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Recent Release: Pulling Strings by Andrew Grey



A high-stakes case of industrial espionage ties them together, but before they can pursue their attraction, they must find out who’s pulling the strings.

Devon Donaldson doesn’t know how a folio of stolen corporate secrets found its way into his bag, and certainly can’t think of anyone who’d want to frame him. The trouble is, he has to convince Powers McPherson.

Devon’s firm hired Powers to investigate the theft of a new banking system, and so far Devon is his only lead. While Powers’s gut tells him Devon is innocent, he has no intention of letting Devon out of his sight… for more than one reason. Working together to get Devon’s life back leads to feelings far beyond cooperation. But before they can act on them, they need to find the group of thieves’ intent on ruining Devon’s reputation.

Its no secret that I am a big fan of Andrew Grey!! I found Pulling Strings to be an entertaining romantic mystery. Andrew Grey is great at creating characters full of depth. Devon and Powers are both very well written characters. The other stand out character is Powers twin sister Lucy. She provides a lot of comic relief, which keeps this book from being to heavy. There is a little angst, but it resolves quickly. This book had me guessing the whole time. I had no clue who the bad guy would end up being. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a great romance with good dose of sleuthing and mystery.

4 stars

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Recent Release: Escape (Rebellion #1) by Annabelle Jacobs

Good reads



This isn’t the life Cole dreamt of, but what choice does he have?

With his twenty-third birthday behind him, Cole Moreton now faces the shifter compatibility test which will decide his future. Testing positive means joining a pack and eventually taking the bite. Unfortunately, with enviable skills in self-defence and hand-to-hand combat, the kind of packs interested in him aren’t any he’d want to join.

Logan has been a member of the McKillan pack for most of his life. Pack is family and loyalty is everything, but when the shifter government turns out to be no better than the oppressive humans before them, he questions everything.

Right from their first meeting, Logan knows that a life with the McKillan pack isn’t right for Cole, but with his alpha taking a keen interest in Cole’s skills, Logan’s hands are tied. Mutual attraction builds between them, but acting on it is futile—helping Cole will put their lives at risk and an end to any future they could’ve had.


Annabelle Jacobs excels at world-building and she has yet again imagined an incredible, even if a bit scary, shifter universe. Wolf packs rule England through (abuse of) power and coercion, equality between humans and shifters seemingly an impossible dream.

This is very much a suspense driven story, action-filled and brilliantly paced. The romance storyline builds up slowly in a threatening environment that isn’t conducive to it, still the growing emotional bond and passionate chemistry between Cole and Logan is unmistakable and enthralling.

Cole is determined not to be forced to join a pack or change into a shifter, but his choices, as those of every human, have been taken away. He finds help, unlikely and unexpected, in Logan, the very shifter send to recruit him. There’s no insta-love or mating instinct in this universe, so no easy or quick trick to make the MC’s fall in love. They actually get to know each other first before falling head over heels in love. I love how determined and brave Logan is, how respectful of Cole’s wishes even in extremely dire circumstances. Cole is also a wonderful MC, adapting to new circumstances with alacrity and very courageous himself when it comes down to it.

We leave Cole and Logan on the brink of a dangerous future, ready to face all the challenges and possible heartbreak that comes with fighting for a better world… The start of a rebellion.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for them and their friends!


Number of stars out of 5: 5

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Recent Release: Kel’s Keeper by K.C. Wells

Good reads



When Kel Taylor’s life changes irrevocably, he finds himself alone in the world. He might have rebelled a little against his parents, but that didn’t mean he was ready to lose them. Unable to cope with his grief and feelings of guilt, he turns to booze, but before he hits rock bottom, someone dives into the murky waters to save him.

