An American in Venice by Luca Domani Exclusive Excerpt!


OS: Welcome to Luca Domani author of An American in Venice who comes today with an Exclusive Excerpt from the new book!


Tom has always been steady and predictable—a formula he’s sure will lead him to success in his career. When his method fails him and he loses his job, he throws caution to the wind for the first time in his life and books a European holiday.
Maybe Tom shouldn’t be surprised that Cupid’s arrow finds him in one of the most romantic cities in the world: Venice, Italy. When he encounters Giovanni working in the family pizzeria, it’s lust at first sight. Their time together touring the city is so magical it feels like a dream. But Tom is shy while Giovanni is charming and flirtatious. Tom has a newfound freedom with his unemployment, while family burdens weigh heavily on Giovanni. Add culture differences and miscommunication into the mix, and their brief romance might fade as quickly as the beautiful dream it resembles.


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Exclusive Excerpt:

He woke up an hour later. Giovanni wasn’t in bed with him but had tucked him under the blankets and left a glass of water on the nightstand. Tom could smell something delicious cooking. He tossed the covers off and got up. He wasn’t sure where his clothes were but found a robe hanging on the chair next to the bed. He put that on and walked across the small hallway to the bathroom. In the bathroom, he grinned at his reflection. His hair was a mess, his lips were red and slightly swollen, and his neck bore a few marks where Giovanni had nipped him. He looked like someone who had been thoroughly wrecked. He finished up in the bathroom and went into the living room area. The kitchen was separated from the living room by a half wall. Giovanni grinned at him from where he stood by the stove.
“Sleep well?” Giovanni asked.
Tom nodded. “What are you making?”
“Supper,” Giovanni explained, stirring something in a large saucepan.
“But we haven’t had lunch,” Tom protested.
“We’ll have lunch, don’t worry,” Giovanni promised. “But this sauce won’t be ready until evening.”
“Oh,” Tom said. He sat down on the couch and tried to arrange the robe so it wasn’t indecent.
Giovanni closed the lid on the sauce and came over to Tom carrying two glasses of wine. He handed one to Tom. They clinked glasses and sipped. It was the Soave they had bought earlier, which Giovanni had put away and chilled while Tom was sleeping. Giovanni set his glass down, went back to the kitchen, and returned with a tray on which he had arranged the cheese, bread, and fruit they had bought at the market. He placed it in front of Tom on the coffee table.
“You spoil me.” Tom sighed happily.
“Mi fa piacere,” Giovanni replied. “I like to spoil you. It doesn’t sound like you’ve been spoiled
enough.” Giovanni’s eyes darkened with desire.
“Um…,” Tom said, stopping with his glass raised halfway to his lips.
Giovanni took Tom’s glass from his hand and set it beside his own on the table. He placed one hand on the side of Tom’s face and then leaned in to give him a gentle kiss. Tom responded by putting his hands on Giovanni’s shoulders and returning the kiss, just as gently. They went as slowly as they could bear to, but with Tom already naked under the robe, soon they were both panting with need. They managed to get to the bedroom, Tom shrugging out of the robe and then helping Giovanni tug his sweatpants and T-shirt off.
They embraced and kissed softly again, and then Giovanni lowered Tom to the bed. He opened the drawer on the nightstand and pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube.
“Let me,” Giovanni murmured. “Per favore, Tomasso.”
“Yes,” Tom groaned. “Yes, please. Please, Gio.”


Author Bio:

Luca Domani has been writing stories since childhood. Although he has a doctorate in engineering, he has never given up on his dream of being a writer. He adores science fiction and is partial to postapocalyptic epics with zombie hordes, but at heart, he is a hopeless romantic. Luca is married to his high school sweetheart, who is his muse and the love of his life. They reside in Massachusetts with their dog and cat. An American in Venice is his second publication outside of a technical journal.


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