All Wheel Drive by ZA Maxfield Tour, Guest Post and Giveaway!


OS: Welcome to ZA Maxfield author of All Wheel Drive!


Thanks for welcoming me to Open Skye! I heard you like playlists? I made one for you for listening to as you get into All Wheel Drive! You’ll find it on Sound Cloud, but I’m new to this, so I don’t know if I did it right.

First up, I have “Roll To Me,” by Del Amitri – This is a no-brainer, because Healey’s just had an awful break up. It is definitely the right time to roll to Diego. The fact that Diego is the one on wheels makes it ironic. (Healey likes irony.)

“Smooth,” Santana featuring Rob Thomas – And this is because it’s just the sexiest song ever. EVER! I have had a crush on Carlos Santana like you would NOT believe since middle school.

“Weird Science,” Oingo Boingo – Healey gets drafted to emcee Weird Science Night at Stomping Grounds.

“She Blinded Me with Science,” Thomas Dolby – also for Science Night at Stomping Grounds.

“Rolling in the Deep,” Adele – Because… see “Adele.”

“Hello,” again, Adele – This song is so poignant. I had it on while I was writing one particular scene. This song hurts to listen to. Yet it’s so perfect…

“All of Me” – by John Legend. I really like the version where he’s singing it at the piano best, but I linked the wrong version. here. Mea culpa…

“Gone, Gone, Gone.” By Phillip Phillips. This is a reprise song for Nash, because it’s his theme. Hell on Wheels was probably the first book where I listened to a song and said, “That song could have been written about my main character.”

Nash is so solid in Hell on Wheels–he’s the spine on which his family is built. It really worked for me to use this for his theme song–so I’m adding it to the list.

Thanks for playing along! If you want to see the list, I created it on Sound Cloud.


Healey Holly is battered, depressed, and looking to go to ground in his childhood home. He wants to rent the garage apartment, but it’s Diego Luz’s place now, and the last thing Diego wants is to share it.

Diego is recovering too—from the accident that put him in a wheelchair and the death of his mother shortly after. The garage apartment is where he’s keeping his mother’s things, and as long as they’re up those stairs and he’s down on the ground, there’s no way he can deal with his loss. And that’s just how he likes it.

Healey believes in science. Diego believes in luck. It will take a blend of both, and some prayer thrown in besides, for these two to learn that it’s the journey and the destination that matters.

Available now from Riptide Publishing!

About Bluewater Bay

Welcome to Bluewater Bay! This quiet little logging town on Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula has been stagnating for decades, on the verge of ghost town status. Until a television crew moves in to film Wolf’s Landing, a soon-to-be cult hit based on the wildly successful shifter novels penned by local author Hunter Easton.

Wolf’s Landing’s success spawns everything from merchandise to movie talks, and Bluewater Bay explodes into a mecca for fans and tourists alike. The locals still aren’t quite sure what to make of all this—the town is rejuvenated, but at what cost? And the Hollywood-based production crew is out of their element in this small, mossy seaside locale. Needless to say, sparks fly.

This collaborative story world is brought to you by eleven award-winning, best-selling LGBTQ romance authors: L.A. Witt, L.B. Gregg, Z.A. Maxfield, Heidi Belleau, Rachel Haimowitz, Anne Tenino, Amy Lane, SE Jakes, G.B. Gordon, Jaime Samms and Ally Blue. Each contemporary novel stands alone, but all are built around the town and the people of Bluewater Bay and the Wolf’s Landing media empire.

Check it out at Riptide Publishing!

About ZA Maxfield

Z. A. Maxfield started writing in 2007 on a dare from her children and never looked back. Pathologically disorganized and perennially optimistic, she writes as much as she can, reads as much as she dares, and enjoys her time with family and friends. If anyone asks her how a wife and mother of four manages to find time for a writing career, she’ll answer, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you give up housework.”

Her published books include Crossing Borders, Epic Award finalist St. Nacho’s, Drawn Together, ePistols at Dawn, Notturno, Stirring Up Trouble, and Vigil.

Readers can visit her website at, and contact her at


To celebrate the release of All Wheel Drive, one lucky winner will receive an ecopy of Hell on Wheels and a $25 Riptide credit! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on July 15, 2017. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!


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  1. Lee Todd says:

    interesting playlist 🙂
    congrats on the new release


  2. Jennifer says:

    I like the old school 80’s songs in there. A couple of my alternative favorites!
    jlshannon74 at

  3. Trix says:

    Such a fun playlist!


  4. H.B. says:

    Thank you for the playlist =)
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  5. Didi says:

    Thanks for sharing your playlist, ZAM. Some of them are new to me so it’s great to listen to new songs. 🙂
    Congrats on your newest book release!
    puspitorinid AT yahoo DOT com

  6. Purple Reader says:

    Congrats and thanks for the playlist. You’ve got some good ones on there, so I’ll have to try it out while reading. Your story with two resilient people, one disabled, sounds like the perfect addition to this collaborative series. –
    TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

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  8. Thanks so much for letting me stop by! I am always thrilled to share the new releases with readers who love the genre! Happy reading.


  9. Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing the playlist!

  10. Ami says:

    Oooh, I read Hell on Wheels a couple of years back! I don’t even know that there’s sequel to it. So thanks for the blog tour and giveaway chance. HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!


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