Luc Bryant watched Kel grow from the little kid whose football broke a pane in his greenhouse, into the sexy young man who sent heat racing through him. That was when Luc stopped watching and distanced himself, because he didn’t want to be that kind of a man. And that’s how things continued, until he saw to what depths the boy had sunk. Luc will be damned if he’ll let Kel kill himself. What Kel needs is a friend, and Luc’s shoulders are plenty big enough to bear his burdens.

Kel doesn’t need a friend. He needs a pair of strong arms to hold him, a broad chest to curl up against, someone to listen to him, someone who cares for him… and a whole lot more.
What he needs is a Daddy.
He just doesn’t know it yet.


As the gorgeous cover promises, this book gives us a very intimate and sensual portrayal of a loving May/December relationship. The attraction between Kel and Luc is a longstanding one and simmers beneath the surface of their every interaction. Theirs is very much a slow-burn story with the author taking the time to build a solid foundation for this wonderful couple and to subtly, ever so gradually, set up the daddy/boy dynamic (no ageplay). That aspect of their relationship grows stronger and more pronounced as the story unfolds, bringing with it both amazingly sweet and tender moments as well as scorchingly hot ones. Hot and deliciously dirty.

I loved reading such a realistic portrayal of a daddy/boy relationship for once, it had all the hoped for steam (boy, did it ever!), with the added bonus of an expertly crafted love story between two amazing, well-rounded MC’s. What I also really loved about this book, is that Kel is such a strong person in his own right, Luc’s shoulder to lean on when he needs one, and even the initiator of several key moments in their relationship.

There is so much (unspoken) longing in this story, in part because Luc is determined not to impose his own desires on Kel, protective of his boy even to his own detriment. And perhaps he’s also a bit scared Kel will want no part of it. Luckily though, Kel grows to understand Luc’s true desires and the truth of their dynamic on his own, making the sweetest romantic gesture to show his lover how perfect they are for each other.

Luc is the ultimate daddy, a carer through and through, not just for the sake of kinkiness in the bedroom, but the real deal. Swoon… I loved how he put Kel first and looked out for him at every opportunity, even before they started sleeping together, without ulterior motives.

To conclude: this is a story to savor and re-read. Definitely a keeper 😉


Number of stars out of 5: 6


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Recent Release: Someone to Hold Me (The Gods Made Me Do It #6) by Lisa Oliver

Good Reads


The Gods Made Me Do It #6

(Can be read as a standalone)

Hades, Lord of the Underworld, has spent years searching the world for his Fated Mate. He’s watched his brother and nephews find their “light” and yet he can’t find his. On the verge of giving up hope, Hades attends his brother Poseidon’s wedding; so outside his comfort zone, but his discomfort proves worth it. Because there, at the reception, he finally sees his light.

It wasn’t that Ali was uncomfortable around wolves – he’d been a good friend of Claude’s for years. But when one of the wolves at Claude’s and Poseidon’s wedding gets verbally pushy, he feels he has no choice but to shift and find the alpha. What he doesn’t expect is to find a beautiful man with soulful eyes, holding out his hand.

After all Ali and Hades have been through in their lives, you’d think the Fates would be kind to them. But between Cerberus’s howling, Persephone’s snarking, and Ali’s family proving there is more to them than their blatant wealth, Ali and Hades have their hands full creating a life with each other. But maybe, just maybe, the Mother has a gift for them after all.

This is an MM paranormal true mates story intended for adults only.



This was another solid addition to the series. Hades was a bit of a sad-sack – so I wasn’t super enthralled with him, but I thought Ali was fun!

It’s always fun seeing the gang and finding what they’re up to.

I do wish there were more positive women role models in these books – it seems as though only men are “worthy” – which is disappointing as a female reader.

4 of 5 stars

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Recent Release: The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived by Daniel Errico, Illustrated by Shiloh Penfield

Good Reads



Knights, dragons, and princesses are the things all good fairytales are made of, but what happens when the tale has an LGBTQ ending? Follow Cedric on his journey from his days on a humble pumpkin farm to the adventures that lead him to become a full-fledged knight. Once a knight, discover how he uses his cleverness and courage to vanquish a fire-breathing dragon and rescue a beautiful prince and princess. It is only then does Sir Cedric face his most difficult challenge. Will he follow his heart, and prove that sometimes the bravest thing you can do is choose for yourself how your fairy tale ends?

