Bear It All by Deanna Wadsworth

   GRL Author Blurb Travis hired 1 Night Stand hoping for a hot encounter with a sexy older, hairy man, someone to make him feel safe and cherished, and John looks custom made to order. After losing his partner three years ago, John needs to learn how to open his heart and live again. He […]

Midnight Matings 2: Scales and a Tail (Audiobook) by Stormy Glenn Narrated by Johnny East

GRL author RETRO READ/LISTEN Audible link Blurb The paranormal world is in chaos. The elders are tired of their younger people playing the field, causing trouble, and fighting with each other. Everyone who attends the UPAC Conference now has 24 hours to claim a mate of a different species. If they don’t, they will […]

Beta test (Gaymers #2) by Annabeth Albert

  Blurb Ravi Tandel is ahead of the game. He’s a top video game developer and he just got asked to present a top-secret project at a huge gaming conference in Seattle. All systems are a go…until he learns his office nemesis is coming along for the ride. Player vs. Player. Fight! Newly minted MBA […]

Make Me Trust (Hard to Love Book 2) by TA McKay

    Blurb When the spotlight shines, sometimes it brings you something you don’t expect. Trey Colby has spent his life falling in love only to lose his heart to people who don’t deserve it. Time after time he’s been left broken when his boyfriends have thrown him aside for someone else. But no more…. […]

The Dilemma (Sirius Wolves Part 5) by Victoria Sue

          Blurb Marcus has just become the only human ever to be Alpha of a werewolf pack and thwarted the plans of Anubis to destroy the goddess Sirius’ creation – the werewolves. Now, Anubis has decided to focus his efforts instead on Marcus and his new pack, to try and destroy […]

Guest Post from Sean Michael on Re-Releasing X-Factor

Welcome to Sean Michael!   Thanks for joining us here at Open Skye! Sean Michael: The Pros and Cons of Publishing a Reprint There are definitely pros and cons for republishing an out of print book. It’s always nice to have a book get another look at from an editing and proofreading standpoint. It doesn’t […]

Transformation by Dusk Peterson Tour and Giveaway!

Author Name: Dusk Peterson Book Name: Transformation Series: The Eternal Dungeon Book: Two Can be read as a standalone Release Date: March 28, 2016 (Reissue of the story) Blurb: “Every psychologist of our day knows the origin of transformation therapy, though many prefer not to speak of it. It is considered embarrassing to be forced […]

Mate Me, Hate Me, Date Me, Love Me By Chris McHart Tour and Giveaway!

Author Name: Chris McHart Book Name: Mate Me, Hate Me, Date Me, Love Me Series: Unexpected Book: Three Can be read as a standalone, but would make more sense if you read the others, too. Release Date: April 27, 2016 Blurb: When his father, King Harold, forces Prince Gerome to mate a complete stranger in […]

Jamie Dean Guest Post and Contest – Not Just Passing Through

A Big Open Skye Welcome to Jamie Dean, author of Not Just Passing Through. Thanks for stopping by! Jamie Dean, here. Author of the new book Not Just Passing Through and full-time troublemaker. Recently, I had a dream that my writers’ critique group (if you’re not a writer—or even if you are—you might not know […]