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Hi, there!

Thank you, Open Skye Books, for hosting me today! I’m so excited to chat about my newest book, Changing Tides.

So, something I haven’t talked about before. I always write while listening to music. Silence drives me crazy, people talking or the TV playing makes me lose my concentration. So I need music, lots of it, playing nonstop.

If I’m writing about a particular theme I try to find some music to match, and since this time I was writing a pirate story, I decided to try to find some pirate music. I felt kind of silly doing it, but youtube is a like a godsend when you’re looking for odd stuff. <grin>

I found something titled the World’s Most Epic Pirate Music Mix, and I have to say, not only did I love the music, it actually ended up inspiring some scenes in Changing Tides. When I listen to it now, I can actually visualize those scenes in my mind, kind of like watching a movie with an awesome soundtrack. Here’s the youtube link if you’re interested:

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the book and the music as much as I did. Take care!




Blurb – While most pirates sail in search of riches, Captain Devon Hall, the infamous Phantom of the Caribbean, is driven by vengeance. Devon has sworn to put an end to the corrupt governor of Jamaica and break the ruthless man’s stranglehold in the Caribbean.


When Devon is wounded and stranded on land, an unlikely rescuer comes to his aid. Brett Campbell is nothing like his uncle, the governor, and his goals are not so different from Devon’s. Brett longs for freedom, but his obligations to protect those under his uncle’s control keep him from fleeing. Throwing in with Devon might increase both their chances of success—and survival.


When the governor’s attempts to destroy Devon escalate and place Brett in danger and in the hands of the ruthless and depraved pirate Captain Blackburn, Devon must risk everything to save the man he loves and repay his enemies.


All Devon’s ever wanted is his ship, his freedom, friends who stand by his side through thick and thin, and someone to love. But facing dangers at sea and on land, Devon wonders if they will live to enjoy it all.


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Excerpt: It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly, the sky was clear for as far as Brett could see, and there was a soft breeze blowing, which prevented the typical Caribbean heat from becoming too menacing.

He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and enjoying the smell of fresh air and salt water. Nothing could ruin that moment, not even Blackburn’s pathetic threats. He was in heaven.

“Enjoying yourself?” Elijah asked from beside him. Brett opened one eye to glance at him.

“I certainly am, Elijah. I seldom have had the chance to enjoy such a marvelous day, especially during the last months.”

“Well, you better make the most of it, ’cause it will not last,” Elijah said.

Brett raised an eyebrow quizzically. “Oh?”

“John says the weather’s gonna change during the day, might still rain today,” Elijah said.

Brett looked up at the clear blue sky. “You jest, surely? It’s such a nice day, not a cloud in sight!”

Elijah shook his head and shrugged. “Can’t explain it, but I know it’s true. Seen John predict it before. He never fails. He told me once the air smells kind of different when a storm is brewing. He is expecting that by late afternoon a gale will build from the southwest.”

“Which is the course we have taken?” Brett half asked, half stated.

“Yes,” Elijah said with a chortle.

“So you are basically saying we are heading toward a possible storm?”


“Why, thank you, Elijah. Glad to see you are the bearer of such good news,” Brett said sarcastically.

Elijah laughed. “Always aiming to please, that’s me.”

Brett remained hopeful for most of the morning, as the weather kept fairly warm and sunny. However, as the night drew closer, as John predicted, the weather did change. Threatening gray clouds replaced the clear sky, and even Brett could feel the difference in the air around them. It felt charged, heavy and stuffy, making it almost impossible to breathe.

The storm didn’t hit until the early hours of the morning, catching most of the crew in their sleep. The first splattering drops rapidly turned into heavy rain. The wind picked up, and the waves began to swell, rocking the ship violently.

“I can’t believe this,” Devon yelled, trying to make himself heard over the roar of the storm. “We are so close to the damn treasure! One more hour and we could have found a safe cove to hide from the storm!”

“Too late now?” Brett guessed, yelling back.

“Yes,” Devon shouted with a nod. “And John says this is a big one! Let us hope the ship holds up!”


Bio: Alex Standish lives in Lisbon, Portugal, a beautiful and sunny country in Europe. She loves to read, travel, listen to good music, rock the vacuum cleaner like Freddie Mercury, and hang out with her friends. When she’s not at her day job or trying to win the lottery, she’s typing away at her laptop, Probie, writing homoerotic romance. She’s a multigenre author, striving to create engaging plotlines and characters that could stand on their own and hopefully tug at one’s heartstrings. In the last eight years, Alex has written one short story and three novels.


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