Super cute!

First, I think this is fantastic that the world is beginning to have alternate reading choices for kids. Second, the art in this is gorgeous and really well done. Third, the story itself is tremendously cute!

I didn’t love the rhyming – it didn’t always flow really smoothly and that was jarring sometimes, but the overall story and message was wonderful!

I loved the idea that the boy had an idea about who he was even when he was young and that manifested for the adult. Just like real life! This gives LGBTQ kids that idea that their feelings are “normal” too.

FWIW – my LGTBQ kid loved this too and was really energized by having read it!

4.5 of 5 stars

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Recent Release: HEEL by K.M. Neuhold

Good reads


“I’ve never thought of calling a man Daddy before, but I can’t think of a word that fits Vale better. He’s my Daddy, and I’m his pup.”

Broken and bruised, there’s nothing I won’t do to protect Adrian. I picked him up and made him whole before, and I’ll do it again. Adrian is a sweet pup with a smile full of sunshine and a heart made for love. A sweet pup needs a gentle hand, and that’s exactly what I intend to give him.

There’s nothing quite like slipping an expensive pair of high heels onto Adrian’s feet and watching him light up. If he wants a fairytale, I’ll happily be his Prince Charming.

*** Heel is the second book in the Working Out the Kinks series but can be read as a stand-alone. This book contains a scene of domestic violence. This book also contains an adorable man who loves to be a puppy, fabulous high heels, and the happily ever after Adrian deserves.

Adrian has had enough abuse and in fear of his life he runs from an abusive alpha. While he recuperates from his latest injuries he stays with his good friends and soon finds himself enjoying some time with the one alpha he has always wanted. Vale once again finds himself once again helping Adrian get on his feet. This time he has no excuse to push the man away. As the two spend more time together their feelings grow deeper. Can Vale and Adrian find a way to their happy ever after or will they let it slip through their fingers again?
This story is a sweet romance that gives readers the power of true love. Adrian and Val were meant to be together the attraction between them has been there since they first met. The two are perfect together, Val is just the kind of man Adrian needs in his life. I enjoyed watching the dymanics of their relationship play out and see it become so strong and beautiful. It was nice to see Adrian find his way again after dealing with so much in his life. Trust is a big factor in this story, and it was nice seeing Val work hard to show Adrian that he is a man that he can trust with not only his body but his heart as well. The hard work and friendship that the two men share makes for a wonderful and heartwarming read.
Number of stars out of 5: 4

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Audiobook: Family Camp (Daddy Dearest #1) by Eli Easton narrated by Matthew Shaw





When Geo signs up for Family Camp, he envisions nature hikes, s’mores, and a chance to win over his recalcitrant new foster kids, Jayden and Lucy. He’s tried to become a dad for so long, and he hopes the three of them can be the family he’s always wanted. What he doesn’t anticipate is the prickly and gorgeous camp counselor who constantly comes to his rescue.

Travis spends a week every year at Camp Evermore, the camp his adoptive parents own. As a pro baseball player, his presence guarantees a full campground and excited campers. He has one rule: never, ever mess around with anyone at camp. His profession demands he stay in the closet. But one sweet and funny new dad is about to test all his resolve.

Sparks fly for Geo and Travis, and not because of the nightly campfire. Having been a foster kid himself, Travis is drawn to Geo’s sincerity and big heart and to his kids. The four of them just fit. But will this be a summer romance? Or can they find a way to be a family long after Family Camp is over?


I loved this!

I’m always reminded – after I read an Eli Easton book – just why she’s one of my favorites.

