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This blog is all about Romance!  We review books about romance (mostly m/m – but there might be an occasional m/f, f/f, m/m/f, space-alien-babies, what have you).

In addition we are inviting fan fiction, slash fiction, fan-art – anything that moves you to create.

We hope you find something that entertains you or inspires you – Enjoy!

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They Called Him Nightmare by Deja Black Guest Post and Excerpt


Growing up, Kai Bennu was taunted for skin dark as midnight and his otherworldly appearance. They called him Nightmare, but Alec Vasilios, a wealthy and powerful businessman, wants to call Kai his own. Kai’s past has left him with little trust in others and even more reluctance to surrender himself to Alec’s power. With both men harboring supernatural secrets, finding common ground won’t come without sacrifice.

LENGTH: 29 pages
CATEGORY/TAG: M/M Paranormal Romance
HEAT LEVEL: 3/5 flames




They never asked him his name. They ran from his shadow. He was alone. Always alone. He was Nightmare.
To me he was everything I wanted. To me, he was beautiful. I needed to run my fingers along his skin, to cherish him. In the heat of the blazing sun, I wanted to taste his sweat. I wanted him beneath me, a part of me, a part of my soul. He didn’t frighten me. He entranced me. He called to me.


Author Bio:
Deja Black had fantasies of men loving men, men who felt strongly, loved hard, and needed a hero. Then one great day she came across a book and discovered the world of m/m writing, encountered others who shared her obsession as much as she did, and found a world where she could not only be accepted for the lives and loves she envisioned, but she could create them too. So why not? Why not take the stories she would write and throw away as a teenager, grow them, dream them, and make them a reality where she could know her own characters, let them live their story, and make them real for someone else? And she did. Now, with the support of her hubby and some intense time management, she is learning to balance her family of two energetic children and a very needy shitzu at home along with the many students she teaches each and every day with her passion of writing what she loves to read.


Blog: dejablack77.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/deja.black.69
Google+: Deja Black
Goodreads: Deja Black


Buy Links:
Amazon: https://goo.gl/vywNhH
Dreamspinner Press: https://goo.gl/4zBq8d

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Daily Dose Short Story: Wild Fate by Savannah Brooks

Dreamspinner Presents





Caden Wells is finally on his way to the Alaskan wilderness, fulfilling a dream he’s had since he was a boy. He’s looking forward to solitary hikes and photographing wildlife. Upon arrival, he’s drawn to his guide’s brother, Drake Fisher, a man who resembles beast more than man. Drake’s unexpected interest surprises Caden, but when Drake claims fate has brought them together and that he’s a shapeshifter, Caden’s confusion turns to shock.

With the help of Drake’s brother, Dean, and Dean’s family, Caden realizes there must be some truth to Drake’s story. On his way to question Drake, the knowledge in his heart that something is wrong is confirmed by reports of poachers in the area. Caden sets out to save Drake, along with the life and love that have been waiting for him in Alaska all along.


Category: Paranormal, Werewolves/Shifters

Pages: 55



When Caden travels to Alaska he thinks he’s going to find some amazing animals to photograph and get some quiet time to think. What he ends up finding is something far greater than he could guess.

Drake, the brother to the man who agreed to be Caden’s guide, is a recluse who only ventures into society twice a year. This year he’s come out early, and Caden is the reason.

When Drake tells Caden just how important he is to him, Caden can’t deny their attraction, but it takes a dangerous situation with some hunters for him to give in and become Drake’s mate once and for all.


This was a wonderful, fully developed short story. Yes, it moved pretty quickly, but the insta-love, insta-attraction, fated-mate thing suits itself well to a short story like this. There was enough character development for me to feel satisfied, a bit of mystery and a bit of smexy times and feels to round the story out nicely.

Highly recommended.

4.5 of 5 stars


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Copy Generously Provided by Publisher for Honest Review


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Gambling Men Audiobook by Amy Lane Narrated by Gomez Pugh



Dreamspinner Press Presents



Quent Jackson has followed Jason Spade’s every move in business and in poker since their first day as college freshmen. Eight years later, when Jace finally decides Quent is the one man he can’t live without, he sees no reason for that to change.
But as much as Jace believes that poker is life, no one gave Quent the same playbook. After their first passionate night, the real game of love and trust begins, and Jace has been playing alone too long to make teaching the rules easy. Jace only speaks two languages: one of them is sex, and the other one is poker. Between the two, he needs to find a way to convince himself to take a chance on love – and Quent to take a chance on him. It’s a lucky thing they’re good at reading the odds, because they’re playing for keeps, and this is one high-stakes relationship that’s definitely worth the gamble.

