The Heir Apparent byTere Michael

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The heir apparent to a vast international company, Henry Walker has focused his entire life on pleasing his cold and distant father, a futile effort that’s left him no time for life, love, or making his own decisions. He has just one friend—one dirty little secret—Archie Banks. Raised on the Walker estate alongside Henry, Archie is now Henry’s driver, bodyguard… and occasional lover. Archie is loyal, but he’s about to graduate from college and has plans for his life that don’t include living every moment at the beck and call of Henry’s father. Not even for Henry.

With no warning, a shocking kidnapping leads to tragedy and chaos, thrusting Henry and Archie into a dramatic struggle that threatens them individually and as a couple. Can they find a way to heal the hurt of the past, save the company that is Henry’s birthright, and find a future together?


After starting I remembered reading a previously released copy of this book and my view of it then remains the same. Then, like now, I was attracted by the title and the blurb. Henry puts on an act, he projects the kind of person he thinks his father wants him to be. To this end he comes across as snooty and cold when with his Father and in the business setting but is a lot kinder with the other people in his life. It took me awhile to understand this because in the beginning he seems to treat Archie as just another employee, albeit one with benefits. Archie is very loyal to Henry but is carving out a new life away from the Walker Estate. They certainly didn’t seem like friends who had known each other since childhood and definitely not lovers.
I quite liked the suspense angle. Initially I thought it could be one of two people but that was quickly narrowed down, so the hook was there and kept me reading to see if I had guessed correctly and more importantly why. Although to be honest it’s not one of those stories that does try to keep you guessing it did become pretty obvious after a while. I was happy to see Archie’s protective side come out more and the kidnapping make both of them realise what they have got. I’m glad Henry comes to his senses about Archie’s future in the end. This is a good solid story with a lovely happy for now ending. Worth reading if you like suspense romance.

3 of stars out of 5


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