It doesn’t matter the subject matter or the MCs, she manages to make even the most recalcitrant part of my heart.

In this case it was easy. You have a very loveable – do gooder – teacher – with a dopey sense of humor – trying to do right by a couple of “less than easy” kids and he’s an instant favorite. Next you introduce an – in the closet – baseball player who only wants to be the best because he’s a foster kid at heart, too.

It was a no brainer. These guys are loveable. The kids are great – felt pretty real – and the situation was believable – mostly.

I’m not a baseball fan but I can imagine this is what they’d go through and hopefully – one day – we can have out players without all the media going crazy.

If you’re a fan of the author, sports romance, kids, dopey humor and sweet romance – this is for you!



Matthew Shaw is so easy to listen to. He doesn’t do crazy, over the top accents, but he makes it clear which character is speaking.

He handles the moms and the kids and the MCs all very well and made this great story a great audiobook!

Highly Recommended!

5 stars

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

Audio book tour: Family Camp by Eli Easton Narrated by Matthew Shaw – Giveaway!


Length: 7hrs 10mins 
Narrator: Matthew Shaw

When Geo signs up for Family Camp, he envisions nature hikes, s’mores, and a chance to win over his recalcitrant new foster kids, Jayden and Lucy. He’s tried to become a dad for so long, and he hopes the three of them can be the family he’s always wanted. What he doesn’t anticipate is the prickly and gorgeous camp counselor who constantly comes to his rescue.

Travis spends a week every year at Camp Evermore, the camp his adoptive parents own. As a pro baseball player, his presence guarantees a full campground and excited campers. He has one rule: Never, ever mess around with anyone at camp. His profession demands he stay in the closet. But one sweet and funny new dad is about to test all his resolve.

Sparks fly for Geo and Travis, and not because of the nightly campfire. Having been a foster kid himself, Travis is drawn to Geo’s sincerity and big heart and to his kids. The four of them just fit. But will this be a summer romance? Or can they find a way to be a family long after Family Camp is over?

About the Daddy Dearest series

The Daddy Dearest series will consist of stand-alone contemporary novels focusing on single gay dads who find hot romance. Expect laughs, sweet and sexy slow-burn romance, and lots of family feels!


About Eli

Having been, at various times and under different names, a minister’s daughter, a computer programmer, a game designer, the author of paranormal mysteries, a fan fiction writer, and organic farmer, Eli has been a m/m romance author since 2013. She has over 30 books published.

Eli has loved romance since her teens and she particular admires writers who can combine literary merit, genuine humor, melting hotness, and eye-dabbing sweetness into one story. She promises to strive to achieve most of that most of the time. She currently lives on a farm in Pennsylvania with her husband, bulldogs, cows, a cat, and lots of groundhogs.

In romance, Eli is best known for her Christmas stories because she’s a total Christmas sap. These include “Blame it on the Mistletoe”, “Unwrapping Hank” and “Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles”. Her “Howl at the Moon” series of paranormal romances featuring the town of Mad Creek and its dog shifters has been popular with readers. And her series of Amish-themed romances, Men of Lancaster County, has won genre awards.

Her website is www.elieaston.com
You can email her at eli@elieaston.com


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Recent Release: Launch the Hunt (Grizzly Rim #1) Second edition- expanded by Mia West

Good Reads



Eagle shifter John Tillman can almost taste freedom.

He never expected to raise his kid sister. She’s worth the sacrifices he’s made—education, career, lovers—but the empty nest is calling his name.

To save her college fund, John’s taking every run his plane can handle and doing his best to keep his shifting under the radar.

Then his latest job walks into the bar with a strange gait and velvety Southern drawl.

Army veteran Logan Maddox has given a lot for freedom.

He’s no hero, just a guy trying to adapt to new parameters. If he isn’t fully living the gay identity he’s finally accepted…well, it’s not top priority.

After three tours, two new legs, and one long-overdue divorce, Logan has zeroed in on a single objective: a trip into Alaska’s back country, no distractions.