(book originally reviewed here : http://kimichanexperience.com/?s=gambling+men)
Quent is the low key, “grinder” type who has been following Jace since they met in college. He might have had feelings for him but would never have acknowledged them without some sort of hint from Jace first.

Jace is the “shark” type. Intense, driven, focused, seemingly without feeling – except where Quent is concerned. He can’t admit his feelings unless he’s assured of the results.

One day – seemingly out of the blue – Jace hits on Quent and suddenly their relationship has changed from friend to lover.

Though Quent has never been with a man, and Jace has never been in a relationship, they embark fearlessly on one – together.


First – this is my all time FAVORITE Amy book. I love these boys and have re-read this book over and over and over.

What I loved about this book is the sideways “non”-conversations that the boys have with one another. They manage to navigate their relationship with a series of poker metaphors and pointed looks. It’s hysterical. The sex is phenomenal – neither is inhibited and Jace is so growly then cuddly – it’s a perfect blend.

Quent is both the social follower but their emotional leader in the relationship. Jace has so much to learn about expressing himself but when he does it just tears your heart out and makes you want to hug him.

I also LOVED Jace’s family – Mike and Jefferson were such great role-models and I loved their life lessons through poker.

In relative Amy terms – there is almost no angst in this book – but there is lots of deep emotional bonding and lovely relationship building and some fantastic “newbie” sex to be explored. Not to mention that it is hysterical.

If you haven’t read this wonderful book by Amy Lane I highly recommend it.

6 of 5 stars


OMG – I have waited literally FOREVER for this to become an audiobook. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! Gomez Pugh is an amazing narrator and he does SUCH a great job with this. He didn’t sound like the boys do in my head, but he’s wonderful nonetheless. I adored listening to this and would highly recommend this to EVERYONE!!

6 of 5 grateful it finally came to audio stars


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Copy Provided by Publisher for Honest Review

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Why Love Matters by Jay Northcote


All royalties from sales of this story will be split equally between two LGBT charities: The Human Rights Campaign in the USA and Stonewall in the UK.

Alastair needs help overcoming issues with touch and physical intimacy in order to clinch a business deal with some demonstrative Italians who prefer hugging to handshakes.

Martin, his assistant, has the perfect solution. His mother runs cuddle workshops, which could help Alastair overcome his fears–if he’s brave enough to try. Alastair is nervous not only about the workshop, but also because he will be sharing a room with Martin, who’s starred in his fantasies more often than an assistant should.

Alastair reluctantly decides to give it a try, so they head to a commune in Wales where Martin grew up. The weekend at the commune with Martin proves to be transformative in more ways than one.


Alastair is a cold, anxious man with a lot of potential. His employee of two years, Martin, has become more than Alastair’s willing to admit. When the two end up on the road and sharing a room Alastair can’t hide from his feelings any longer.


This is short and sweet, with just enough smexy to make it hot, too! Jay is a fantastic writer and knows how to deliver well-rounded characters – even in a short story.

I loved the “cuddle workshop” and how transformative it was. I also loved that Alastair didn’t hedge once he and Martin got involved. Martin is wonderful and my only complaint was that we didn’t get more of him!

Highly enjoyable!

4.5 of 5 stars


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Copy Purchased for Review

Amazon link


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The Paranaturalist by Ki Brightly Photo Journal Guest Post


OS: Welcome to Ki Brightly author of The Paranaturalist.  Thanks for stopping by!


Hello! My name is Ki Brightly. My most recent novel, The Paranaturalist, releases on June 27th. It’s a fast paced paranormal adventure romance. Joe, The Paranaturalist, and Owen, a Metaphyiscal Consultant (aka herb shop worker) both live in Erie, Pennsylvania. In fact, the entire story takes place in Pennsylvania…well, sort of, mostly. I grew up in Pennsylvania, with a minor break for New Orleans, so I felt comfortable writing there.

I thought you might enjoy taking a stroll through some important places in the book with me, learning a little about the places Joe and Owen visit.

