Men In Uniform: Murphy 
(F.I.S.T.S 2) Audiobook by Bey Deckard 
Narrated by Nick J Russo

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Sometimes when it seems like it’s too late, the right person comes along and opens your eyes…
Murphy is the continuing story of a D/s relationship between two Space Marines who found each other in the midst of hopelessness and misfortune.
Sarge and his newly minted squad travel across the galaxy on a top-secret mission that could help win the war. However, to Murphy something about the mission stinks, and it’s not just the planet they’ve landed on.



I love Murphy and Sarge. At the end of Sarge they had just been rescued from a mission that had gone bad. This story starts with Murphy recovering from his injuries and a newly created unit. Sarge is still curmudgeonly and Nick J Russo plays him brilliantly.
Their Dom/Sub relationship is more established and so is the intimacy. The become more emotionally connected. Very sexy. You get a better sense of Murphy in this book and I loved it. Together F.I.S.T.S 1&2 make a really satisfying story. I recommend listening to them close together.
Aside from the hot D/S relationship the military intrigue, espionage and drama of the story is captivating and has a surprising depth considering this is a novella. Bey Deckard’s world building is superb and Nick J Russo’s narration really elevates it. I love the end, specifically the last line, it made me smile.

5 of 5 stars


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