Broken Wings (Phoenix Reborn book 1) By Houston Michaels

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Proud to have served his country, Gabriel O’Roarke returned from war unable to recognize the man he had become. While war was hell, it was the aftereffects that were slowly eating away at his soul. Returning to civilian life after surviving events that should have killed him, he struggles to adjust and find himself again. Suffering from PTSD, he is without hope, until a chance encounter with one of the men who saved his life changes things.

Gabriel never imagined Nickolas Tanner would be into the lifestyle, so running into him at a BDSM club is a surprise. The patient and caring Dom is exactly what Gabriel needs, but everything he fears. After suffering captivity, Gabriel struggles to let himself go, to submit to another man. He craves regaining that part of himself, but worries it is forever lost. Nickolas’ steady domination gives him something he has thought lost long ago – hope.

Can a broken submissive, damaged by captivity and torture, learn to fly again?

If you want a BDSM book that isn’t all about pain, control and bizarre toys, than you will like this book. It is such a great blending of what the basics of BDSM are and how to live and survive PTSD.
Houston Michaels has set up a great storyline where Gabriel who enjoyed the lifestyle before his tragic, life altering event can attempt to try getting into it again.
I loved the character of Nick the Dom. I loved his approach to everything involving Gabriel, both in and out of the bedroom.
For just a Novella I think the story was well told and everything was covered. Do I wish it was a longer story? Of course! If for no other reason than the few sex scenes. They were tender but passionate and I can see that this couple could have some great and fun times together.

5 of 5 stars


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  1. Beth,
    Thank you so much for taking a chance on Broken Wings. I am tickled that you enjoy the story!

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