First, Presque Isle, or just “the peninsula” to locals, is a large backdrop for the book. Several major scenes, including the ultimate “betrayal” take place here.


This is a photograph by Brian Fisher of the Presque Isle Lighthouse.


This is a photograph of Beach 7 by Anna Gregoroff, which features in the story in the scene where Joe rediscovers “Peter”.


This is a photo I took the other day at the “Kite Beach”.



The final scene in the book takes place at Frontier Park, which some of my readers may remember from The Shape of Honey. It’s the place where Dean works. It’s weird how that little park near my apartment sees so much paranormal action, isn’t it? (I think I’ve literally visited it every day for the past week because…why not?)







Of particular interest in The Paranaturalist, the Willow Grove.


The stream Joe and Owen cross during the final scene with the bad guy.


(All photos of Frontier Park and Arboretum were taken by Ki Brightly.)

Next take a look at Sara’s, the greasy spoon near the beach.


Even though this one says “Sally’s” they are actually right next to each other, and as far as I know, Sally’s is defunct and never open, more of a relic to look at near the functional Sara’s. (These photos came from Trip Advisor of all places.) During the summer, when it’s warm, those red wind breaks are removed and it’s all outdoor picnic seating. There’s a smaller indoor area as well with picnic tables.


Starting in may Sara’s is so packed with people from about noon on, almost every day of the week, you literally can’t find a parking spot.

Unfortunately, some of the more fun places in the book like Presque Isle Herbs and The Dew Drop Inn aren’t actual, factual buildings outside of my imagination. I really enjoyed creating Briony’s shop, which will crop up again in future stories I am sure. It’s kind of this magnificent jumble of herbs and candles and teas, the sweet love child of some of my actual favorite places to shop.

One of the places that happens to be real, sort of, is Owen’s apartment he shares with his friends. It’s actually modelled extremely closely from my own dwelling at this point in time, right down to the balcony, although we only have two “bedrooms” in my apartment, so in that regard Owen’s is bigger, nicer. Also, all of the furniture is different. I guess really, only the bones of the place are Owen’s apartment. I won’t lie. When I decided to make Owen’s apartment from my apartment I was having an epic lazy day, but then I ended up changing so much stuff I had to map it out and write it down anyway, so my laziness ended up backfiring.

Finally, I thought you might like to see the Allegheny River near the small town of Kittanning, Pennsylvania that figures so prominently in the pivotal moments of the story.

This is the Kittanning Citizens Bridge. When I was in high school the Mothman Prophecies was filmed there. It was a real stir in that small town, let me tell you. EVERYONE wanted to catch a glimpse of Richard Gere because the most interesting thing that normally happens there is someone occasionally gets drunk and causes a ruckus. Seriously, it’s the type of area where three men brawling gets written up in the newspaper as a “riot”. But it’s pretty. This is the bridge that Owen, Frank and Chad were fishing near.


Image is from BridgeMapper.

If you’re interested there are more pictures of Kittanning at this site. I have a real love/hate relationship with it since I grew up nearby, but I’m told it’s perfectly lovely by people who moved there after their formative years.


I hope you all enjoyed the visual tour through The Paranaturalist. If you’re reading the book now you can take a peek and have something to go along with my words in your mind.

Happy reading!

OS: Thanks Ki, that was amazing!


The Paranaturalist


Release date June 27th, 2016




As a kid, Joseph Appleyard saw things hidden from others. Now he is The Paranaturalist, an investigator and cohost of a television show that seeks to prove the existence of the paranormal. Some think Joe is crazy, but they don’t realize he knows firsthand there’s more to the world than what most perceive. The trouble is, somewhere along the way, Joe lost his vision and it left his world flat and dull. One night an investigation goes horribly wrong, and a powerful ghostly manifestation sends Joe tumbling into a river. Spirit worker Owen Watson saves Joe’s life, and once they are back on dry land, whatever has been blocking Joe’s vision has been washed away.

When a haunting goes from annoying to dangerous, people turn to Owen Watson. He hates those infuriating hacks from TV, but when he pulls Joe from the river, his mind begins to change. Joe is scared and confused, and Owen realizes he might just be the real thing. Together, they work to understand the part of Joe that has been shut away for so long. But just as Joe is reacclimating to his abilities, his career as a paranormal investigator is in danger of being ripped away. Owen would gladly battle a bloodthirsty spirit for Joe, but he’s out of his element in the world of reality television.


