P.S. I Spook You
by S.E. Harmon

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SSA Rain Christiansen used to be the agency’s golden boy. It just takes one moment of weakness, one slight, tiny, itty-bitty paranormal sighting, and all of a sudden he’s the agency’s embarrassment. His boss gives him one last chance to redeem himself—go down to Brickell Bay, play nice with the local police, and leave the ghost sightings behind. Rain is determined to do exactly that, even if it kills him.

Cold-case detective Daniel McKenna’s latest investigation is going nowhere fast. Five years earlier, high school student Amy Greene went missing after leaving her part-time job and was never seen again. Daniel is glad to finally have the FBI help that his department requested, even if it does come in the form of his ex.

It doesn’t help that Rain is pretty sure he’s falling in love with Danny all over again—if he ever stopped. Add to that the frustration of seeing ghosts at every turn while he works a case that’s stalled in its tracks, and Rain is starting to wonder if second chances and happy endings are just for fairy tales

Review by Mary

Rain Christiansen sees ghosts and they talk to him. When I started reading I thought umm useful for an FBI agent but they don’t tell him where they are or who killed them but rather want him to pass on messages. That’s not good when no one else believes in ghosts.
The story has three strands weaving into each other. First Rain coming to terms with seeing and hearing ghosts, second the cold case of missing girl Amy Greene and third the not quite finished relationship between Rain and Daniel. The three work well together. None of these threads are neglected over another making it an intriguing well paced story but not hard to follow. The missing girl aspect is well crafted. There are a lot of potential suspects which keeps the mystery going. The ghosts are clever part driving the investigation along but not giving any solid answers. Rain has to come to terms with the fact that seeing ghosts is part of who he is. In amongst that he must also acknowledge why he broke up with Daniel three years before. So must Daniel, he has to learn to trust and believe in Rain again. I must add the sex scenes between them are hot hot hot. Three for the price of one, interesting paranormal, intriguing mystery and a teasing will they won’t they get back together second chance romance.
I do hope S.E. Harman considers making this a series I think there is a lot of potential for Rain and Daniel. If not it is a very satisfying story in its own right.

4 of 5 stars


Review by Dee

Where to start? I’ve read S.E. Harmon’s PI Guys series and this book is just as brilliant, period.

It has everything I love – a non-sappy romance, snarky humour, crime/mystery all wrapped up in a fun book. This book is perfect, in my opinion.

Rain is hysterical as an FBI agent who can communicate with ghosts. He tries to help Ethan, (a young ghost), by relaying a message to his grieving parents … and let’s just say that it did not go well. The funny part is that said ghost told him “I told you my parents wouldn’t like the message.” -talk about a thankless job J

The encounter with the parents puts Rain on the FBI shit list. He has one more chance to redeem himself at work so he takes a cold case in his hometown, with his ex., Danny. Their relationship, which ended when Rain took a job in DC, rekindled slowly, but surely. It was fun seeing them circle each other.

There are so many good lines within the story that made me laugh out loud like “Liquor not being the optimal temperature isn’t a deal breaker for me. I’m enough of a lush to admit it.”

I cannot describe the whole book and do it justice; I loved every second of reading it and was sad when it ended – I was having so much fun. I do hope there are more adventures of Rain and Danny solving cold cases, (the ending sets up the promise of a series, so I’m hoping).

All I can say is that the exchanges between Rain and the ghosts clamouring for his help; his back and forth relationship with Danny, the crime/mystery plot (let’s not forget that) and his interactions with this eccentric family made this an excellent story.

I highly recommend this book!
5 of 5 stars


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