Audiobook: Ebb and Flow (Love’s Charter #2) by Andrew Grey Narrated by Greg Tremblay


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To achieve happiness, they’ll have to find the courage to be their own men.

As first mate on a charter fishing boat, Billy Ray meets a lot of people, but not one of them has made him as uncomfortable as Skippy—because he’s drawn to Skippy as surely as the moon pulls the tides, and he’s almost as powerless to resist. Billy Ray has spent his life denying who he is to avoid the wrath of his religious father, and he can’t allow anyone to see through his carefully built façade.

Skippy is only in town on business and will have to return to Boston once he’s through. After all, his father has certain expectations, and him staying in Florida is not one of them. But he doesn’t count on Billy Ray capturing his attention and touching his heart.

Billy Ray doesn’t realize just how much he and Skippy have in common, though. They’re both living to please their fathers instead of following their own dreams—a fact that becomes painfully obvious when they get to know each other and realize how much joy they’ve denied themselves. While they can’t change the past, they can begin a future together and make up for lost time—as long as they’re willing to face the consequences of charting their own course.


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I picked this up because I’d enjoyed the world building in book one and I thought it’d be great to see what was happening with our friend Billy Ray.

This story is pretty similar to Setting The Hook in that we have a “good ol Southern boy” meeting a “city slicker” and the two finding ways to mesh worlds once they fall in love.

There is a bit more drama and angst in this and I wasn’t as invested in these guys as a couple as I was in book one, but that could be due to reading this rather than listening.

It was enjoyable if not amazing and I’d recommend it to fans of the series and the author.

3.5 of 5 stars



Greg Tremblay astounds me with his voice capabilities. He managed to find just the right accent for the families as well as each of the main characters. There are some subtle traces of old Europe mixed in with the Southern gentility and it all works fabulously! He’s always great with the emotion, pacing and tone quality and when you add that to this very sweet story of finding one’s self and love you get the perfect mix! Highly Recommended!

5 of 5 stars

4 of 5 stars


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