spilled across his chest, and he rubbed it in.
He dabbed some more sunscreen out into his hand and passed the bottle over. “You better slick up.”
“I don’t really burn.”
“In Chicago. You don’t really burn in Chicago.” He turned to glare at him and promptly swallowed his own tongue. “Hnngh.”
Nico was in the process of tugging his shirt up over his head. Every motion brought with it another inch of pretty olive skin. The color was smooth and even, its rich tones set off by the black hair climbing up his chest. His borrowed trunks hung low over narrow hips before flaring over his firm bubble butt. More of that hair feathered out across his thighs.
Dale coughed to cover the awkward sound. He hunched forward to hide his burgeoning erection. Watching Nico strip down made him feel like a dirty old man—he was going to hell—but he couldn’t drag his gaze away.
Nico’s dark curls haloed out as he finished taking off the borrowed T-shirt. His nostrils flared. If Dale didn’t know better, he’d think he was smiling.
Challenge accepted. Dale met his eyes for one long, smoldering moment. He turned up the wattage on his smile and began to massage the rest of the sunscreen into his arms. “Get my back.”
“Gah.” Nico’s breath was strangled.
Dale grinned. Nice to know he hadn’t lost his touch.
Then they crested the top of the dune, and the ocean was spread out in front of them, wet and inviting, foam glittering in the sun like it was coated in diamonds.
“Damn.” The awe in Nico’s voice was complete and absolute.
Now that was sexy.
Whatever competition they’d had going between the two of them was forgotten as they raced helter-skelter toward the waves. Dale couldn’t remember the last time he’d pounded barefoot across the sand, but Nico’s excitement was contagious. He barely paused to flip off the assholes catcalling at him from the lifeguard stand.
Nico had learned his lesson. This time he stopped short of the surf. His hands bunched up into fists. “I don’t know—”
“It’s going to be fine. You just have to wait for your moment.”
“My moment?”
“The place between the waves when everything lines up right and you can walk straight in.”
“That’s not a moment. It’s a millisecond.”
That kind of doubt wasn’t going to fly. Dale reached out and grabbed his hand, tangling their fingers together when Nico tried to pull away. “Breathe,” he said. “You’re a waiter, right? You need to take people’s orders, but you can’t interrupt their conversation? That’s your moment. Everything’s got a moment. The key is not to miss it.”
A wave broke angrily against the shore.
That was not their moment.
They waited another minute and—
“Here it is.” Dale tugged Nico into the water, refusing to let him pull back when a smaller wave lapped at his knees or slow down when the ocean’s chill hit him. “Your moment.”


Sunburned Delaware native Dale Seward spends his summers wrangling lifeguards and cracking crabs. His winters are a whole lot colder.

Nico Travelli’s never even seen the ocean, but when his family’s plans for him get derailed, he realizes his future in their upscale Italian restaurants might be over, and it’s time for something new. He’s hypnotized by his first look at the Atlantic—until a wave takes him out. Luckily, Dale’s there to pull him to safety.

Dale knows better than to fall for a summer person, but that doesn’t mean he can’t show Nico a good time. Between the ice cream cones and the put-put golf, these two lonely hearts soon find themselves in over their heads.

But when Nico is tempted by a second chance at the life he always thought he wanted, will he be brave enough to give it up for the possibility of true love with Dale? And what does the sexy lifeguard do during the winter? In a state as small as Delaware, secrets are bound to come out.

States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.

Author Bio:

A.R. Barley lives in the Motor City with a dog (who’s currently annoying the cat), a cat (who’s doing his best to avoid the dog), and an engineer. She likes hot drinks, hotter novels, and ice cream. She writes seven days a week (when she’s not playing referee to the dog and the cat) and is always happy to hear from readers on Facebook and Twitter.

She loves the ocean.

Social Media Links:

Buy Links:
Amazon UK:
Barnes and Noble:

4.5 stars Action/Adventure adult - 18+ Angst Level Audiobook Book Bullying co-workers to lovers Contemporary Cop/Crime Dreamspinner Dystopian Dystopian Dystopian Enemies to Lovers Fairies Fantasy Gay Heat Index Hurt/Abuse m/m Magic Mid level angst Mid level steam/heat Morgan Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Paranormal Speculative Fiction

Audiobook: Dim Sum Asylum by Rhys Ford Narrated by Greg Tremblay


Dreamspinner Presents


* Novel-length expansion of original short story found in Charmed & Dangerous anthology. *

Welcome to Dim Sum Asylum: a San Francisco where it’s a ho-hum kind of case when a cop has to chase down an enchanted two-foot-tall shrine god statue with an impressive Fu Manchu mustache that’s running around Chinatown, trolling sex magic and chaos in its wake.
Senior Inspector Roku MacCormick of the Chinatown Arcane Crimes Division faces a pile of challenges far beyond his human-faerie heritage, snarling dragons guarding C-Town’s multiple gates, and exploding noodle factories. After a case goes sideways, Roku is saddled with Trent Leonard, a new partner he can’t trust, to add to the crime syndicate family he doesn’t want and a spell-casting serial killer he desperately needs to find.
While Roku would rather stay home with Bob the Cat and whiskey himself to sleep, he puts on his badge and gun every day, determined to serve and protect the city he loves. When Chinatown’s dark mystical underworld makes his life hell and the case turns deadly, Trent guards Roku’s back and, if Trent can be believed, his heart… even if from what Roku can see, Trent is as dangerous as the monsters and criminals they’re sworn to bring down.