Buy Links


E-Book: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/the-paranaturalist-by-ki-brightly-7197-b

Paperback: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/the-paranaturalist-by-ki-brightly-7198-b

E-book: https://www.amazon.com/Paranaturalist-Ki-Brightly-ebook/dp/B01GSXNWXY

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Paranaturalist-Ki-Brightly/dp/1634772814/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1466181845&sr=8-3

E-book: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-theparanaturalist-2054899-145.html


Ki grew up in small town nowhere pretending that meteor showers were aliens invading, turning wildflowers into magic potions, and reading more than was probably healthy. Ki had one amazing best friend, one endlessly out of grasp “true love”, and a personal vendetta against normalcy.

Now, as an adult, living in Erie, Pennsylvania, Ki enjoys the sandy beaches, frigid winters, and a wonderful fancy water addiction. Seriously, fancy waters…who knew there were so many different kinds? It’s just water…and yet…

Ki shares this life with a Muse, a Sugar Plum, and two wonderful children.
Social Media


Blog: www.brightlybooks.wordpress.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kibrightly

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kibrightly

Tumblr: http://kibrightly.tumblr.com/


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Daniel & Erik’s Super Fab Ultimate Wedding Checklist by KE Belledonne Tour and Giveaway!


Author Name: K.E. Belledonne

Book Name: Daniel & Erik’s Super Fab Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Release Date: June 23, 2016

Checklist 1600px (Smashwords, Amazon)Blurb:

When Daniel gets caught up in the demands of a cheeky wedding planning app, his fiancé Erik grows frustrated with his preoccupation with adhering to heterosexual traditions. Will Daniel’s groomzilla ways give them the wedding of their dreams, or ultimately lead to their relationship’s demise?

Continue reading

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Anthony (A survivor story) by JP Barnaby

release day review

Dreamspinner Presents





Aaron Downing worshiped his mother. She saved his life. She did everything for him. But Anthony Downing has a different perspective. He sees the woman who tossed him into a basement for eight long years and forgot he existed. When Anthony decides he’s done being invisible, he packs up and heads for Detroit to stay with his Internet friend Jay, but fate intervenes.

Brendan Mears lost everything the day the man with a gun came into his father’s store. Now, he’s tethered to a business he can’t manage and a brother who resents him.

Different in all the ways that matter, Anthony and Brendan struggle to overcome their psychological obstacles, until a crushing betrayal sends them running for cover and each other.


Though this can be a standalone, I don’t recommend it. It’s best read as part of the series or at least after Aaron.

Anthony is Aaron Downing’s youngest brother. Aaron was a victim of a kidnapping and it left his family a wreck. Since the kidnapping, Anthony has been relegated to the basement of the family both literally and figuratively. Now, he’s 18 and he’s had enough.

When the straight best friend he’s crushed on for years finally pushes him too far, Anthony hooks up with an online friend and runs away to Detroit. He’s almost made it when his car breaks down and he ends up being “saved” by the one family that probably understands his plight better than anyone.

Brendan was about Anthony’s age when he and his father were held up and shot at the liquor store the family owns. Now Brendan can’t leave his apartment for the crippling anxiety the thought provokes. His older brother Patrick is left to keep the store running and do what he can to help Brendan.


Wow. This story did not go how I thought it would.

On the one hand, it’s actually a bit darker than Aaron’s story – in the sense that we are left with a HFN and not the hard earned HEA of Aaron and Spencer’s story. ON the other hand, it’s not as horrific in terms of what happens to Anthony – specifically – but still so painful to read.

There’s also another couple twists in this that threw me for a loop – and had me kissing my own daughter – reminding myself that she’s safe.

If you were a fan of Aaron/Spencer, you’ll want to read this. If you haven’t read any of the series, but like dark, angsty reads with dark, angsty heroes – this is the book for you.

What I need now is to find out what happens to the brother – not saying which!

