Rescue (Pack Mates #7) by Lynn Tyler

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Somehow, among the horrors of war, wolf shifters, Payton Ward and Sven Gunnerson fall for each other and begin a not so secret romance.

But all is not what it seems. After being abandoned by their country in the middle of the Congo, a gravely injured Pay and Gunny, along with their unit, must make the gruelling journey home, leaving a part of themselves behind. There’s a pack waiting for them in Smooth Rock Falls, and it sounds like paradise compared to where they’ve been living.

Pay had thought the jungle trek and his recovery would be the hardest part of his life. He was wrong. Love is more difficult than he’d ever imagined. His beloved Gunny seems to be having second thoughts about their relationship.

Gunny’s head is reeling. One moment he was carrying his injured lover through hell, the next, he was expected to settle down with a mate. But he’s scared; scared of having his heart broken.

With one unit member missing, and the existence of their species about to be revealed, will Pay and Gunny be able to survive, let alone learn to love?

Warning: Hot shifters, sexy romance and cute kids ahead. Author is not responsible for any squeals or exploding ovaries.


I absolutely adore this series and I was so psyched to see this new addition! I love seeing all the other MCs from previous books and seeing them interact with new characters.

I wasn’t crazy about this story. I didn’t understand Gunny’s reluctance or Pay’s and it felt like an artificial hurdle for these guys to overcome. There was plenty of external crises for these guys to struggle against, so I wasn’t sure they needed the personal struggle in addition.

The writing is good as are the characters and world-building. We get some lovely feelz and a nice HEA as well as some nice smexy times.

The other books in this series are on my favorite list and all 5 star reads, so a 4 means I didn’t love this as much as them, but it’s still quite a good book!

Recommended to fans of the series, the author and shifter romances. (Can be read as a standalone I think.)

4 of 5 stars


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