While we’ve reviewed this book on the site before, I feel that – with the listening – I wanted to amend some things.

First, as was said before – this is another great example of how Rhys Ford has a crazy wonderful imagination and an absolutely awe-inspiring talent for description.

She has created a fully developed, intricate and unique new world here and manages to give the reader/listener the set up without an “info dump”. This is a rare and wonderful gift.

Rhys is also amazing at metaphors and descriptions that make the reader/listener hear, feel, smell, taste and touch the story she is creating. I can think of few writers who match her in this skill.

What I didn’t focus on as I was reading it – and that is the magic of audiobooks – they really can change your impression of a story – is how DARK it is. Every day it rained, every day poor Roku got injured again and again – every day we were reminded of the death and destruction in Roku’s world.

The other part I didn’t quite “see” when I was reading this was how little the relationship between Roku and Trent really develops – even by the end.

I guess, when I was reading this, I must have skimmed all the violence and focused on the very cute and funny relationship parts and my brain gave them more weight. Upon re-visiting this, the main story is really about Roku and his struggles in the world and his relationship with Trent is a small part of this.

If this were to be expanded to a series I could see the relationship deepening and becoming more of a “thing” but as it stands I think I’d call this Romantic Fiction more than a romance – because the mystery and the main character development supersede the romance – IMHO.

It was still an amazing story that absolutely enthralls the reader/listener – but it wasn’t as romantic as I’d remembered.


Greg and Rhys are a powerhouse team and he was absolutely the best choice for this narration! He’s got all those Chinese and Japanese words down and they flow effortlessly off his tongue. I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn’t Rhys’ other series – Cole McGinnis – because Trent reminded me so much of Bobby – both in voice and characterization! In a way this is kind of a paranormal Cole McGinnis – and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all!

In any case, this was an amazing way to experience this fantastic story and highly recommended to fans of the author, urban fantasy and romantic crime stories.

4.5 of 5 stars


Morgan - Signature-small
Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

4 stars adult - 18+ Angst Level Billionaire Book Contemporary Enemies to Lovers Fantasies Gay Heat Index Kinks m/m m/m/m Mary D Mild level angst Monthly Theme Novel 140 pgs + (80K + words) Part of a Series Purchased Rent Boy role play/age play/ daddy play Scorching/high heat speciality kinks Unrequited Love

Kink Month: The Cattery by KA Merikan

Amazon Link

Free on KU!

— Role-playing a cat for six months? You said you’re paying how much? —

Goran’s mouth has no filter, and it’s losing him job after job. Desperate and a week away from being homeless, he finds an offer online that sounds too good to be true. Spending six months in a mansion by the beach in return for a hundred thousand dollars as long as he sticks to the house rules.

This might be the one job where his unruly mouth doesn’t get in the way. After all, saying the wrong thing is impossible… when you’re role-playing a cat.

Meeting all the other guys at the cattery seems to be the icing on the cake, but the inconvenient truth he dishes out turns out to be too much. Goran makes everyone his enemy, but worst of all, Ollie, the prettiest cat of the bunch, the one who’s been in the cattery the longest, and the one who makes Goran’s heart skip a beat.

Ollie’s big blue eyes hold secrets Goran is intent on cracking, but to do so, he will need to learn to bite his tongue and listen. Too bad the pretty blond ice prince is set on getting Goran kicked out of the cattery for good.


This is a book I’ve been meaning to read for a long time. The concept intrigues me but at the same time I was wary. I’ve read puppy play and pony play but cats by their very nature are fickle animals so unlike cuddly puppies or pretty ponies. This is a more fluffy pet play story than the other types and I seriously wonder why I was so wary. There is a cuteness about five men being cats with all their personalities matched to fit their cat persona.

