Audiobook: Solitary Man by Shira Anthony and Aisling Mancy Narrated by Jim Pelletier


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Sparks fly when Chance meets tall, sexy Xav at a Wilmington bar and they have the hottest one-nighter of their lives. But Chance doesn’t do repeats, Xav seems detached, and they go their separate ways without a word. Later, when closeted Assistant District Attorney C. Evan “Chance” Fairchild meets Dare’s Landing’s newest deputy sheriff, Xavier “Xav” Constantine, Evan isn’t only wary. He’s irritated as hell.

Xavier is a former FBI agent turned deputy sheriff who is hot on the trail of a South American child prostitution ring. Evan is fighting to put an end to rampant cocaine trafficking and chafing under the thumb of an election-hungry boss. When someone tries to kill the eleven-year-old witness who holds the key to both their investigations, they’re forced to work together as they put their lives on the line to protect him. As Chance and Xav collide in the heat of a sweltering North Carolina summer, dodging bullets and chasing bad guys isn’t the only action going on.

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Chance meets Xav one night in a bar and they connect immediately. Hot – super inferno hot – sexy times but they never expect to meet again. Imagine their chagrin when they end up working together on a child prostitution ring and drug smuggling case.

Chance, aka Evan, is an in the closet ADA for a smallish town in North Carolina. He’s doing his job to clean up the streets. Drugs have affected his life in a very bad way, and he’s determined to do what he can to stop them from hurting others. He has demons that keep him up at night and he lives a life not “open” to the idea of a gay ADA. He’s amazingly attracted to Xav, but also tormented by his very existence.

Xav has seen bad case after bad case. He vows that if he’s even able to save one missing child he’ll feel good about all the danger he puts himself into and the “life” he gives up by fighting so hard for them.

As things heat up and the two get closer to making connections to bust the ring, their relationship changes and their lives get more in danger.



I have to pause and breathe because this story was so unbelievably moving.

The child stuff is hard. I won’t lie. Parents, aunts, uncles…. Really anybody will be moved by the fate of these kids. The authors said that while not specifically true it’s based on true stories. That alone will chill your bones.

Aside from the very exciting and sometimes terrifying case that Xav and Chance solve, the romance is also moving and so very sweet.

Xav is such a great hero. He stands up for what he believes and refuses to bend – even when that bites him in the ass.

Chance starts off as such a prickly bastard but by the end he’s so ooey gooey sweet that you want to hug and kiss on him over and over.

I loved these guys together. I loved that they TALKED to one another. I loved that when things got rough, Chance’s first call was to his shrink. Amid all the terrible-ness they took into account very real emotions and dealt with them. I found that so refreshing!

This story felt so REAL to me. Sadly in some ways, but awesome in others. I loved the Gabe- Twyla and the wholesome goodness what was Winston. The bad guys (to be named later) are really bad and the ending was almost not good enough for them – they really need to suffer!

I can’t say enough great things about this and I highly recommend it – but be prepared with a hug for your kid and some Kleenex – cuz you’ll need them both.

6 of 5 stars


I was so disappointed by this. Ok, that’s not fair. I was a bit disappointed. On the one hand, it’s a fair way to listen to this and it wasn’t hard to get through. On the other hand this book had so much potential with a wide variety of characters with such unique personalities and the narrator – – who is new to me – didn’t do as much with it as he could have.

He does give some southern accents here and there and he reads well, but in general, this was uninspiring and I LOVED the book – I wanted to be inspired by the narration, too!

I still recommend this – it’s a great way to experience this story if you haven’t already read it.

4 of 5 stars

Overall 5 of 5 stars


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