Highly Recommended

(LOVE the Mackey reference – GOD – I love when characters become family members, don’t you?!   )

5 of 5 stars


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Copy Generously Provided by Publisher for Honest Review

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Daily Dose Short Story: Fieldwork by Charles Payseur

Dreamspinner Presents




Agent Ignacio Ritter is content serving the CXO, the Central Xenomorph Organization, from the safety of his desk. He has good reasons for avoiding fieldwork like the plague: his parents died in the field, leaving him to be raised among wolf-shifters. Because of his adopted family, everyone thinks he is a wolf, a lie that protects him from the ridicule he’d face if he revealed the truth.

When the charming and dangerous tiger-shifter Agent Reed Daily chooses Ignacio to help close the books on a gang threatening to tear Chicago apart, Ignacio can’t refuse. Perhaps it’s the chance to avenge his parents, or perhaps it’s the tight fit of Reed’s suit and heat Reed’s smile ignites in Ignacio. When the chips are down and the whole city’s depending on him, will Ignacio prove himself a man or a mouse?


Category: Paranormal, Werewolves/Shifters, Mystery/Suspense

Pages: 38



Ignacio “Nacho” Ritter is a government worker for a shifter organization. He’s a desk jockey and he likes it that way. His expertise is spread sheets and finances, so when a mob like situation arises he’s called out to work “in the field” and he’s terrified to do so. Everyone thinks he’s a wolf shifter – but he isn’t – he was only adopted by wolf shifters and it’s been easier to let the lie remain in place than tell the truth.

When Reed, another agent assigned to the case shows he’s interested in Ignacio, he can’t keep the secret to himself any longer or risk leaving his new found love interest in danger.


This was a fairly interesting, but very short story. It didn’t feel quite as fleshed out as some of the others in the collection, but it did have an interesting twist.

The romance took a back seat to Ignacio’s own growth, but it was still a guiding force.

It was fun, an enjoyable read.

3.5 of 5 stars


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Copy Generously Provided by Publisher for Honest Review


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Photo Tour and Excerpt by Alice Archer author of Everyday History!


OS: Welcome to Alice Archer author of Everyday History!  Thanks for stopping by!


AA: Story Inspiration Photo Tour

by Alice Archer

Although most of the story takes place in Boston, Everyday History has its roots in the beautiful city of Freiburg, Germany, where I was living when I wrote it. Tucked into the southwestern corner of Germany, close to both the French and Swiss borders, Freiburg nestles against the baby foothills of the Black Forest mountains. It’s the perfect size of city for being able to get around easily on foot while still preserving some anonymity.


I still think of Freiburg as my heart’s home, partly because of the many months, days, and hours I spent there hanging out with Henry and Ruben and figuring out how to write a novel. Henry and Ruben’s personalities and trials seeped into the walls of the lovely house in which I lived, which was the perfect place to write.


I was comforted by the fact that the house, situated between a stately school and the train track that runs along the Black Forest foothills, was exactly as old as my mother, who had recently died. The bedroom I wrote in was the room in which my landlady, who lived downstairs, was born (Germans tend not to move very often).

Being surrounded every day by all of that stability and beauty and groundedness helped me immensely to find my way with this story. Immersed in so much that was old, I felt capable of exploring something new.

As I got to the later stages of writing, I moved sticky notes around on the side of the old wardrobe next the chair I sat in when I wrote, to help me clarify the final order of the scenes.


Freiburg itself makes an appearance in Everyday History. Henry, who’s doing his best to forget about Ruben and move on, takes a trip back to Freiburg, where he studied as a young man. Without giving away any more of the story, I’ll share a photo with you of a building that delivers a moment of importance for Henry. It’s a real street corner in Freiburg where the words in German for “heaven” and “hell” are painted on a building.


What led Henry to that moment was a reunion with a little museum in a doorway. The museum exists in real life, but it’s in Basel, Switzerland. It’s the Hoosesagg Museum, “The Smallest Museum in Basel.” In the story, I moved it to Freiburg and invented the exhibit Henry saw. On the real museum’s website are photos of current and previous exhibits, as well as photos of the tiny passageway in which it’s located, so you can get a feel for the atmosphere Henry was walking through when he happened upon the museum in the story. The last time I was in Basel, the Hoosesagg Museum was showing a glorious exhibit of red toy vehicles.


