Gulliver Takes Manhattan Audiobook by Justin Luke Zirilli Narrated by Cole Ferguson


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When Gulliver Leverenz abandons LA to make a fresh start in New York, he leaves behind his family, his friends – and one bastard ex-boyfriend. It’s certainly an impulse move: Gully has no job, no money, and no direction. What he does have is a former fraternity brother with a posh apartment, a crew of incredibly hot friends, and a reputation as a rising star in the gay nightlife scene.

As luck would have it, Gully soon snags a job with a talent agent and even finds himself a new boyfriend. There’s just one catch: Gulliver knows this budding relationship could get him in a lot of trouble. And inevitably, it does just that.

The whole mess blows up in his face, leading to an onslaught of catastrophes that leaves him in a tragic and seemingly hopeless situation beneath the skyscrapers. But Gulliver is tougher than he realizes and is determined to prove, once and for all, that he has what it takes to make it in New York.

By turns exciting, sad, and hysterically funny, Gulliver Takes Manhattan is a candid tale of one man’s adventures in the greatest city in the world.


Comparisons of this books immediately bring to mind Sex and the City, and
Tales of the City. The story is about a cute young guy who flees LA after
a painful break up to start over in NYC. Gulliver is innocent, but easily
corrupted as he is seduced by the A list gay party life style. I did find
the lead character sometimes too selfish, short sighted and judgemental,
but I don’t see that as a bad thing, I prefer flawed characters over
perfect ones.
The action in the book is fast paced, there’s always a fabulous party,
torrid romance or sleazy fling happening to keep your interest. This isn’t
high literature, more a gay version of a Jackie Collins book, which in my
opinion is a good thing. There are lessons to be learned about honesty,
the value of friendship, forgiveness and finding the strength to change
your life when you need to.
The narrator Cole Ferguson does a great job of performing the book, Not
just a straight read, he brings the lead and his supporting cast to life
and injects a lot of enthusism into the story. He sounds like he’s really
enjoying the book as much as I did.
I particularly liked hunky overgrown frat boy party promoter Todd, who is
the lead character’s best friend. I immediately went from listening to
this to the sequel Gulliver Takes Five, which focuses on the supporting
cast. I’m glad the party isn’t over yet.

6 of 5 stars!




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