Cover Reveal for Breakfast at Midnight by Kim Dias!

OS:  Welcome to Kim Dias here to reveal the new cover for her book done by LC Chase!




First things first: I’d like to say a huge thank you to Open Skye Book Reviews for hosting my cover reveal. I so appreciate it.

Secondly, hi! I’m Kim Dias, author of Breakfast at Midnight. I’ve been dreaming of having my name on the cover of a book since I was a little girl and writing stories about Enid Blyton-esque anthropomorphic bunnies. (My subject matter, in case you couldn’t tell, has changed somewhat.) I’m now so so excited to share with everyone the wonderful cover designed for me by L. C. Chase.

My favourite thing about the cover is the feeling of warmth it evokes. Breakfast at Midnight is about loneliness, about not realising you’re lonely until you meet someone who makes you feel less alone. It’s about taking a deep breath after you’ve been underwater for too long. It’s about blood rushing back into numb fingertips, and that’s exactly how the cover makes me feel. It’s my hope that the story makes you feel as comforted as its cover makes me feel.

“Hope can be found in unexpected places.

Lonely, still struggling with his divorce, and suffering from writer’s block, successful thriller author Fred spends much more time in an all-night Denny’s than is healthy for any man. It’s the last place he thought he’d meet someone like Callum, who has literally run away from the internationally famous boy band Leos.

Despite their age difference, the two become friends, and their long nights of soul-searching might help them find the courage to face their problems: Fred’s deteriorating relationship with his daughter and Callum’s career issues. It’s easy for their lives to tangle together, and each might provide the other the means to move beyond the past—even if it’s not a journey they can take together.”

Author BIO:
“Kim Dias has been writing for years, but has been making up stories for what feels like forever. She writes love stories, preferably with a side of hot sex; Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction Awards constantly inspire her to do better.

When not focused on her studies at the University of Victoria, Kim spends her time working on her novel, which she swears will one day be finished. She loves dogs, reading in front of fireplaces, and days spent in the sunshine. She believes whole-heartedly that stories can change the world.

You can find her online at”

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Callum’s lips were dry when they finally pushed against Fred’s. It was an oddly chaste kiss, so gentle it bordered on timid, but it left Fred feeling shaky, open, and vulnerable. Callum kissed him a second time, a third, each one as gentle as the last, as if he was afraid of breaking Fred, of breaking the moment.

“I’ve missed this,” Fred said, voice so soft it was barely there. Why were they awake already? “Having… this. With someone.”

“I’ve never had this.” If Callum’s voice had been louder, Fred was sure it would have cracked.

Fred didn’t have the right words to respond to that. Would anyone have? So he didn’t speak. Instead he opened his eyes and rolled Callum onto his back, lowered himself over Callum, and kissed him as deeply as he possibly could. Callum’s hands came up to Fred’s back to clutch at him, and Fred was meant to be a writer, meant to be good with words, but this was so much better than speaking. Show, don’t tell, wasn’t that the rule?

Afterward, Callum fell asleep first, bare skin warm and sweat-sticky against Fred’s. Fred stayed awake, breathing him in, trying not to sneeze when Callum’s long hair tickled his nose. His chest felt full.

He hadn’t realized how difficult it had been to breathe until it was easy again.

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  1. Paul Wilgus says:

    Great cover. Good luck with the book!

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