Luis is a socially shy billionaire who likes the company of cats, human cats rather than people. He has built them their own luxury Cattery with everything they can desire, a chef, pool, games, etc. There are rules to follow but after six months a hundred thousand dollars. Easy money so Goren thinks. There are four cats already in the Cattery. Ollie (Oliver) was the original cat and has been with Luis for two years, Stoic Clove, easy going Bounce and nasty joker Cinnamon. Goren’s cat name is Smokey. From the start Goren’s straight talking upsets the others and he is given the cold shoulder. Six months is a long time with no other interactions if you don’t get along. The fun of the story is the interactions between characters. There is rivalry, bitching, sympathy, fun with a human size cat tree/gym, sex, blow jobs and cat fights real and play. Luis just wants to have fun with his kitties when he visits but since Goren arrived there have been tension. I’m not sure I like Luis as a character. He just wants the play kitties but doesn’t seem to be invested in the welfare of the men themselves. The emotions of the five men go through are described in depth and I love the way they give themselves over with abandon to their roles when called.

I was grateful for the epilogue giving a happy ever after but I was left wondering about Luis. This is sup to be the start of a series so there is hope of finding out what happened to the others.

All in all I quite enjoyed this kinky erotic fluffy romance.

4 of 5 stars


Copy Purchased For Review


A Tour/Guest Post/Blitz

From the Ashes by KM Nuehold Release Blitz!

from ashes banner





RELEASE DATE: 08.22.17

From Ashes Cover



Amazon US:

Amazon UK:



“When the broken man with scarred skin walked into Heathens, asked for a job, and showed me a sketch of a phoenix, it felt like fate.”~ Adam

It started with an anonymous post by someone who didn’t want to live anymore. I read it over and over again, unable to get it out of my mind. What if my brother Johnny had posted something like this before he’d taken his own life? Would someone have been able to save him?

I’ve been living a lie for 16 long years and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to keep it up. And when a beautiful, broken man walks into my tattoo shop asking for a second chance at life, I know I’ll never be able to turn him away.

“When I was so far down I couldn’t even see the light, a stranger reached in to save me”~ Nox

I didn’t have anything to live for, until a kind stranger pulled me back from the brink. With physical and emotional scars I have nowhere to turn now but to that same stranger who saved my life without realizing it. But as my feelings for Adam grow, will I ever be anything other than a surrogate for the brother he couldn’t save? Am I even worthy of his love?

**From Ashes is the third book in the Heathens Ink series, each book in the series CAN be read as a standalone.

CAUTION: this book contains graphic descriptions of domestic violence and drug use that may be disturbing to some readers.

From Ashes Teaser 1

From Ashes Teaser 2


The air in the room seems to shift as our laughter fades. I look over at Adam and find him looking back.

His eyes flick over my face like he’s searching for something and the crease between his brows makes me wonder what he’s thinking so hard about. I wonder for the millionth time how he kisses, what his lips taste like. I’ve never been this obsessed with kissing before but my brain is like a broken record lately.

Subconsciously, I feel myself leaning forward, and to my surprise, Adam is leaning forward too.

Our mutual approach is slow and measured, like we’re both afraid to scare the other off if we move too fast.

His breath smells like chocolate as it bathes my face and my hands start to tremble. I mentally send out a prayer to every deity I can think of not to let Adam come to his senses until after I get the chance to kiss him and know what it feels like for just a few seconds.

When his lips finally ghost against mine it’s like an electric jolt to every nerve ending. Then, he lets out a defeated sound and crushes his lips against mine and my heart nearly explodes out of my chest.

The kiss is sweet and exploratory as his tongue sweeps against my lips, seeking access. I open to him without hesitation, looping my arms around the back of his neck and pulling myself flush against him.

My skin feels like it’s the only thing keeping me from bursting into a million beams of light.

Adam’s hands gently roam my body. Not harsh and demanding like I’m used to, but reverently. Each breathy sound that falls from his lips between kisses burrows into my heart to make a permanent home.

Adam pulls his lips from mine and I whimper in protest. He presses his forehead against mine as we both attempt to catch our breath.

“I’m so sorry. God that was so inappropriate,”Adam laments in a pained tone.

“No.”I clutch desperately at the front of his shirt, unwilling to let him pull away. “Please, don’t tell me that the best moment of my life was a mistake.”

“You’re my employee, and you’re going through so much,”Adam argues weakly.

“I don’t care. Please, Adam, give it a chance. Give us a chance?”I don’t know what’s making me so bold, but now that I’ve had a taste of what it can feel like to have someone care about you, I can’t let it go, not without a fight.

“Okay,” Adam breathes after a second and I nearly cry in relief before scrambling into his lap and kissing him again.

More confident now, my tongue sweeps along the inside of Adam’s hot mouth. His hands grip my hips and then wander up my back, underneath my shirt. I shiver at the contact of his rough fingers against my skin.

As our kissing drags on with no attempt on Adam’s part to get my clothes off I start to feel out of my depth. I don’t think he’s been with a guy before so am I supposed to let him set the pace? Or, is he assuming I’ll lead? Then something else occurs to me…it’s only fair for me to tell Adam the full extent of my past before he makes the decision to be in a sexual relationship with me.

I force myself to end the kiss and lean back on his lap.

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