At Sixes and Sevens (Fur, Fangs, and Felines #4) by M.A. Church

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Werecats mating with humans was bad enough…. But an Alpha werewolf?

Aidric’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Alpha Carter Lovelock of the Dark Lake Pack—who is apparently his mate. Now Aidric must decide whether to accept the mate the goddess chose, or deny her gift because cats and dogs just don’t mix.

Carter is in a pickle. He always assumed his mate would be a female werewolf. How else is Carter supposed to carry on his line and retain Alphaship? When Aidric comes into his life, Carter’s ex, Sabrina, isn’t giving up easily. Her brother, Delaney, is a thorn in Carter’s side, and some of the other werewolves go out of their way to make Aidric feel unwelcome, including one of his deltas, Evan.

Unfortunately, what little headway they make is destroyed during a full moon hunt when enemy werewolves attack Aidric and threaten the pack house where the Dark Lake pups are kept—an ambush that could have devastating consequences on their future.

Werewolves are notoriously insular, and before Carter and Aidric can build the life they want with each other, they’ll face a fight for acceptance.


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What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘At sixes and sevens’?

A state of confusion and disorder, or of disagreement between parties.

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘At sixes and sevens’?

The derivation of this phrase is rather difficult to trace, not least because it has changed in both form and meaning over the nine centuries or so that it has been in use. The phrase was originally ‘to set on six and seven’ and is thought to have derived in the 14th century from the game of dice. The meaning then was ‘to carelessly risk one’s entire fortune’. *


I had never heard of this phrase and – reading about it – I still don’t get  it’s origins – but… it’s a cute way of saying in opposition and these two are sooooo adorably opposite.  

Probably one of my favorite things about MA Church is how wonderfully well she depicts the “animal brain” and the activities our guys do even while human that is shaped by their animal counterparts.  The cat stuff is hysterical and spot on!  Since we have some new exposure to the wolves, you can expect to see some good natured “us vs. them” too – and “cats rule, dogs drool” kind of stuff. 

Besides having to overcome the dogs v cats thing- we also get a really compelling struggle in the pack itself and a heartbreaking family issue as well.

The feelz are high and the smexy times are VERY HOT and the romance is sweet.  This ranks up at the top in shifter romances as being the whole package – world building, characters, romance, emotions, drama and passion.  Highly recommended to fans of the author, the series, and shifter romances.

Though I think you could read this on it’s own, this is best read as a series in order.


5 of 5 stars!



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