But fate has its own tactics, and the only pilot available to guide him looks like a recruitment ad for Alaska’s hottest unit.

LAUNCH THE HUNT is the 1st novel of GRIZZLY RIM, a steamy paranormal romance series featuring M/M heroes of all stripes:

The men of Grizzly Rim are a lot of things. Always human isn’t one of them.

These shifters landed in this remote Alaska village for different reasons, but the same thing keeps them there: a massive wilderness where they can soar, lope, paddle, and hide.

But no matter where you hole up, eventually your secrets will catch your scent.


(From first edition)

Logan is a newly single guy, sharing custody of his son, bonding on a trip to Alaska. He’s also learning to use his prosthetics after being injured in the military.

John is raising his sister, on the final leg as it were, and thinking about the future. He ends up taking a job of playing tour guide to Logan and his son and knows that, at least in the near future, things are looking good.


This is a novella, so things move quickly. The attraction is there immediately and the men – not bar sluts, so they move with some trepidation – act swiftly but with temperance. I loved that they didn’t immediately have sex though they did become physical right away.

Mia West is a new author to me and I’m looking forward to more of this series! Her writing is smooth and flows well. Her world building is EXCELLENT and the characters are complex, including the secondary characters.

As with any good story, I wish it’d been longer, but I definitely feel we got a solid HEA and that our guys were in it for the long haul.

I highly recommend this new series!

Second edition –

Well, I still super loved this and really enjoyed re-reading it – but I can’t honestly tell where the “expanded” parts were.

It felt a bit longer – I guess – but there was no substantial change to the story.

I think a first time reader might find it a bit more satisfying, but as someone who’s read it already and re-read it a few times – I didn’t find anything in the “expanded” edition that made me real excited.

So, if you’ve read and enjoyed the series you might want to check this out for yourself, but if you can’t – I don’t think you’re missing anything to the actual story.

I still highly recommend this series and was glad to have re-read it!

-I gotta say that I liked the original cover better 🙂 

5 of 5 stars

Copy Generously Provided for Honest Review

Recent Release: Goalie Interference (Hat Trick #2) by Avon Gale , Piper Vaughn

Good Reads



It’s goalie vs. goalie in this brand-new enemies-to-lovers hockey romance from Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn…

Ryu Mori has had a stellar season as goalie for the Atlanta Venom. So when he’s called into management’s office, he’s expecting to hear he’s the new starting goalie for the team, not that some new guy—an incredibly hot, annoyingly bratty rookie—is here to compete for his spot.

Not everyone gets to play in the best league in the world. Emmitt Armstrong knows that, and he’s not about to waste the opportunity after grinding his way from the bottom to the top. If the Venom is looking for a meek, mild-mannered pushover, they’ve got the wrong guy.

Ryu doesn’t want to admit the other goalie’s smart mouth turns him on. Beating Armstrong at practice feels good, sure, but there are other, more fun ways to shut his rival up.

In this league, it’s winner takes all. But there’s more to life than winning, and if Emmitt and Ryu can get past their egos and competitive natures, they might just discover they work better as partners than they ever imagined possible.

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

This book is approximately 72,000 words


This is a fun series! If you’ve read and enjoyed book one you’ll absolutely love this one! We get to see the MCs from book one and the entire team again. Ryu is stoic and controlled he absolutely does NOT know what to do with the tempestuous Emmitt, aka Army.
The strike sparks off one another right away and that predominates their relationship. I was glad to see more humor in this and a fair bit of hockey to keep me satisfied until hockey season starts up again!

The emotions come, though they are a little overwhelmed by the smexy times and the angry sex. It was nice seeing the relationship between Tristan and Sebastian from a distance – it made them feel more complete than they had by the end of their story.

This is recommended to fans of hockey, angry sex, the authors and bratty goalies!

4.5 of 5 stars

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