When I decided to leave Freiburg and move back to the US, I struggled to give my friends and family on both sides of the Atlantic an understandable reason, because they all knew that I had fulfilled a dream when I moved to Freiburg, and that I still loved living there. What I landed on to say that felt and still feels the most true is that “Freiburg has everything I want, except the things I can’t live without,” which includes my extended family, bookstores chocked wall to wall with treasures in English, and easier connections with my readers and fellow authors.

The following excerpt from Everyday History takes place fairly early in the story, when Ruben and Martin, a houseguest of Henry’s, have a little face-off.

(All photos in the article © Alice Archer.)

EverydayHistory_BookCover_DSPEveryday History Excerpt

“Have you known Henry long?” asks Martin, his casual tone contradicting an apparent eagerness to explore the topic. He ambles back to the couch and sits down, but when he bends to put on his shoes, his fingers seem to hurry to tie the laces.

Careful to betray no more than necessary, Ruben says, “I guess Henry didn’t talk about me.”

Martin shakes his head. “No, but he’s extremely private.”

“We worked together at the museum last year,” says Ruben. Oh, we “worked together,” did we? “Actually I was one of his high school interns.”

“Interesting,” says Martin. Asshat.

“How do you and Henry know each other?” asks Ruben, dreading the answer. Sure enough.

“We met at university in Germany. And were together there for a while.”

Ruben moves away to the windows to hide the expression on his face. Whatever it is, it’s more than he wants Martin to see.

But the window reminds him of the last time he was there, so he turns back.

“What happened?”

Martin takes a last look around the room, zips his suitcase, and lifts it off the couch.

“History,” says Martin.

“What do you mean?”

Ruben beats Martin to the door and holds it open for him.

“You’ll have to ask Henry.” Martin smiles a sad smile.




                                                                                                AliceArcher_AuthorPhoto      About Alice

Alice Archer has messed about with words professionally for many years as an editor and writing coach. After living in more than eighty places and cobbling together a portable lifestyle, she has lots of story material to sort through. It has reassured her to discover that even though culture and beliefs can get people into a peck of trouble when they’re falling in love, the human heart beats the same in any language. She currently lives near Nashville. Maybe this move will stick.

Website: alicearcher.com
Alice on Facebook: www.facebook.com/alice.archer.author

Check out the other blogs on the Everyday History Blog Tour:

Jun 22 – MM Good Book Reviews

Jun 29 – Prism Book Alliance, Long and Short Reviews

Jun 30 – Dreamspinner Press Blog

Jul 1 – My Fiction Nook

Jul 2 – Love Bytes


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Daily Dose Short Story: More Fish in the Sea by Fil Preis

Dreamspinner Presents





Travel agent Jarrett Joynson won’t let his cheating boyfriend spoil his dream vacation, but being alone in Hawaii is more difficult than he imagined. When his attempts to catch a new lover fail, he turns to his Wiccan faith to ask the moon for guidance.

Shark shape-shifter Kainalu Enakai is in a similar position. His last relationship fell apart because he couldn’t share the truth with his boyfriend. Now Kainalu is on the prowl, looking for a new distraction.

When the moon draws Jarrett and Kainalu together, sparks fly. But the old scars on both their hearts cause trouble between them. If they cannot learn to trust each other, it will put not only their relationship in danger, but possibly Jarrett’s life.


Category: Paranormal, Werewolf/Shifter, Mystery/Suspense

Pages: 49



Jarrett just lost his long time boyfriend when he realized he’d been cheating on him for a long time. Determined to keep the vacation he’d booked for them as a couple, he flies to Hawaii and sets off to enjoy himself. He spends time talking to the Goddess Moon, he’s wiccan and being connected to his faith is one of the things he argued about with his ex.

Kainalu is a shark shifter who fears ever finding a mate. His last boyfriend fled when he began to confess his powers and now Kainalu’s gun shy.

When Jarrett and Kainalu meet at a bar, they’re both attracted to one another but unwilling to take a risk on what has to be a temporary fling. But when they run into one another again, this time just as Kainalu has shifted in the water near Jarrett, they realize that the Goddess might be showing them something they both need.


I love unique shifter stories!! This felt like a more aboriginal type tale with shark people having a clear link to early humans but losing their relationship over time. Though the two didn’t get a lot of time with one another, we are left with the feeling that things will definitely work out for them this time.

Very creative and well done.

4 of 5 stars


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Copy Generously Provided by Publisher for Honest Review


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